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Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 11:31am

Author: - Tinus -

Lvl 19-20 Ruins

If you guys wanna fight and curse at a zone where both wanna hunt then you just go forward. None will stop you. Zuko, acro, Totok. Its always someone that start and always someone that threat. Your maybe right but in the end your wrong. With your actions you upset many players. Good players that never start a fight but get messed up by fighting your fights. Those that never attack and just wanna earn some gold. These people you won't hear. Acro for me your crying about something what you did in ...

Sunday, July 5th 2020, 12:10pm

Author: - Tinus -

quick question

There are few ways. Make exchange. Low lv still get by hunting. Clan citadel and pathfinder diary these can get by collection. But again its based on luck but that is how it is done right now. Gl

Monday, May 25th 2020, 9:02pm

Author: - Tinus -

Lvl 19-20 Ruins

Agree But what if someone keep attacking? who will stop it or how do we keep that area safe zone?

Thursday, March 5th 2020, 12:09pm

Author: - Tinus -

Merge with PL server - a foresight about strength of mags / humans of level 9+10 Just change the lv and you can see

Sunday, January 12th 2020, 9:03am

Author: - Tinus -

we want unbreakable

If you want unbreakable, perhaps stick with the hunts. Maybe then your gear don't break.

Monday, January 6th 2020, 4:18pm

Author: - Tinus -

Yeti Shamen Chest

Did you contacted any mentor or guard in game? They could say admins are on vacation and it sure will be fixed. Did you made a ticket? Then you sure had proof and they saw it for sure. Enjoy the chest! The bazaar is still open.

Sunday, January 5th 2020, 9:53am

Author: - Tinus -

New Year Cheer

Hey everyone, To get the chest you need to do the follow things. Once hit 1k and 2k. Log out and log in and chest arrive in mail. Those who didn't done that and didn't get chest. Make support ticket for now. Cheers

Sunday, January 5th 2020, 9:51am

Author: - Tinus -

how get bless i cc 386?

Hey, You take the gear you want to equip once done, you just relogin and you get the buff. Cheers

Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 1:11pm

Author: - Tinus -

premium shop consumable sale

For me it updated :s

Sunday, December 1st 2019, 2:37pm

Author: - Tinus -

[GUIDE] Arbiters of Fate

Quoted from "Mercedes" How often Prayerful Call get refreshed in "Arbiteers of fate Shop" at fair ? The moment you bought it then 7 days it takes to refresh.

Saturday, November 16th 2019, 2:37pm

Author: - Tinus -

Chest event of misfortune (12 golden shoes)

Quoted from "ForSak3n" 12 golden shoes gets you the great price over wait for it ......... 03:47 In one of the precious trunks purchased at the City Fair, ForSak3n found a Joker Card. 03:47 and discover inside: Joker Card 120 pcs. 03:47 Character ForSak3n continued to study the contents of the chest with interest... and discovered Battle Axe Signs! Joyous !!!!!!!!! 1000's of gold spent to get 12 shoes get stuper prize valued at 360g if sold bravo !! Better then me who get at the end 10 shoe tok...

Tuesday, November 12th 2019, 3:45pm

Author: - Tinus -


I do have same issue and budjoni of my clan too.

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 11:30pm

Author: - Tinus -

Racing with death

They will add the quests in a week or two. They will let us know when its online.

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 12:12am

Author: - Tinus -

[QUEST] Prayerful Call

What is Prayerful Call? Its needed to enter the battlefield 386. How do you get it? 1. one piece every day (resets at 00:00) 2. three pieces from the quest "The Voice of the Ancient Mask" Only ONCE 3. victory (or for two participation) from Crystal Caves, the Ancient Temple or in the Meridian Vaults or prize place in the Tallaar's Halls - from this all only once per day 4. Gilded Chest max to 5 pcs 5. Arbiter shop that opens once you finnished all quests. 6. Patron shop. 3x can buy for 25 patron...

Thursday, August 15th 2019, 11:27am

Author: - Tinus -

new BF and rep

Hey Dahna, About the scalps, enegery and coals etc. Its normall we don't get. Like liam said with the mission born quests that could be activated after completing Postponed Death. Then you can earn scalps. The amount of valor gets added after the instance. For me its like 100k valor for win and 40k for lose. Since I am capped this amount get added to Glory. For the map they are working on dwar. its written in their forums and explained that it will follow. Admins communicated to us by the Arbite...

Friday, August 2nd 2019, 9:31am

Author: - Tinus -

[QUEST] Star Custodian

The "How hard to kill" list 1. Queen Andorvane 2. Edera 3. Mordeels 4. Water Elemental 5. Scorpolion 6. Zinka 7. Libra 8. Razorclaw 9. Great Dragon 10. Lamb 11. King Scorpion 12. Tuver The "How hard to get the scroll" list 1. Zinka (Got it almost every arena) 2. Queen Andorvane (Easy with hunting) 3. Water Elemental (Easy with hunting on SB) 4. Libra (Opened one Gilden chest and I got it) I got it like 3 or 4 times 5. Lamb (I did try many times before this one dropped) 6. Scorpolion (Few days wi...

Friday, July 19th 2019, 7:06pm

Author: - Tinus -

Issue with Arena Fight Valor?

Since last update (october) there was a new rule about battlefield. You can do around 5 a 10 scalps. Depends on the battlefield. Like now in arena it is around 5 a 6 fights and from then it is no more valor. In the past this feature didn't worked well, since the latest update its active. So be aware. Cheers

Friday, July 19th 2019, 12:39pm

Author: - Tinus -

[QUEST] Star Custodian

My way how I done it:…=1&server_id=10 Used 50 summons: Lings + remain zigreds. Then I used summons under lv 17 to get hit either. That way i done it.

Tuesday, June 4th 2019, 12:02am

Author: - Tinus -

Streamers and Video-creators

Warofdragons: Magic storm in Chaotic Battles! Lv 16-17