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Monday, July 14th 2014, 3:42pm

Congratz to all winners

Congratz to our winners:

1. Prize: Uborg card

2. Prize: Ujarrmo shield

3. Prize: Devil Combo-Cube x5

4-10. Prize: Yellow gift x3
oGogo, MiKeSt, SilentWater, Van Horn Sr, Athanatos, Death Stroke, Artema, -EXTAZY-

11-50. Prize: Legendary Bag of Champions x10
-SAT-, Shawn14, _Azog_, -Lord Kant-, -Marjt-, -James-, Night_Stalker, Buzz, tomtheking, Azrail Mikail, Dzaack, Icss, Sundown, __Rammstein__, Coven, jiomilo2, look behind you, neocore, Borgir, antbob, Centaure, P E S T, Tysonsan, _LANCE_, Astery, neonn, Bordobereli, Ejecuthor, GetMoney, --HellBoy--, JPinhal, Luna Moonfang, -MAXtolito-, Reap, -Shaka Zulu-, V.I.P, aronne, green goblin

51-100. Prize: Legendary Bag of Champions x5
-_ZelimhaN_-, Cuack cuack, gustavo808, heavenleigh, kiba013_882, Maiden_Freak, Mustafa-, Sag76, tigrotta,_Latika_, bonbon umano, Buyaka, Barbossa, Basajaum, -Drako, Huno, KreMatoR, Little Snowwoman, -Spiky-, Yusi, -juank-, kharho, Scypion, Thorak, Urswul, _fabrix_, -AnthraX-, cozzy, Mercury, River_Diss, bla3de, Bohun, PureVenom, Testardo, Tzunami, _ymo1975_, _zahnfee_, Aneesa, ghiacciobollente, hellouween, Lao, Lezard, -mag_hunter-, Math Aian, Moxie, pallinium, Rencki Dareeka, skylla, -Tutankhamon-, _LegeND_Deutsch_, Dragon66, Error, Torosar, -Makber54-, mercedes, SoyElDestructor, Dark Soul, IULIUS CAESAR

We hope you all had a good time with this little game, even if you are not amongst our winners. :drink:

PS: We did not write all participants here, only the winners. You can ask can ask Bier, Sag76, -Martinni-, TraceyG21920 or Aixlinn for your final scores.
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Monday, July 14th 2014, 5:20pm

so i have done 114 point on my count but i am not listed?? why?? please check again!!

hereafter all my bets and the points gained:
world soccer championship scores:
3PT brasile croazia 2-1
5PT messico cameroon 1-0
0PT spagna olanda 2-1 (1-5)
3PT cile australia 2-0
3PT colombia grecia 2-1
0PT uruguai costarica 1-0 (1-3)
3PT inghileterra italia 0-1 (1-2)
0PT costa avorio giappone 1-1 (2-1)
0PT svizzera equador 0-1
3PT francia honduras 2-0
3PT argentina bosnia 3-0
3PT germania portogallo 2-1
0PT iran nigeria 0-1
0PT ghana stati uniti 1-0
3PT belgio algeria 3-1
0PT brasile messico 3-2
0PT russia corea sud 3-0
3PT australia olanda 0-3
0PT spagna cile 2-0
3PT cameroon croazia 0-1
3PT colombia costa avorio 1-0
5PT uruguay inghilterra 2-1
0PT giappone grecia 1-0
0PT italia costarica 2-0
3PT svizzera francia 1-2
5PT honduras equador 1-2
3PT argentina iran 3-0
0PT germania ghana 3-1
3PT nigeria bosnia 2-0
3PT belgio russia 2-1
3PT korea sud algeria 0-1
0PT stati uniti portogallo 1-2
0PT olanda cile 1-2
3PT australia spagna 1-2
3PT cameroon brasile 1-2
3PT croazia messico 0-1
0PT italia uruguay 2-0
0PT costarica inghilterra 1-2
3PT giappone colombia 1-2
3PT grecia costa avorio 1-0
3PT nigeria argentina 0-2
0PT bosnia iran 0-2
0PT honduras svizzera 1-1
0PT ecuador francia 0-2
3PT stati uniti germania 0-2
5PT portogallo ghana 2-1
0PT korea sud belgio 1-1
0PT algeria russia 0-1
total 89 pt
0PT brasile cile 3-2
3PT colombia uruguay 2-1
3PT Netherland 3 : Mexico 1
0PT Costa Rica 2 : Greece 1
0PT france 1-1 nigeria
0PT germany 2-1 algeria
0PT argentina 3 - 0 svizzera
0PT belgium 2- 1 usa
0PT argentina 0 - 0 Belgium
0PT netherlands 2 - 1 Costa Rica
0PT Brazil 1 : 1 Germany
0PT Netherlands 4 : 2 Argentina
3PT Brasil 1 : 3 Nederlands
3PT Germany 1 : 1 Argentina
PLUS guesing the first 3 teams not in correct order 10PT
114 PT total


Monday, July 14th 2014, 5:55pm

Hi, thx for contacting us with your list of results.
We have re-checked all your bets and found one mistake on Matchday 15. This has been caused, as you did not have placed your matchday bets in the correct order. This mistake will add you 8pts and sum up your total score to 104.

Other than you have stated you did not place the correct TOP 3 as they have been: Germany, Argentina and Netherlands. Brazil has finished on 4th rank.

Regarding the total 5pts/3pts you end up on rank 109, which is NOT in the winning 100 anymore. We wish you better luck next time :)


Top 3
1. place: holland
2. place: brasil
3. Place: germany

TOP goaler:
1. place: van persie
2. place: messi
3. Place: muller
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