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Thursday, February 5th 2015, 11:19am

Registration of Clan

So I tried making a clan on my multi Ravens92 ....
And on the location "clan registration" you need 10 signed papers ... which i did get.
And I really wanted it to go through so i clicked this >> "Before making your application, carefully read the List of requirements for clan names and emblems."
but the link was broken... just like the administrations brain .well:
"Clan sign:
Notes: image type - .gif, transparent background, resolution 13x13 px.:
Crosses of any kind (including the swastika) and national flags are forbidden."
I double checked and my clan logo was no cross or national flag... it is just a rainbowflag ....
And when I submit my application the once again braindead administration decide that i need to change logo.... WHY?!
The rainbowflag isnt a national flag or a cross ... SO PLEASE TELL ME WHY I NEED TO CHANGE MY FABULOUS CLAN LOGO!?
Also I need to get 10 new signed papers again now since u turned down my application!? :glance:

I feel like I should just quit the game again lol ... dont see why I ever came back...
Forever and Always


Thursday, February 5th 2015, 11:57am

Depending on the verdict I just might quit game lol ... If I do I will hold a Trivia contest in CS ... you will be able to compete for gold, resources, armor etc. Stay tuned :D :thumbsup:
Forever and Always


Thursday, February 5th 2015, 6:06pm

The rainbow flag is used to represent a certain group of people. Since this game tries to remain free from any kind kind of outside real world influences, it would make sense that a flag that is globally known to represent anything would not be allowed. I'm sure you can find another image that meets all the requirements and re apply once you've done the prereqs. End of discussion, next time you have a problem pertaining to actions of adminitration make a ticket on support or post to the admin directly. City pub is not the place to discuss this. Thank you and have a great day. Thread Closed.

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