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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 12:04am

Author: Fire Grin

Ode to Elder Verkiy

Make way for Elder Verkiy Make way for Elder Verkiy Hey clear the way in the Dartong Square Hey you! Let him through he is a old magmar Oh come be awed of his great old mind! Make way! Here he comes! Salute! Bang your shield! Ah! You're better honor this man! Elder Verkiy - wise is he - by Striagorn's fire Genuflect, show some respect: Down on one knee. Now try your best to let him pass, Shine up your best cuirass, Then come and escort this most hornable man! Elder Verkiy - wise is he - by Stria...

Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 7:31pm

Author: Fire Grin

Faeo Love Story competition

A shining love. - Master Korundom. I have returned from the mines of the village of Maettro with the diamonds you requested. - Good. It was about time you returned. Now take some of that light silver over there and get to work while I shape these and hurry there isn't much time left. The buzzing of the grind and the tapping of tools against metal and stone echoed throughout the building that housed the Guild of Artisans as master and apprentice worked together. The forge was heated and gave of a...