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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:23pm

Faeo Love Story competition

We are starting love story competition on our forum.

Your task is to write and submit a romance story, which took place in the world of Faeo and involved yourself. You are free to decide on the genre of the story. May it be romantic or funny, we all would love to share your love adventures in the world of Faeo. Even if you turn out to be the next Casanova

Make sure that it is no longer than 500 words though and is in English.

Please submit your stories in this thread. Posts without stories will be deleted.

Last day of story submission is February 14th.

On February 15th we will review them and on February 16th announce the winners.

Winners will receive memorable gifts and Carved Hearts.

Good luck!

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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:37pm

which language ? in english impossible for me

 lososerg [17] 

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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:40pm

which language ? in english impossible for me

Stories should be submitted in English


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:47pm

0gan & Aixlinn

Aixlinn was fed up of only online-shopping in her domaine. So she decided to spend a whole day just for visiting her favourite designer-shops in Khair. Soon she was in a right shopping-spree. Bags with all sorts of labels like Soygura Versace, Phinko the Duck or Thierry Tiffany were piling up on the back of Ophelia, her big cat.

Of course, shopping is an exhausting business after all so she decided to relax in a Spa near Twilight Forest. After a relaxing and refreshing treatment, she was on her way back home. Plodding along daydreaming, she somehow missed the right path and found herself ending up in Domaine of winds. Completely lost now, she was trying to use her navigator to find her way back when suddenly a bunch of human villains broke through the bushes and were closing her in.

Still way to relaxed and sure not prepared to fight she expected to die. "Oh well," she thought, "at least I will make a good-looking dead body." The humans draw closer, shouting and waving their swords wildly. But before the first human even could touch her, there was a threatening growl and the humans froze. Out of nowhere a handsome and strong warrior appeared and slaughtered the attackers in only a blink.

Aixlinn was stunned and could not keep her eyes of that brave hero. He took a brief look around to see if she was save now, than introduced himself as 0gan. And after a deep look into eachothers eyes they knew, from that day on they will walk on Faeos road together.
Wanna get married? Ask me to make your wedding fun and touching :love:
Take part and win codes: Weekly Knowledge Test


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:51pm

This link is out of competition but bring back good memories )…&threadID=21468


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 4:56pm

Me & Potato

I love potatoes, they're yellow, they have nice taste.
It's about love, right? Love don't need a story..
Love is story.

Roses are red violets are blue and potatoes yellow.

Now give me my reward :embarressed:

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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 5:12pm

Hello, this is my love Story!
About 1 year and a half ago, I met a girl in the game, when assets were hellish, was another bone race (Magmar) and it turns out the same day you could talk to each race that had triggered the event of chaos, because in a fight is to kill her and started talking to me, then instead of spending it to be of another race that the most logical would bring bad because I replied, we started to talk and know each other a little, eventually beginning to feel something for her, but she was not sure if it was real or not, devido distance and we had known about this game, because one day, fill me with courage and told him what I felt for her, and she loved said he was in love with me, spent the months after we met already sociales networks, decided to get married in the game, the truth is that I never imagined this is supposed to be a game, and more logical in a game is fun, not love, then I thought it was possible and that love is everywhere, because we got married in the game, throughout the time they were all wrong, some problems arose and decided to separate, she was not the only girl of that I love also was another who felt the unconditional love, I also married her after she already knew us, but because of the distances and we both wanted physical love it did not give good things,now I have a daughter with a girl I met in my country, just try to overcome what happened here and continue with my life, I do not hold grudges or anything, just friends...
Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it :) Blessings!
I do not need to be number 1 to be better than your....


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 6:41pm

Was just a blink, was just a moment, maybe chance, or destiny, no one will ever know, it just happened. Walking on the wild arid lands at square of fire,which no loger would meant fire but passion, a place only for strong warriors, our ways crossed. Something so simple like killing a rabid dog ended on a encounter with an angel, telling her name would be an offense, only gods and goddesses should be allowed. The greatest warrior would feel small on that moment, wortless, worthless like a clover from Svigold.

Blindly and shyly folowed her days and night, trough the lands and seas, my mind wasn't able anymore to focus on the way I was taking; place of sorrow, tombs of kings, it didn't matter,I was simply craving to Sheara to know more about that godness she put on my way. My prayers were listenend, maybe by Vertsida,didn't care, since had the opportunity to talk to that unknown godness and hear her voice.

Feelings became stronger, we couldn't stop it, like fouls we enjoyed our time dancing on the graves of fallen enemies, bringing fear to caves and temples were the enemy pretended to hide. wasn't our swords which made us strong, was our hearts, that no longer were two different parts, they melted with that fight at fire square.

One day woke up by a horrifying scream of pain; my godness was kidnapped. Fastly took my boots, ride my endarg and went through all FEO looking for her, many quests on the way, many steps and feats done and finally found her on Terror Wharl. I was late, she was murdered and her soul was gone, all I had left was those words she managed to write on the sand and that would ever be on our hearts: "I love you".

:cry: :embarressed: :shock:
:sneakers: :sarcastic: :sneakers:


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 9:20pm

Love vs Love

This story begins many years back in Faeo. In the times before the servers were merged in order to create new international friendships. We will talk about the never ending love of a magmar knight and a human lady. Faelivrin was the lady name. One from the first generation characters born under the Snow-white wings of Erifarius. As reward for being respecfull and devoted to the race Erifarius made her a Human Guard. She grew strong in her times while she was keeping smugglers and thieves in the Prison. Then, when many new Human warriors were born and new Guards were recruited she announced her retirement. Sad, the Great dragon accepted her wish and let her be free after the many years she devoted to the work as Faeo servant. Then, fighting sword to sword with another Human warriors she start to spend more time in batles against Magmar warriors born under the Fire wings of Striagorn. On the battle grounds she met Him, very hard opponent with heart made of Lava.. He was one of the most strong in this times. His name was toff.
When she was meeting him in battle she just couldn't hit him. No, not because his nice polished armors or advanced fight tactics. It was smonething else.. It was her heart beating strange and this feeling of butterflies in her tummy. Disapointed from herself that she was not acting as Erifarius would expect her to do she left the battle grounds and devoted herself in reputations rising. She sent toff a gift in which she explained a part of her feelings. The he did the most unexpected Reply. Sad that her love wasn't shared and angry because he attacked her she sent a shaming gift telling him that she sorry for trying to talk to him. Then he repplied her also with gift saying:


"I needed to take your scalp so you can always be next to me, my love.
P.S. Check my saved fights"

In there it was, the very same fight saved under the name "love vs love". Still there untill today's date. Happy of that she went to bed. The next day she woke up and found that he have sent her 333 Ruby Hearts and admitting his love to her publicly infront the both races.
Nobody dared to talk with warrior toff as he could slaughter anyone that would interfere in his love. But poor Faelivrin.. all her friends have turned against her pointing a finger and screaming in her face "Traitor! Traitor!". Even Erifarius himself have turned his back to her with disspointment when she tried to ask for his help due the multiple attacks she received. Crying after her conversation with the Great dragon she head strange directons, sat on a stone and started to cry. Suddenly she felt a very friendly pat on her shoulder. Looked up and saw Sheara herself. Taking this strange directions in desperation she found herself in the Spectral Expanse - the home of the Dragons Mistress. Then Sheara told her with an angel's voice "Dear child, I know your story and that is why I am giving you a chance to become a Magmar, but then there is no returning back. You can take the road home now and stay human or come to sleep in my arms and tomorrow you will be awaken as a newboen warrioress made of lava. Then you will start growing from the beginning, but don't forget He will be with you always...". So then Faelivrin slept in Sheara's arms and the next day she woke up at a strange place. More dark and scarry but the first thing she saw was "toff » muffin: Good morning, my love, did you sleep well?"

:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 10:15pm

Alexis Rhodes ♥ - MrSpy -

It was a cold winter day in the evening. It was so quiet, it was like a harbinger of disaster. The news that the daughter of Damirus lost was spread in the early morning light even more.. They selected two volunteers for the task. Brave - MrSpy -, eyes filled with the beauty Alexis Rhodes. Commander's eyes were swollen from crying. ''I beg you, to bring me back my daughter'' he said. This was the most difficult time of a father.. Journey time had come. set out, taking with them all their needs.. tips showed the Fey-Go island. They boarded the vessel and set out with the help of Berd. The road is long and it was getting quiet, but over time, these two people had the opportunity to get to know each other, they influenced each other. Silence, the ship had been covered with the magic of love. Then he collapsed suddenly a deep dark, Berd started screaming ''there there''. Eventually they reached the island, and had become the most dangerous stage of the journey. When they landed on the ship, the hordes of Chaos on, they fought back with the help of Captain Bakhasha! While searching for clues on the island, - MrSpy - proclaimed his love for the eyes with Alexis Rhodes.
Alexis Rhodes was not actually empty against him. Shyly, staring with love. After a long battle on the island, they would return to Damirus. They could not save his daughter. They were supposed to report to him. But they did their best. It was not their fault. The next day, the Elder Baguron urged the two young men. And he told them he was aware of everything. ''Are you in love with each other!'' He said. Alexis Rhodes face was flushed. - MrSpy - gathering her courage, ''YES'' he said. And said the following sentence: I am in love with her! Turned Elder Baguron Alexis Rhodes. What do you think ? Asked. Alexis, I've been in love with him! he said suddenly. Elder baguron began to laugh. And this trip was a step you combine your destiny, ''will be side by side until your next trip to life and forever'' he said. Two lovers, met thanks to this event. All Feo they wander hand in hand from start to finish. They continued on their way and taking the resulting Elder Baguron prayer. The continuation of the story, Pandrik said: Their families were very close friends since the very beginning. and they prayed for to come together.
Vaslav the Ranger for they, made a home of the most beautiful tree.
Esmeril the Jeweller, jewelry made of the finest stones.
The Langri, had made a beautiful wedding dress and wedding suit.
In the early days of the summer, - MrSpy - and Alexis Rhodes the marriage took place. In fact, that was that is to say: even in the deep darkness of Chaos, has found love again and had reached the goal of the road. These two people lived happily forever.
That love will never fade..


Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 11:04pm

Alexis rhodes - Mrspy :embarressed:


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 12:47am

This story is about a love story so passionate and tragic that it brings me to tears everytime I remember it as my experiance ......It starts as I met my first true love in the supermarket near my home ,going through the sweet section I stumbled upon what would be my true and only love , I smiled with a bright smile and even though there were no expressions showing on my true loves face I knew she was smiling back , then we had a little chat about how sweet and soft and amazing she was in that blue silky cover around her , we laughed for hours before I took her home with me , my true love waited for me down stairs while I went to take a shower , my true love waited patiently as I finished my shower and prepared a glass of hot milk , I then sat next to her and we started watching a movie , but at the middle of the movie my true love was gone I have lost her , it was horrible I couldn't help my self she was too sweet and soft so I devoured her :'( ..........damn you cookies why should you taste so gooooooooooood


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 12:54am

This story is about a love story so passionate and tragic that it brings me to tears everytime I remember it as my experiance ......It starts as I met my first true love in the supermarket near my home ,going through the sweet section I stumbled upon what would be my true and only love , I smiled with a bright smile and even though there were no expressions showing on my true loves face I knew she was smiling back , then we had a little chat about how sweet and soft and amazing she was in that blue silky cover around her , we laughed for hours before I took her home with me , my true love waited for me down stairs while I went to take a shower , my true love waited patiently as I finished my shower and prepared a glass of hot milk , I then sat next to her and we started watching a movie , but at the middle of the movie my true love was gone I have lost her , it was horrible I couldn't help my self she was too sweet and soft so I devoured her :'( ..........damn you cookies why should you taste so gooooooooooood
you might wonder where is Warofdragons in all of this (sniff) (sniff) I had it open while I was watching the movie ...I was picking flowers ...............

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Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 11:28am

Loves Journey

Time passes in many ways, especially when you share it with someone you plan to be with, for eternity.

Another day arivess with the great Mirrow on our shoulders. The fishing has been good, we have our stock for the winter. The cove has been generous this season, withs its gentle, yet flowing creek. A small fire at camp burns just right, as a meal is prepared. Caroline was there doing her thing, as usual, so much a hunter she is, but still learning like the rest of us. Her Father let us use this little cabin for the weekend, so it was cozy, and warm, and offered protection from a passing zigred or wolf. A Magmar on the other hand, that would be a group effort. I approached camp, and she scurried off from her training, tended to the meal over the fire, and looked up so slowly to meet my eyes. One could never find anyone else, that gave such a sense of purity and depth in all things. Knowledge through love itself, undefined, meaning with a connection of fate. Today i am to propose, I hope she is ready, and will have me at her side, in our journey.
Much time has passed, with our union of love and trust. We conquered our nemesis that always looks for us on the fields of battle. Two are always stronger than one, no matter what wraith, or mount or pet aids our enemy. We confide in each other, and know our responses and actions before we ever take them or as they are encountered. I sweep her up one day into my arms, and express my utmost love to her. Caroline takes it all in to that heart of hers, but at the moment we both sense a change like no other. As if a life force faded for a moment. We both felt its touch as one, as something was drawing to change our paths of virtue.
I have visited so many along this mission of healing. The Cleric, Samuel offered his ampules of cures. Norak the Virtuous, went through scroll after scroll. Even Panderik deep in his books of wisdom searching for answers. Through all our knowledge, none of us seem to understand how to conquer the poison saturating Caroline's life force. It hurts so much when one is a Healer, themselves, and cannot find the ingredients to save the one you love most.
I return to the cabin we love most to camp within. Friends and family, gathered to give safe jorney to a bright soul and a respected member of our lives. A gentle breeze passed through the window, and she was gone. In Sheara's hands, Caoline advances to A’Aron the Just. Where she will always watch over us, until the end of time. Safe Journey my dear Sweet_Caroline.

Love means many things. How we encounter it, live it and continue its connection is visible in all walks of life. It is not always fun and games, but it is worth while, and continues onward, wherever your journey may lead you. I sense Caroline's presence, within the shadow that protects me even today. She is always nearby, healing me.

There is always room for Noodles!


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 2:19pm

Ahl & Artema

It was cold Wednesday evening, surrounded in hugs of admired by lovers February. Two lonely broken-hearted warriors were hanging around the snowy streets of Faeo. Disappointed, hopeless and hurt, they were just doing their daily duties. For so many time they were just friends and like usually they met that evening each other just to share their concerns about daily routine. But one simple her question that evening changed their destiny and one simple his joke became a reality…
Through the years, that passed away and that they are together, they went through everything: falling in love, marriage, war, falling down and getting up again, doing stupid mistakes, regretting and asking for forgiveness.. Day by day, waking up and saying good morning, going to sleep and saying good night… Always, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, never turning around and leaving, always supporting.. in bad times and in good ones… Holding each others hand… like on the first day, when a simple her question changed their destiny and a simple his joke became a reality…
Artema’s and Ahl’s love is like musical masterpiece, written by two loving hearts, when everything fit so perfectly and all musical instruments sound in harmony…
This masterpiece is called “Real love”, which is ever lasting and never ending…

What was that magic her question? What was his fatal joke? No one knows, but might guess.. Anyways, they are forever locked in the two lovers memories..


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 4:52pm

This is my story!

Long ago, Shaera created two dragons one was called Striagorn and the other Erifarius. Both dragons created one race,Striagorn created Magmars and Erifarius created Humans.
One day both dragons had a fight and they divided the territory, and both races getted into a war.After a few years in the limit of the territory one man and a woman met, they were collecting flowers.The boys name was Ogriy, he was a human, and the girls name was Khair,she was a magmar.They fell in love at first sight.They met every day,but one day Khair father followed her daughter and he saw her meeting a man of other race.He geted mad and angry, and he killed the boy.His daugther never forgived him, she was very sad,crying alld day. A few days later she killed herself. And to honor their love they stoped the war but with a few rules. And for their honor they called the continet of humans Ogriy and magmars continent Khair. Now you are asking where am i in this story, i am a direct descendent of Khair and the story is written in my families Library.


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 6:10pm

Battousai- and Cendre

Alone again..alone again...under the sun shine so bright in her throne room, sadly,
Cendre was about to leave her estate and riding to new adventures.
Since her husband had disapeared strangely, she has been losing the taste of anything.
No , she couldn't go away without wining a last cave, without fighting a dangerous monster in a last instance with friends.
This "last" day arrived in cave ...
Fighting with some humans at their X, throwing them her sadness by her axes , suddenly she saw him, as he came beside her, with his charming smile in his eyes .
Dunring a short but intense second , their eyes smiling at each others , they stopped the time as they were alone . But fast the sounds of the weapons come again, and back to back , first caress between them , they killed almost all alive .
Since this First day , day after days , Battousai and Cendre became so inseparables that their estates are neighbors ;
Some people even relate there are secrets doors between them ...


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 7:31pm

A shining love.
- Master Korundom. I have returned from the mines of the village of Maettro with the diamonds you requested.
- Good. It was about time you returned. Now take some of that light silver over there and get to work while I shape these and hurry there isn't much time left.

The buzzing of the grind and the tapping of tools against metal and stone echoed throughout the building that housed the Guild of Artisans as master and apprentice worked together. The forge was heated and gave of a slight metallic sour and bitter smell as the hot light silver was taking shape and was fused together with the diamonds. Twice this procedure was made and twice the jewelry was placed into a custom made box not much larger than a full grown mans heart made out of Zviglod wood and decorated with tiny rubies in the shape of two hearts. As master Korundom closed the lid to the box the church bells in the square of fire began to rang.

- Curses! we are out of time! Take the box apprentice and deliver it quickly! Striagorn's speed apprentice.

The distance between the housing of the Guild of Artisans to the church in the square of fire became next to nothing as the apprentice stormed in to the church. As the apprentice ran up to altar both groom and bride gave a sigh of relief as the apprentice presented them the custom made box containing the diamond silver rings. And so the priest declared the couple husband and wife ("you may kiss the bride").
The End :kiss2:
Written by: Fire Grin.


Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 8:37pm

It was many years ago when I met my true love, back when I was just a little level 3. I was on my usual walk through the city center, donned in my battle-scarred cutthroat armour when I decided I would take a different route; through the forest. Usually I would've avoided it for fear of vicious bear attack and the like. As I made my journey, there were many strange sights, including bears mauling dead naked men whilst great tigers made their marks on the bears themselves. Truly ridiculous I'd say! Once I left the forest I came the waterfall, cascading down the rocks with unending force. It was an awe-inspiring view, but then I saw something else. It was in the water. A belly of silver with a golden back, adorned with 2 great onyxes for eyes. It had to be mine! I bellowed out: "From who may I receive the mythical creature of the water?!". A kind passerby directed me to the Ridge. I figured that since the creature was so magical I would have to see the mage. I was promptly booted out, the cheek! With my bright-red rear in tow, I hobbled to the only other civilisation in the area; the so-called "Fisherman's Hut".

As I entered my jaw dropped to the ground. Failed attempts to pick it back up simply resulted in a sore chin. The walls of this building were covered in the creatures! I immediately began my interrogation of the man in the house. Due to my mouth’s state I could only make some strange guttural noises, but the man appeared to understand. "I see you like my collection." he said pompously. “Like” was an understatement, I was truly enamored. I managed to nod, and he said "Fetch me 10 Weetsa the Woodlouse and I will show you my secret" My eyeballs popped out of my head, and I promptly respawned at Wirgold Estate. My goal was to collect 10 woodlice, how hard could that be? Alas, I searched for hours, but to no avail. Eventually I gave in and pleaded for assistance. I was told to go to Dead Cove and was simultaneously told to "stop noob", whatever that malarkey meant. It was there that I found them. My golden tickets. I gathered them in a heartbeat and galloped back to the house. I got there and handed him my haul. "Whoa there I said 10 not 100!". I guess I was just too excited in the heat of the moment! The man handed me a strange wooden rod and told me to throw it at the water or something.

I left, and made my way back to the waterfall. I waited for 37 hours, eyes constantly open, waiting. Then I saw it. It had come for me. My instincts triggered, and I cast the line, instantly gripping the scaled sea-beast. After a great battle lasting 84 minutes, the creature was finally mine. I had found my true love, Felinoy Roach.

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Thursday, February 11th 2016, 4:53am

Apologies and Hope.

After a messy break up with his former lover Vamp found himself in a bit of a solemn state. Deciding it was best to focus his efforts into something more constructive than a bottle of liquor he decided to stage a new alliance with another clan. It didn't take long before tensions rose and power was more important than working together. As a result Vamp was thrown from his seat among his former army and banished to wonder alone while being hunted by his once so called friends. After some time he was approached by a single powerful mage who had seen his troubles and promised to end them. With a swift warning to these people hunting Vamp the mage told them that it would not be tolerated any longer.

No sooner had the mage spoke these words was one brave soul who attacked Vamp yet again. The mage had told Vamp to leave this place for his own safety.This promptly encurred the wrath of the mage which left an entire army broken and bloodied. With Vamp now lost and broken hearted yet again, a wounded female from his old alliance approached him looking for answers as to why he had sought vengance on her. Seeing this distressed female who had never wronged him, he began to fill with regret and shame. While he had gotten his revenge and was ever grateful to the mage who had protected him he had hurt innocent people.

With this in mind he decided to take the injured warrior in and vowed to build a place safe from harm. As time passed he had grown attatched to the warrior and even fell in love with her. Eventually she even accepted his proposal for marrige and they grew their own kingdom. Since then they have been side by side through wars and peace, thick and thin, for better or for worse.

(Going to assume this is over 500 words but no good story can be written in that few of words) It is based on a true story though :)