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Thursday, August 30th 2018, 12:09pm

Author: Hazzelinko

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - September Draw

24 43 18 2 11 40 26 30 4 7 49 36 20 45 1 13 50 28 19 12 42 37 33 5

Monday, March 19th 2018, 4:36pm

Author: Hazzelinko

Clan Wars Feedback

+1 low level clan wars was fun because we can see where we actually stack up to everyone else instead of getting obliterated my mages/war-mages

Sunday, January 21st 2018, 9:58am

Author: Hazzelinko

Arrows for crit

This was my initial theory when Riddle asked me, he didn't believe me 1 move seems to be an indication of "until the opponent strikes" after you have, or like how I put it - 1 "round". 1 round is where both opponents attack, so if you attack first, the game will check for any conditions after the opponent strikes and vice versa. So if you stun the person, the game doesn't check whether the ability should end because they haven't striked and so the effect is still applied for the remainder of the...

Friday, September 22nd 2017, 12:32pm

Author: Hazzelinko

Contest: Mascot for the lottery! Stage 2.

Azuri for the lady, and Fortune for the pet.

Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 12:46pm

Author: Hazzelinko

Spirit for June Event

Smoky knolls (in the left tower by the entrance to settlement of chernag) as of 12:46

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 4:38pm

Author: Hazzelinko

Rules on Family Members on Different Races Joining Demo

Quoted from "-MED-" You can both join same fight if: 1) You both join fight not from the same computer. 2) You both join this fight not in purpose to make it rigged for one or another race. Quoted from "NewsBringeR" Careful not to do intentional or planned win & lose fight...aka rigged. Let's wait and see how the respond goes~ We have seperate computers we play on and we have not rigged any fights so far and nor do we ever plan to. Quoted from "Alato" i think you should've asked this before joi...

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 4:38am

Author: Hazzelinko

Rules on Family Members on Different Races Joining Demo

Hi everyone, Myself and my brother both play this game and we are on different races. We play on the same network but different computers. Since we are close in level (my 4 compared to his 5), it is possible to get caught up in the same fight, in demo etc, and wish to know the rules on that. We both support our respective races and would not plot against one race or the other. Is this fine, or will it still get us banned? Looking forward to your responses, Hazzelinko