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Friday, January 27th 2017, 8:08am

Buy Diamond

Hello. I am a turkish player and I played this game 7 years. I made mistake for use bot. I accept thıs. But I would lıke to come back game and ı would lıke to my character. Now I would like to go back to the game but the 500 pirates given to me are punishment. I needed 2000 turkish lira to pay this penalty and this is too much for us. I ask you that every citizen can buy diamonds according to his own currency. If this is done, I am sure many of the players will come back to play. Thank you


Friday, January 27th 2017, 7:40pm

seriously is this for real...? :lol:


Monday, January 30th 2017, 12:33am

?!?! Bot?! People use bots to play a game? What's the FUN on that??!?!?

The penalty i think its decided by the Administration of the game. :P ?(

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