Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Blinding Twilight Rune

Level 11  25

Item does not occupy space in backpack
An ancient rune, the magic power of which influences the capacity of pockets in a combat belt. Under the influence of runic magic, in the pocket an illusory copy is created in which you can place combat potions or scrolls and use them during the fight. But when using something from the illusory pocket during combat, it is not possible to use the contents of the regular pocket, and vice versa.
Adds 1 extra illusory pocket.
Twilight runes can be used in any order. Only warriors that have reached level 11 may use the magic of the Blinding rune.

Important! Blinding runes can be used up to 4 times to receive up to 4 extra illusory pockets, but each additional pocket will require twice the amount of Blinding runes.