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Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 5:05am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

WOD Holiday destinations to watch

Best place to spend the holidays is where you could relax not too cold nor too hot. Tropical weather is what we have in the mentaliya settlement. Take lodge in Magdalens Mansion fit for any visitor. Enjoy fresh meat from the spoils of Kugar or join the hunt yourself in sly cove just next door or just lay down in the rolling fields. Spiritual guidance can be obtained from the Spirit of the Fire or Khorsugum himself and do yoga in the Gorge of Gondi. If you are lucky you get to hunt the famed 3 he...

Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 6:26am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Happy Father's Day

Thanks m8 and have a great Fathers Day to everyone. Takes one to know what are the joys and hardships of being a father. Kudos to all Fathers.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 5:52am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Whole new Category for Forums..

Good suggestion m8. lets hope that players do get to read this and give their opinions as well.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 5:49am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Spirit for June Event

it must be the timings been looking for him as well. be bound to see sooner or later though for sure.

Saturday, May 13th 2017, 6:48am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Warriors Blessing

Mine works. Your battle training should work already if not soon.

Wednesday, May 10th 2017, 5:26am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Application for Mentor

Incomplete, the correct applicaiton was submitted afterwards.

Saturday, March 9th 2013, 4:27pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-


it is indeed luck with mav and vet but a bz to lose against a vamp is sumthing that is really odd. had my bz beaten by a single vamp several times. guess my bz had an off day lol

Wednesday, June 27th 2012, 8:42pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Update Thread + Info Log

Galmak is missing. Wasted pbz food and xp to get to galmak but no boss. 19:42 Instance (06611582) Заброшенный дом (7h 54min)occupied, party leader: -SilverGreyhawk- [6]

Monday, June 11th 2012, 1:30am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Strange Infected Wound

well still no fragments to collect. really annoying. hope when they give out the quest like this collect fragments there should be fragments to collect

Friday, December 2nd 2011, 8:23am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

server meltdown

this happened last time already now again and getting disqualified and having armor damage in bloodbattle is not good. another free elders blessing not worth it not to mention disaapear after few days only

Friday, November 18th 2011, 12:33pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

The War of the Worlds

They have more points as we dont get points for the win. Please chaeck that lol

Friday, November 18th 2011, 12:19pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Inter Server Battlefield Bug

We only get valor but no points for the wins. Please check. I have 2 wins for cc but no points for personal counter. Thanks for checking.

Tuesday, October 4th 2011, 3:52am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Bug in Temple Que

I have qued in temple and there is always 2 ahead of me and for 3 instances im alone same case. i asked some friends to que but even if they are qued they cud not get in the instance. listed below are the 3 instances…282849&finish=1…282780&finish=1…282753&finish=1

Friday, August 5th 2011, 7:32pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

need quick response about beach party

as always admins mess up benefits humans. really unfair. what a shame event was suppose to be nice

Friday, August 5th 2011, 7:23pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Summer party

whoever set up the parameters of the beach party surely messed up. tsk tsk what a shame

Monday, May 23rd 2011, 4:58pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Lost Copper Horseshoes

I would just like to clarify sumthing as I open a precious casket and got a silver horseshoe my 20 copper horseshoe vanished from my pack. is this normal that copper disappears when i get a silver one or it is a glitch. thanks in advance for clarifying.

Friday, May 20th 2011, 9:04pm

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-

Unable to move

My clannie Hardstyle cant move after update even with backpack 22/23. Please check. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 11:26am

Author: -SilverGreyhawk-


Quoted from "_BUMBLEBEE_;85086" magpost naman kayo mga pinoy dito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posting na posting na hahaha