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Friday, November 10th 2017, 1:40pm

Report Hacked or Suspicious Characters

Report Hacked Characters

Please fill out following form:

1. Link to suspect character
2. Link to your character
3. Approximate time when you notice your character was hacked
4. Short description of situation
5. List of items you have lost
6. Have you regained control over your character (It is considered to be done when you not only were able to log in on your character but could also change password and secret question)
7. About yourself (where do you play from (house, work, cafe etc), who is your internet provider etc) *THIS IS OPTIONAL


3. I’ve logged in on June 5th 2009 and noticed that I'm missing money and items
4. I was on vacation from 1st to 7th of June, when I came back I´ve noticed disappearance. I have not shared my login info with anyone but have played from internet café; last time and I might have saved my pass.
5. I am missing: full unicorn set and 400g
6. I have regained control over my character and was able to change password.

1. Guards can refuse to return items if player has serious misconduct of game rules and polices.
2. Guards DO NOT guarantee 100% return of the lost items!
In the following cases items WILL NOT be returned:
2.1.1 If items were sold to a 3rd party person for legit market prices
2.1.2 If money were spent by hacker on consumable items (elixirs, scrolls etc)
2.1.3 If items were disenchanted, sold to a shop or thrown away. (These items can be restored only by tech. support and will be considered a premium services. See information here.)
2.2 The item player will receive may be different from what he lost as we may have to compensate items sold to 3rd party.
3. All spam will be deleted and player could be subject to a forum gag.

Report Suspicious Characters
Include a valid reason why you think this player should be checked.
Do not use this section of the forum without good basis.
Any unjustified report will be ignored or deleted as spam.

If one or any of the above is seen, please write here

I suspect that Niccci has lost control of his character, he is swearing in city square, has just jailed all Players in City Square, and is buck naked. Please investigate.

The topic is not for flood, please keep to the topic. Flood will be penalized with a 3 day forum gag!
Lisad | Community Manager

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