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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 3:29am

Author: Night_Stalker

time out mr lososerg (part 3)

I wasnt going to complain about you crimm, see I can understand the frustration children have when they are bullied, and you are bullied and since your not able to stand up to it you lash out in such ways as yo are now. However you did provoke Acro in my opinion by comments you were making, even if you were jailed and should not have had that jailing then refere to your previous post " they do their best just like guards do their best.. unfortunately guards do things wrong too." But you made it ...

Monday, July 25th 2016, 2:02am

Author: Night_Stalker


Always a sad site when you get someone trying to claim a +1 or scalp off you when they never got it, it just shows the lengths of how pathetic they will stoop by lying just to try to make others think more of them )) Congrats on your +1 Goraem, maybe next time you wont try to pass it off as something it is not?

Saturday, July 23rd 2016, 1:48am

Author: Night_Stalker

stupid question

Mask is great, you can dissappear from game completely and no one knows what your doing anymore It is best way to make RR without others knowing your doing it lol

Friday, July 15th 2016, 5:15pm

Author: Night_Stalker

to all french comrades

I have sat here trying to think of the words to express the pain in my heart when I think of what happened and I cant find words to say it. None exist to express the pain. I am truly sorry for your loss and I pray that all terrorists rott in hell for the sins they commit to the innocent.

Friday, July 15th 2016, 5:13pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Is there a prize given for stalling in abyss or chaotic?

I know what you mean, it is something they do when they see other side will win and they think it will piss them off. They figure "well if I cant win then I will make you lose time on your blessings and out of your game play and just sit here with me" It is actually very pathetic and I pitty those who do it because it shows their weakness in this game.

Thursday, July 14th 2016, 11:25pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Spark of the Heavenly Fires

I only care about 1 thing, the red GB badge that will come on next update. It is impossible to make a GB that human noobs dont ruin so finally humans can get some ballance to the badge as well.

Wednesday, July 13th 2016, 5:14am

Author: Night_Stalker

About Updates

Quoted from "Pilek" the new ape-smiley looks funny,but now i ask me,why have Shylark now a own smily and not i ? Because they cant put a asshole emote since kids play game as well

Saturday, July 9th 2016, 6:32pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Final 10-07-2016…ct_id=378817087 Portugal 2 - 1 France

Tuesday, July 5th 2016, 4:58pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Semi-finals 06. and 07.07.2016…ct_id=378817087 Portugal 2 : Wales 1 Germany 2 : France 1

Friday, July 1st 2016, 6:55pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Quarter finals 2nd and 3rd of July…ct_id=378817087 Germany 2 : 1 Italy France 1 : 1 Iceland

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 4:54am

Author: Night_Stalker

When did we lost humanity?...

I have been keeping up on all the terrorist attacks that have been happening in Turkey the past year and it hurts when I think of all this senseless violence in our world. I wish you and your loved ones to be safe and far from this hanous action. My prayers be with you Turkey.

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 4:46am

Author: Night_Stalker

Quarter finals - 30-06-2016 and 01-07-2016…ct_id=378817087 Poland 3 : Portugal 1 Wales 1 : Belgium 2

Monday, June 27th 2016, 5:03am

Author: Night_Stalker

Round of 16 / 27-06-2016…ct_id=378817087 Italy 0- 0 Spain England 1 - 0 Iceland

Sunday, June 26th 2016, 3:41am

Author: Night_Stalker

Round of 16 / 26-06-2016…ct_id=378817087 France 2 : 1 Rep. of Ireland Germany 2 : 0 Slovakia Hungary 1 : 1 Belgium

Friday, June 24th 2016, 6:17pm

Author: Night_Stalker

Round of 16 25-06-2016…ct_id=378817087 Switzerland 0 : 1 Poland Wales 2 : 0 Norther Ireland Croatia 1 : 1 Portugal

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, 12:28am

Author: Night_Stalker

Matchday 22-06-2016…ct_id=378817087 Iceland 1-0 Austria Hungary 0-2 Portugal Sweden 1-2 Belgium Italy 1-0 Rep of Ireland

Tuesday, June 21st 2016, 8:35am

Author: Night_Stalker

Exeing noobs

I dont exe anyone in chaotics or abyss, for chaotic it is random, they may be with you this time and against you the next, and abyss it does not matter who or how many join because there is no battle weight. But I will exe people on my level who come screw up great battle when told not to join. People who come not blessed, dont ask what is needed...I dont care about if your in green armour, you can help still by asking what we need or to know if someone specific is coming that can deal with the ...

Tuesday, June 21st 2016, 1:24am

Author: Night_Stalker

Matchday 21-06-2016…ct_id=378817087 Northern Ireland 0 : Germany 2 Ukraine 0 : Poland 2 Croatia 0 : Spain 1 Czech Republic 1 : Turkey 1