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Saturday, August 8th 2020, 11:20pm

Author: Terra Incognita

[AUGUST EVENT] Location Hunt

1 Berona Ranges 2 Luan Coast 3 Barrow of Death 4 Temple of Water 5 Terror wharf 6 Kroffdor War Camp 7 Zviglod Grove 8 Wasteland of Rest 9 Deep Sea Valley 10 Settlement of Faytir 11 Graves of the Poor 12 White Reef 13 Ruins of Khor-Abselon 14 Lost Wastelands 15 Haunted Place 16 Dead Cove 17 Wyvern Crossing 18 Ridge of Kayar 19 Tentacler Valley 20 Eldive Outpost

Friday, July 17th 2020, 7:41pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Quick Codes

Terra Incognita

Sunday, July 5th 2020, 2:46am

Author: Terra Incognita

Looter on Human Side

Do more dmg to mob and the loot will be yours. (the tip is free) Also a bonus one - this is far from right section to post this. And another bonus one - doing professions atm, even couple lvls behind yours, will get you more money and a lot less trouble. (p.s. it also doesn't give exp) That's some next lvl counceling. Kudos

Saturday, July 4th 2020, 1:12pm

Author: Terra Incognita

quick question

They didn't. I got all those from luck glow now

Thursday, June 11th 2020, 12:07pm

Author: Terra Incognita


I popped there to take a peek and saw dia certs but didn't open to read what it was actually about sooooo... yeah my bad, no certs.. News feed riots can resume then

Wednesday, June 10th 2020, 9:42pm

Author: Terra Incognita


I'm bored so, naturally, it means I have to make another worthless post on a place that is more dead than the game and my inner-self, respectively. The cert event is up on RU for a few days now so that most likely means (because this server follows their events in only a cpl days delay) that it'll come here any day. I don't care.. but there seems to be a lot of you that do, given constant flooding of every news article. So, yeah.. fyi Also, wtb TradeDeadlyJourney, please. And seasonal June, even...

Wednesday, June 10th 2020, 9:30pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Game alive?

With Polish server. They are stalling it for a longlong time... or they were simply teasing something that will (not) happen soon (ever).

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 4:30pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Cerberus Incarnation

Need clarification on what can be used with it. I know there is some info on the item itself such as metamorph elixirs. Iirc you can't use stuff like main strengthening pots and I suppose you can't use warrior/elder buff. I can confirm that valour pots work and something else which I can't remember atm. xd Really wish vertsida could be combined but I didn't test it. I'm interested in hunting mobs while incarnated. If anyone tried it, etc.

Thursday, May 28th 2020, 2:55pm

Author: Terra Incognita

For Admins!

If you are talking about DE players, then yes.. Both DE factions are super disbalanced and broken.

Tuesday, May 26th 2020, 4:27pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Juggernaut Reputation Bug

It's not the first time stuff like that happens.. When I was lvl 3 I killed Wolfer in party and no one got talon or reputation. Obviously all of us did damage and had the book learned. We never got any feedback for that.. Luckily, it only happened once or twice long ago.

Saturday, May 23rd 2020, 12:52pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Rewards for Offering to Urchi - Worthwile?

So no one managed to get rare precious casket from it? I got all other possible rewards

Sunday, May 17th 2020, 4:00pm

Author: Terra Incognita

BoV bless scrolls for Rep 30 days expiration time and not able to drop and limit 10 in bp now

Yes, but what about dia certs?? ..... I got from 2000 to 3000 bov in 3 days. You complain too much for someone whose char isn't even a month in game.

Saturday, May 9th 2020, 11:15pm

Author: Terra Incognita

EE pot ruin (not work)

Yesterday I got 7 ees from pot (250 mobs), and today only 3 (230).. 2 months of daily rage up to now I got 5-6 on average from the pot on ~200 mobs (changed meta so the mob count is higher)..Normally I wouldn't post because it could be just bad luck since I had lousy rages with ~3 ees from pots, but it's just weird that the number dropped by half after players started complaining at the same time. Still could be just bad luck and nothing more.. Guess we'll see.

Friday, May 8th 2020, 4:30pm

Author: Terra Incognita


Please put the icon for it whenever it's active (I don't mean when it's just at the battlefields). I don't wanna guess and gamble with my 1/1 pieces

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 1:54pm

Author: Terra Incognita

Anti Bug POtion for May Event

You can get it in the corresponding stage of event.