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Thursday, January 11th 2018, 6:56am

Campaign for Goblin Items

At the request of the Ancient Statue, you need to return the items the little goblin apprentice left on the mainland to him.
Passed:While hunting for Scolopendras obtain a spike and go back to Kendrick. Current goal:Find the spot next to the entrance at Elfin Sanctuary and look for the goblin’s things. Reward:Goblin Backpack,
13000 experience, <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 3 <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 50.

I can not find the goblin's stuff even when i go to Canyon of immortality where the elfin Santuary is - help would be much appreciated
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Thursday, January 11th 2018, 6:32pm

at the first location when you see that cave entrance left side middle of rocks a black hole very small on ground. you need click it . later you will make a fight and it will say you cant catch its hand etc. you need speak again goblin , go speak goblin and turn back instance location go inside at hunting you will get a pot and goblin will gave you a pot too , mix them. BUT be careful dont drink pot you get from instance if you drink it you need find that pot again at hunting killing monsters again . now you have mixed potion. drink it and click that black hole at begining again and kill it. later get item and go goblin or someone what quest says :D

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