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Thursday, May 28th 2020, 3:03pm

Author: Sequana

Question/Suggestions for Admins/Developers

I am sorry, but forum is the wrong place for requests like this. Please submit a ticket to support with your issue:

Monday, May 11th 2020, 9:24am

Author: Sequana


Merge will happen once all possible technical issues are eliminated and a smooth merge can be achieved. You will be informed in time when it finally will happen.

Friday, April 24th 2020, 8:08am

Author: Sequana

I am sick of this kind of acts.

If there is anything you want to report because you believe any rule is broken, please use the correct threads or contacts for it:…&threadID=34461 That is where you should address your reports to including your proofs of the violation you are accusing other players.

Friday, April 24th 2020, 8:01am

Author: Sequana

com and pl merge

Hello, the date which had been put was the initial date for the big update where administration has announced the merge between COM and PL. However, this date was not the date of the merge. Update already had been done at an earlier date and currently administration is working on the last remaining technical issues to guarantee a smooth merge for everyone. As soon as there is any schedule available we will lt you know or just follow the news. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thursday, April 9th 2020, 3:51pm

Author: Sequana

Request for administrators and guard / Is the game everyone's game?

There is an attack rule in place:…&threadID=35855 And yes, guards monitor attacks and if it is like this. And also yes, there is an Article 9coc in place:…t&id=102&page=5 However, there rarely is attacks without having been provoked. Also if you don't want to be subject of being attacked, your own behaviour should be in a way, so others do not attack you. If you constantly provoke people in actions and words, you w...

Friday, March 27th 2020, 2:17pm

Author: Sequana

EE pot ruin (not work)

The issue had been forwarded to administration and has been reported back to be fixed. Thank you for reporting it.

Thursday, March 26th 2020, 9:24am

Author: Sequana

March 2020 Update Bug Reports

Dear players, The March 2020 update has been installed! This thread is for you to report bugs that you may have experienced after the update.

Tuesday, March 24th 2020, 10:27pm

Author: Sequana

Problems with game login

Dear players, After the update several player experience problems with the login to the game. Please check the following steps first, if nothing is working, have your nick name added into this thread by any of your game friends: 1. Check between http:// and https:// 2. Clear caches Admins will look deeper into the issue tomorrow. Meanwhile there is a few possiibilities which have worked for other players with the same issue - it might also help you till the problems are fixed: 1. Use Puffin brow...

Friday, March 20th 2020, 11:43am

Author: Sequana

Delays in ticket handling

Dear players, As many of you have may have noticed, the Support Team have been facing small delays in ticket completion. The team is attempting to complete requests as soon as possible but, due to the current climate, must prioritise the handling of tickets. Priority handling includes issues such as server and race transfers, issues with accessing the game, payment issues and change of login details. Rune transfers and other issues may be delayed for several weeks, so please bear this in mind wh...

Wednesday, March 11th 2020, 10:27pm

Author: Sequana

Missing Monsters & Resources

Administration has been informed bout the issue and we hope for a fix anytime soon.

Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 2:17pm

Author: Sequana

Battlefields of the Past

Dear players, Battlefields of the Past have been deactivated due to maintenance and minor updates. From Monday on, all battlefields should be running again as usual. The duration of all of your Marks of the Arbiters will be extended once more. If by any chance your marks should not have been extended, please let us know about. Unfortunately this weekly progress will be lost, but you still should be able to reach our monthly goals.

Tuesday, March 3rd 2020, 12:46pm

Author: Sequana

New HTML5 feature

With the maintenance we have got a new feature if which many have been waiting for already: HTML5 Please pay attention to the following for now: HTML5 at the moment only works on chrome browser.If you login on any browser you will see message (in Russian) still. Press ok, if you want to login on chrome. Cancel from any other browser, as it will not run properly then.If your account is logged in on chrome with html5 settings you may have problems with the login on client after. If so, you have to...

Tuesday, March 3rd 2020, 8:47am

Author: Sequana

Marks of the Arbiters of Fate

4 days have been added to your Marks. Have fun!

Monday, March 2nd 2020, 9:03pm

Author: Sequana

Marks of the Arbiters of Fate

As the battlefields of the past are currently unavailable, and subsequently existing Marks of the Arbiters of Fate cannot be used, the administration team has decided to extend the current lifetime of these items.

Wednesday, February 26th 2020, 7:49am

Author: Sequana

Just for fun)

Friday, February 14th 2020, 7:18am

Author: Sequana

Magic Clover

February just has started. And so will the event soon