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Thursday, July 17th 2014, 6:16pm

Karma: being değerli Saygı görme, saygınlık, prestij gibi birçok konuları kapsar.reputation gain is increased respect


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 6:20pm

sorry.There was an error...This article correctly :worship: :worship:

reputation: being seen precious Respect, dignity, prestige, covers topics such as
reputation gain is increased respect


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 6:37pm

The reputation is a way to measure progress on particular aspects of the player in the game. This progress is represented on medals, with corresponding colors depending on the amount of reputation reached. Gray, Green, Blue, Purple and Red are distributed in a table that goes from 0 to 3000 (high reputation, red medal).
Likewise, every medal gives added points overall reputation (Reputation Ranking)

You can see the library of game to see in detail the points necessary for the progress of the medals and the specific information for each reputation: Requirements, how to enhance that reputation and of course the rewards

-Requirements / Restrictions: Each rep may need a minimun lvl to start or continue it, or might need some previous achievements from the character to keep on it
-Each reputation is increased in a particular way, either by killing monsters, completing quests, providing resources, etc..
-The Rewars goes from special items, blessings, charms, potions, armor, etc ...

The importance of reputation it's that while it increases, you can unlock items, abilities and other facilities for the player. Thus, each player can choose how to evolve your character, depending on which reputations prefer to invest and want to get items or skills

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Thursday, July 17th 2014, 6:47pm

[Reputation] What is reputation? And what is it needed for?

Reputation As you boost reputation you receive medals that correspond to the amount of points achieved, and they, in turn, increase your Reputation Rating With diferent NPC of the game. What you show went you are a Good Player and you Respect The rules and the people around you and make a diferent in the game or outside the game.

Reputation in the game is needed for the diferent thing: Once you have achieved a certain rating level unique goods will become available in the Treasury, which you can reach via Hell's Pass or the Foothills.

Medals and RR

Grey Medal

500 reputation points
10 RR

Green Medal

1000 reputation points
20 RR

Blue Medal

2000 reputation points
50 RR

Violet Medal

3000 reputation points
100 RR

Red Medal

300 RR

You can take a look at your RR at any time in the attribute window of your profile

Available RR per level

Lv 1 =100

Lv 2 =120

Lv 3 =150

Lv 4 = 310

Lv 5 = 2420

Lv 6 = 3010

Lv 7 = 4210

Lv 8 = 4210

Lv 9 = 4210

Lv 10 = 4210

Lv 11 = 6600

Lv 12 = 6600

Lv 13 = 6600

Lv 14 = 6600

Lv 15 = 6600

Lv16 = 6610


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 7:15pm

Reputation is a foundation to steady progress throughout one's gaming career. By obtaining reputation from various tasks, quests and hunting a numerous amount of creatures in the game, one may further enhance his/her capabilities within the game. This includes the availability and accessibilty to greater items which help one prevail in battlefields and generally against computer generated enemies.

When one works more and more on a reputation, they recieve a larger amount of reputation rating, most commonly found in the following format:

- Grey badge (500 reputation); 10 reputation rating
- Green badge (1000 reputation); 20 reputation rating
- Blue badge (2000 reputation); 50 reputation rating
- Purple badge (3000 reputation); 100 reputation rating
- Red badge (3000 reputation + medal of honour quest); 300 reputation rating

The benefit of gaining reputations and increasing your reputation rating is that it allows you to access greater items in the treasury (located in the abode of Sheara) and thus eases one's game in terms of difficulty. However there is a limit (or "cap") to how much reputation can be achieved on one level, thus allowing there to be a certain level of balance between players so that a weaker player is not devastated in player vs player combat. As well as easing one's game, reputations are also a huge element in adding enjoyment in the game, as they make it so that your actions in the game are not repetitive daily; you may always do something different and hence have a more rounded gaming experience. Thus gaining various reputations not only benefit one's accessibiltiy to items in the game, but also remove the limitations to the amount of fun one can have online on War Of Dragons.


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 9:32pm

Today, 6:37pm
The reputation is a way to measure progress on particular aspects of the player in the game.

Today, 7:15pm
Reputation is a foundation to steady progress throughout one's gaming career.


Today, 6:37pm
-Each reputation is increased in a particular way, either by killing monsters, completing quests, providing resources, etc..

Today, 7:15pm
. By obtaining reputation from various tasks, quests and hunting a numerous amount of creatures


Today, 6:37pm
The importance of reputation it's that while it increases, you can unlock items, abilities and other facilities for the player.

Today, 7:15pm
The benefit of gaining reputations and increasing your reputation rating is that it allows you to access greater items

I am very happy to see that my English is not so bad to express :jump: also to find a twin mind! :peace:


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 10:43pm

Reputation is roughly score achievements in some games area,reputation is needed to get access for purchase some various items which are useful for improve your character in game and they are available with raising the reputation rating wich raise with medals.Every medal have its value for rep rating

about rep raiting you can read in the reports of other players :wink: :stronger:


Thursday, July 17th 2014, 11:30pm

Reputations and Reputation Rating

There are several reputations that you can move on and improve yourself. Firstly you have to make a decision. What do you want? Do you want to have the strongest mounts? Do you want to have powerfull efects? or even Do you want to scare your enemies when they see you? :sarcastic: (If you have money you can choose all of it LOL)

Each reputation needs different or maybe similar stuffs to increase.
You need Evil Eye or/and Bringer of Evil Skull for Brotherhood of Virtue and Bringers of Evil.
You need some resources for Aladeya /Dragons/God of the cursed dead.
You need to complete quests for Mercenaries .
Or you need to hunt monsters for Destroyers of Chaos and Hunters of the Undead.

And much different things for different reputations. Dont forget these were only examples :) You can find all reputations and their requirements in Game Library .

There are several constant points for all reputations that gives you access for some good stuffs or effects and much much more.

These points named like this;
500: Recognition (10 Rep Rating)
1000: Friendship (20 Rep Rating)
2000: Respect (50 Rep Rating)
3000: Honor (100 Rep Rating)
and final quest Worship (300 Rep Rating)

If you can reach these points you will also earn badges and Reputation Rating which will provide you to can buy some new stuffs from Treasury which placed nearby of our sexy god Sheara :jump: You can check your total Reputation Rating and your other reputations points from your Attributes page.

City Reputations

There is a much more detailed reputation called City Reputations. City reputations do not influence your Reputation Rating but will provide to you buy some good items from shop where is placed at squares of each race.

There are several ways you can obtain reputation;
1) Completing subject quests
2) Completing recurring quests
3) Handling Efril

You can find all items and stuffs that you can buy/earn with your City Reputation HERE;


Friday, July 18th 2014, 12:54am

Reputation is good :cool:
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Friday, July 18th 2014, 1:28pm

Reputation 101

Reputation is given to a character when he/she has gained enough rep, you will be given medals upon reaching certain rep for example gray medal = 500rep

Some items in game require a certain amount of reputation to buy. Its in your own interest to work on it to reap the rewards.

General rating and level rating is also influenced by reputation

To have good reputation and a few red medals makes your character look badass

what is the definition of insanity? :glance:


Friday, July 18th 2014, 5:00pm

Reputation is based on how many metals a character has. There are several different reputations that you can get (BOV, BOE, Great battles, pet patrons).

You earn ratings for each one doing different activities. The range of points is 1-50 depending on the reputation and what you do. 1 point for killing certain monsters (gungles) 50 for offerings to goddess of life or god of death or dragon.

There are 5 level of badges for the ratings.
Grey 500 points gives you 10 reputation rating
Green 1000 points gives you 20 reputation rating
Blue 2000 points gives you 50 reputation rating
Purple 3000 points gives you 100 reputation rating
Red (worship quest) gives you 300 reputation rating

Depending on your reputation rating you can buy things from each of the spciality shops. (armory for undergound knights)
Also when you get enough you can buy things from the treasury shop from Shera.

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Friday, July 18th 2014, 6:14pm

Your reputation in game is the definitive measure of your overall awesomeness in game.

Purely in RPG terms, it's the measure of your respect in the world of Faeo and it's NPCs (Non-playing characters - People like Elder Verkiry etc)

Having a higher reputation makes you privy to better items.

In real world terms, think like you're an aristocrat going to a jewelry shop.
When the shop owner is entertaining a normal customer, they know that the person has a limit on their spending, so the owner does not bring out the big stones.
But for you - the aristocrat with old family and huge reputation, he pulls out all the stops, shows you the rarer, more unique stuff.

Such is reputation in the world of Faeo.
Having a higher reputation, endears you better to the denizens of our online world. Having better reputations unlocks new doors for you, people offer you better items. Because they know you can handle that oh-so-rare brushed topaz necklace that has magic powers.
They know you have pedigree, so they offer you better horses (mounts), since you've been trained better because of your reputation. ^_^

Reputation also affects your reputation rating. Which is a special type of reputation calculated based on the sum total of your badge values. This special reputation makes the gods of Faeo love you more and offer you hitherto unseen items.

So what's stopping you? Go and win repute! Onwards!


Monday, July 21st 2014, 7:20am

Once upon a time - there were people in this world called NPCs.
You - a strong warrior - have the job to help them, because... well, because. They can't move and fight and stuff, so you have to do it. Even if they bragg a lot about their strength and way-to-much-work. Seems totally reasonable.

As a reward they allow you to enter their shops. But they won't sell you anything, because - well, because you didn't prove yourself or something. Makes totally sense.

To prove yourself they will give you some quests - and they award you for completing these quests by giving you their approval for buying stuff in their shops. With each completed quest you will gain more of their approval, which is also in a way called - yes, you guessed it - reputation.

The quests have a lot of variations. The NPCs are creative that way - they all want different stuff for you to do, so you will never be bored.
The NPCs of the citys [the old guy, the smith-guy, the burocrate-or-something, the riding guy... you get the picture.] want you to kill the monsters, which are threatening the city-gates.
Every 7 days they will find a new threat. Not in between, which is nice. Monsters have a lot of holiday, i guess.
But of course with each level-up you have also to prove that you grew yourself and your abilitys. Therefore they will test you and allow you to enter new places or allow you to buy the "good stuff", if you gained enough of their approval/reputation.

Relic Seekers don't really care if monsters are dead or not. They are more... greedy. They want you to search the corpes of your killed (or not) monsters and find some relics like bones. Nope. Not creepy at all.
In exchange for the goods they will give you their reputation and with a certain amount of reputation you will be able - yep, again - to buy stuff in their shops. They even allow you to build a thingy called efril replicator which will produce efril every day - the old guy from the city loves these efril-crystal-thingys and will give you even more reputation if you give them to him. (100 efril = 130 Reputation-Points for example)
You should do that. You wont need them until you are wayyyy higher in your level. Like magician-high.
But stuff like this happens a lot: You will get the reputation from some guys and you can buy stuff, which will help you getting reputation from some other guys. Totally like in the real world - if I buy a Coke and get nothing from Pepsi... wait. What?

But back to the creepy guys: If you gained 300 reputation and did some other quests - yada-yada - they stop beeing super-creepy, because they like flowers. The burning, making-you-sick kind, but... awwww, flowers. They exchange them too for reputation.
Until you have 500 and something really cool happens: You get your first medal. The creepy Relic Seekers approve of you so much now, that they want the whole world to see! The medal is now part of your char - so really everybody will see it. Dont be modest. Show it. It's not like you can hide it anyway.
Okay, i might have kinda sorta overstate that. The Relic Seekers wont give you a parade, but they will nodd at you if you pass them on the street - or even wave a little. But that's about it. They will just recognise you - therefore your medal is named "Grey Medal of Recognition."

But it doesn't stop there. You can even achive the next step - bring them flowers and relics untill you have 1000 Reputation. Than they call you friends! They even fist-bump you, but they wont loan you money. So: Don't ask. Just be nice and bring them more relics. They gave you a "Green Medal of Friendship" and a more items you can buy in their shop for a lot of gold. Win-win, right?
Totally! And because they don't want to spoil your appearance with a grey medal - so thoughtfull - they keep it in exchange for the new shiny green one!

The next step shows that the creepy Relic Seekers start to become more greedy. They won't give you anything for 1500 Reputation. Or even 1750. No, they wait until you are truly annoyed - than you will achieve the next Medal and the old one disappears again. The holy "Blue Medal of Respect" for 2000 Reputation. Uh yeah. You did it. Finally you... wait....
Because that worked so well, the next point of Reputation waits until 3000. And you can't do it the flowers-or-bones-way anymore. You have to do a lot of steps in between and open stuff and kill stuff until... Finally: "The Violet Medal of Honour" is yours. Now you won each of them over - they love you. They want you to be their king/queen!
So you have to do the last gruesome quest for the "Red Medal of Worship" - so they will kiss your feet and worship your every word.

This system of medals was so successfull that all the other NPCs - just not the city-guys, they are old-fashioned - use it too!
But most of them don't care for bones and flowers. They want kills. Dirty, hard kills.
The Juggernauts want you for their reputation to kill certain monsters - but they are not as greedy, because they even give you some quicksilver for your kill-trophies. You need quicksilver-trophies for some quick silver - hah! - or in a round-about-way again for the Relic Seekers.

The Destroyers of Chaos are even more easy - in the beginning. They like to give you a good-day-feeling, before they make you reeeeaally work for their reputation. But in the beginning: They just want you to kill a loooot of Gungl. And GunglDO. And GunglWO. And GunglDO. Easy-peasy.

Mercenaries are more oldy-but-goldy. They like the city-approach to let you wait a couple of days until you can prove yourself again. And each time they have a different job for you. Kill stuff and bring something back, which they lost. - They are a really old bunch and loose a lot of stuff, so don't be surprised.
But! And now there is the twist: Mercenaries hate each other. There a two Mercenaries-Clans so choose wisely just one clan. They have spies! So many spies! If they see you doing quest-stuff for the enemy - they just take the hard-earned reputation back. Mean, old guys. Just sayin'.

So, to get reputation you have to kill, win battlefields (Underground Knights), collect and exchange a lot of stuff, so you will have access to the "good stuff" in the shops. And this stuff will get you even more reputation or is just plain cool to play with.

That is the way and the reason to gain reputation.

But... There are some items in the shops that aren't that interesting. So: Why bother doing all the hard work, if the stuff is just stupid? Or has the wrong color? Or the other shop has a better price?

Because: The Medals are worth more than just a "Look at me! Look how strong I am!"
A grey one for example is worth 10 Reputation-Rating. Stupid word. But I'm from germany, so what do i know?
Well... This Reputation-Rating - let's call it RR for short - is summable.
You have the grey Recognition from the Chaos-Destroyers and the grey one from the Relic Seekers? Both? Yes? 2 grey ones?
Awesome! Let's add them to... 10+10=20RR!
Dear lord. Awesome!
...Now what?
Now, you have to know the other RR for each color:
Grey: 10RR.
Green: 20RR.
Blue: 50RR.
Violet: 100RR.
Red: 300 RR.

So, now we have the numbers, but for what?
The answer is god-like!
Sheara, Mistress of Dragons, and god-like creature in this world oversees each of your steps to gain the love and worship of all the NPCs. The more you are recognised, honoured and worshiped - the more Sheara will give you access to... *sigh* her shop. But her shop is awesome. Like ohmigod-i-need-to-have-this-or-I-die! (No kidding).
And you need just 750 RR for the first item! And 900 for the first cool item!

So now - you just have to do all the work for the lazy, creepy, old and mean NPCs get a lot of medals until they add up to the item-RR you want to buy.

Easy! So why wait?!

Alright! Let's do this!

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