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Thursday, April 9th 2020, 9:03pm

Author: -TrY-

Divorce procedure - Magmars

Would it please be possible to arrange for Divorce from player Jayne&noredir=a9a5d61a053bc704a1b920fe848d6cdd As the yare no longer active and wish to not return to the game. I will look to re-wed in the future. Kind Regards, would it be possible to keep the existing ring to use for someone else as it was 200 G ring : )

Thursday, March 2nd 2017, 1:34pm

Author: -TrY-

Level 13 do you know how to do Tallar?

Quoted from "Ambrosia_143" it' s just a waste of time for me, only hope level 10 will be better! Well i am afraid you are in for a shock. Majority of lvl 10 are good but there are the one's who still decide to stall there ahisma/Bd to stay alive, now in reply to the post i am torn because i do not see the point in people going with 5-6 + buffs to stall... i only ever use Black Dragon Wind/Rock Warlords Exe potion. But i have no real objection to people smashing me as long as they do it as fast ...

Tuesday, July 14th 2015, 10:26pm

Author: -TrY-

Application to marriage Jayne and Wish to be married in Faeo Chosen Consecrator is Thankyou Rings purchased.

Monday, January 30th 2012, 8:54pm

Author: -TrY-

lag lag lag

+10000000 for fairly small game compared to likes shaiya WoW etc..... lag is phenomanal please sort this

Wednesday, February 16th 2011, 9:32pm

Author: -TrY-

Wedding Application Form - Magmars

1. Link to the bridegroom: 2. Link to the bride: 3. Thursday 24th feb 18:00 server time 4.