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Monday, January 27th 2020, 1:51am

Author: Hakim

[January Event] Blockbuster 2020

My original poster And my re-design modified poster Starring; The archer women---> Sheara The eagle---> Crimson Roc Prewiew; In this story the archer women and her eagle help helpless peoples, One day they want to help a old man but there is a problem this old man is enemy of the archer woman because he is on the bad side. They begin fight and the old man almost died but he used strong magic and escape. In his last words said; Im just started and would kill you and your eagle ı will be your tro...

Sunday, January 26th 2020, 1:17am

Author: Hakim


Lets look items elixirs and artifacts to increase to stun chance; Artifacts; +Balthazar's Stun Ring (From a quest) +Gorbakh's Mace (From a quest) +Wonder Stun Ring (From fair market) +Seasonal some hats (Witch Hat's btc.) Using Effects to Increase the Stun Chance; +Battle Skill Elixir +Rock Skin Elixir +Might Charm +Dawn Luck Charm +Iron Five Amulet (From a quest) Superblows / Moves to Increase the Stun Chance; +Thirst of blood Superblow+Greater Thirst of blood Superblow +Bear Superblow And how ...

Thursday, January 23rd 2020, 7:07pm

Author: Hakim

[ITEM] Horseshoes

There is three type of horseshoes these; Three types : 1. Copper Horseshoes of luck 2. Silver Horseshoes of luck 3. Gold Horseshoes of luck What are they for ? They are used as change changers and are required to win superprizes. How we can obtain and for what purpose we use ? We can get it by opening the chests. As bronze horseshoes increase, we have a better chance of finding silver and the more silver the better our chances of finding a golden horseshoes, And the golden ones, we can use for t...