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Monday, June 23rd 2014, 10:08am

The Mysterious Chests Event

hello, im quite disappointed of the new event, i left the game years ago and finally intensely started playing, after about a month i worked up to 3 gold and 20 silver, begged a friend for 1 of those gold too. i put all that work in and the event popped up, i ended up with 150+ Chests from the event, bought 3 gold 20 silver worth of keys, 4 trunks and 2-4 of the others. i ended up with about 10 keys i opened them and only got elixirs and a belt.

its quite ruining that i spent all the time killing things and wasting it for lvl 1-2 elixirs and only getting 2-4 a pop.

not very fun this game. :no2:

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Monday, June 23rd 2014, 10:25am

All I can say is that It is all a matter of chance. Someone received Cerrador Amulet, for example.


Monday, June 23rd 2014, 10:32am

yes, but the point is i spent 3 gold for elixers, plus previous chests i have obtained. is it some sort of joke to get people to spend their gold, as a low lvl player i would like better armor instead of measly pieces, i now have roughly 200 chests just sitter there, if i could i would sell them.


Monday, June 23rd 2014, 10:46am

14g spent and got mainly level 11+ potions and 3 level 5+ belts!
I expected nothing in return and wasn't disappointed. As with all events similar to this, it's a gamble. The golden rule with gambling is 'never spend more than you can afford to lose' so I set aside a few gold for a bit of fun. Saw a level 10 mag get cerra and a few lower levels get phosporite card and titan belt super-prizes.
It's all a gamble and you could pour 1000s of gold into this event and get nothing more than a purple tool certificate which is almost redundant these days. :nocash:


Monday, June 23rd 2014, 12:30pm

Don't buy key, remove chest and you will not spend money for elix.

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