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Sunday, October 27th 2013, 8:58am

"correct" trade may sometimes look like a fraud?


Yesterday, 26-10-2013, when exchanging collected mistletoes for black ink the trade went okay, but I ended up without the black ink, even though the trade conclusion correctly reported the success:

17:39 You have paid a fee of: 46

17:39 You have sold some item(s):Collected Mistletoe 4 pcs

17:39 You have received some item(s):Magic Black Ink 4 pcs

When I looked in my inventory later on, there were no black inks at all...
Refreshing/closing client etc. did not help either. As the messsage clearly stated I HAD received them, I started to nose around and eventually found the black ink not in my backpack but in my bank.

Apparently, due to a glitch, I had received a repository in which the inks were automatically placed:

"Repository: 1/0" as an extra 'window' in my Dartrong bank.

After removing the inks (moving them to an empty bank slot and then moving them to my backpack) the repository disappeared again.

?( Maybe worth a check?

(No I do not have an Estate or artisans bag)


Sunday, October 27th 2013, 9:08pm

I see that you did receive 4 Magic Blank Ink in the trade.
Please contact support with your issue so they can resolve the problem.