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Wednesday, March 20th 2013, 1:02pm

Helpful tools for making the gameclient run smoother and trouble shooting tips

I've noticed alot of different players reporting same or similar issues with the game client. i.e lag, auto log outs, slow loading fights, time outs... I rarely experience these issues since doing trouble shooting, So I was wondering, for those players that have found resolve for some of these issues if you would mind sharing some of your ideas. I know there are some very helpful posts seen made by pressbox and Mindfreak and I'm sure many others. So I've tried to compile a brief list of things I have found that helped my gameclient run smoother.

I'm not very computer savvy and dont know alot of the tech terms so some of what I write may not always have the correct terms. But I'll atleast try avoiding words like "that pluggy thingy" :embarressed:

1. Using a trouble shooting guide written by Mind freak I was able to Update the Adobe Flash in game client, which helped my loading times when moving locations, going into hunt screens, and the loading time in fights…&threadID=24587

2. Keeping my band width freed up when playing the game, alot of lag can be due to other programs running, even if they are not running on your computer. If some one in the house is using their computer it may be eating up some of your connection, for example Netflix eats up mega tons of bandwidth, if you find you are having lag while watching movies or streaming live music, your Bandwidth is probably being drained by these programs. (if any one has more examples that would be great)

3. Ive heard some players say they downloaded other server game client, me personally I have not done this. Instead when I go to another server I try to do as many functions in the game client as I can before fighting. For example, Open the hunt screen, open players character profiles, go into my back pack, open my combat back pack, all the things that seems to load a little slower ..this way (i think) it starts downloading the game content from that server quicker. Most time on inter server I load with no problems.

4. We joke and laugh about clearing your cache and deleting your cookies, but in truth this does have an impact on your gameclient. I clear mine daily when I log in and right before battlefields.

5. Your connection.. Wireless Cards, Wireless connections.. what ever you want to call them.. can be a problem for the gameclient as well, considering most players don't live so close to the actual server location our connection passes through various hops and has a longer delay than say for example surfing google. I know I have about a 4 sec difference. Wireless cards can sometimes drop signal or the signal weakens and can cause a delay in communication between your gameclient and the server, causing a larger delay and lag. My resolution.. I play on a hard wired computer (corded connection to the internet) ( Any one with info to improve performance of wireless cards please post)

6. Your Level of Internet service, if your using the bare bones internet there is a good chance that your not getting enough upload/download speed etc. You can always do a Ping test to check this.. resolution? Well if your like me and live somewhere that you only have One internet provider and the cable lines are old and they really dont care your unhappy with your service.. there isnt much you can do, one person recommended to me getting business class internet. For those with options you can call your internet provider and usually they will compete with other internet providers to give you better service.

7. Understanding causes of gameclient issues
Example of How to determine A cause When you loose connection to GameClient
Here is a convo that transpired after I found myself booted out of the game and unable to get back in one evening, special thanks to Dragon Axe for his help :)

Dragon Axe: yeah, there is a problem with the internet for people in the states and canada trying to get to the game
Dragon Axe: not all but some have issues
Dragon Axe: I think the rest are fine but a main hub that routes internet traffic to europe has gone down
Dragon Axe: I am getting a failure in Ashburn Virginia
Sheal: checking mine now
Dragon Axe: Not all though, somebody in cali has it working
Sheal: mine is routing through cali
Dragon Axe: I got a failure at
Dragon Axe: yeah, I get routed to chicago, then ashburn and it dies there
Kimberly -Queen of Death: haha ok i got a dumb question.. DA how do you know all this about the server and how do you see where ur being routed or what ever? lol
Dragon Axe: well, anytime I can't talk to the game in the client, the first thing I do is jump on the browser and try to just load the web page (
Kimberly -Queen of Death: yeah ok..
Dragon Axe: if the page loads then it was the client or a small hiccup. I try to login and if that fails then it is the server.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: i tried opening game in webpage and it didnt work.. but how does that tell you all that other stuff you mentioned lol
Dragon Axe: If the page fails to load then it is either the server or my internet or something in between.
Dragon Axe: so first thing is to go to and check the news, if it is current and loads, then I know it is not my internet.
Dragon Axe: so now it is down to being either the server or something inbetween.
Dragon Axe: to check that there are some quick tests.
Dragon Axe: The first thing I try is to open a command prompt and then do a "ping" if the ping fails then it means I can't contact the WOD server.
Dragon Axe: then I do what is called trace route. I open a command prompt and run "tracert"
Dragon Axe: that gives me a hop by hop of every hub, router switch that i have to go through before getting to the wod server.
Dragon Axe: when I did that, I got all the way to the which is the IP address of a hub/router/switch somewhere on the internet and it would not go any further.
Dragon Axe: so I knew the problem was there.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: ahhh ok
Dragon Axe: there are a few websites you can use to figure things out.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: ahh ty DA for the enlightenment :)
Dragon Axe: <-- This is a nice visual trace of the hops to get to the wod server but it is from the servers not your computer specifcally but it helps to visualize what is going on.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: so my next question.. when that happens.. is the person effected Just SOL? lol or is there a way to change your internet path to connect to the game through another?
Sheal: A good ISP should reroute almost immediately QoD
Dragon Axe: <-- that is a nice site to help with figuring out the IP address to where physicially it is. If you type in then you will see it in Ashburn.
Sheal: like whoever's failure that was got it corrected pretty quick
Sheal: VA is Comcast I think
Kimberly -Queen of Death: ok one question that yougetsignal link.. how do i use it? lol
Dragon Axe: The internet self heals, once something fails, that is a hub, then the "route" is considered down and it will try another route. So nothing to do but wait until it self heals.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: just type in and click host trace?
Dragon Axe: yep, that is it.
Dragon Axe: stuff goes down all the time and things reroute and heal themselves. Rarely do you notice it but occasionally you see a delay in the heal as it has to propergate the new route to you.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: see this makes much more sense to me now
Kimberly -Queen of Death: and makes my frustration towards the game alot less when it stops working lo
Dragon Axe: if you ever notice a small delay or lag, or a freeze and then it is working again, it is either the server froze or there was network glitch and it took a moment to heal itself. 99% of the time you will not notice it but sometimes it fails for long enough for it to be a pain.
Kimberly -Queen of Death: yes like when im on rainbow and everything is fine..then alll of a sudden i find myself in a fight and it stops loading lol ... and then im dead lol
Dragon Axe: yeah, with the 20 second time out, that means that you were gone for 1 minute from the game which is long for an outage.
Dragon Axe: The trick is to try to get back quick enough so that you don't die
Dragon Axe: I usually wait for about 5 secs for the fight to load and if it does not, I hit the hunt, if that does not work, I go straight to browser and try there. Usually, I get in then.

As you can see, this isnt alot of information, some of these things you have probably tried if not all.. so I ask that if you know more/better solutions to these common problems please share and help us all to have better gameplay. :smile:


Wednesday, March 20th 2013, 2:22pm

Here are two More Links to Dwar trouble shooting forum posts that also may help. Thanks to Arion for supplying the links!

Ive already placed them in translator for ease.

Lags, crashes, etc.

Questions and answers about the game client (dwar)


Wednesday, March 20th 2013, 2:44pm

Hi All.

In the 2nd link there is information regarding the different types of antivirus software which are not compatible with our client, I can not verify that for you but I can say that I use AVG and I have no problems with that.



Wednesday, March 20th 2013, 4:20pm

Just want to point out, that clearing cache isn't always as good as you think.

Yes it is good to clear it on a fairly reg basis and that will free up a bit of speed, but if you do BFs reg and you ofen find yourself on another server learing cache everytime is what going to cause alot more more lagging when trying to load fights.

Basically a cache is stored memory of your recently used stuff. In the case of the other servers in BFs you'll need to download diff files for fights to that of this server. So if you keep clearing the cache, then you'll need to keep downloading these files each time when you go to EACH different server before you'll load fast into a fight. So often clearing cache on a too reg basis can cause more harm than good.

I suggest clearing cache around once a month for any average internet user, however if yur someone that uses many different site and internet programs on a reg basis i'd probably cut that in half.


Thursday, March 21st 2013, 12:03am

What a boring thread.


Thursday, March 21st 2013, 12:53am

Just to note that Cache is stored memory that gets used "often" that's why its stored in cache.
if its no longer then theoretically it should be free'd

if anyone has noticed after leaving your client open for a extended period of time ~5 hours or more the dwarclient.exe file takes up over 600MB or ram. which is weird since the installation folder is about 500MB

So what this is indicating is that the program as loaded itself and all its files into the ram ??

Is it me or is that just poor programming.
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