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Friday, February 9th 2018, 9:20am

The Story of Blankaz's Proposal.....

See..Being myself, i have seen many people getting married, getting divorced, found out new love, have a crush..this to me, is not something new, i've seen a person grows together with their partner or they get parted somewhere in the middle..sometimes its not about getting together that i fear of but getting parted has always gets me...kinda make me wonder....if i do try to find my partner, should i get her like i always wanted? or my love cage will trap her forever that makes her not to love me back? but if i really do want to have a partner and if i wanted to ask her for a hand in marriage, well this is how i want to do....

I want to hand a flower of a favourite from a day to day....i just wanna make her smile....and if i do get a kiss on my cheek....well...thats gonna make my day.....and ill keep giving flowers till the day i want to propose.....On that day.....i will take her on a slow stroll by the woods....then we gonna spend the day together to camp near evening...ill take her to see the sunset by the the sun goes down...ill be there holding her while looking at her with the dimming sun rays glimmering in her eyes....then we'll head back to the tent....we'll start the fire, have some food....maybe a wine.....then i will lay with her open under the vast night sky.....and we just count stars..right there, i will take out a ring...hold it to the sky and tell her

"The thousands stars in the night sky,
Even for eternity, the stars wont stay with me,
But with you here... ive been staring at you blankly
Because you are the star in my life and Will you marry me? "

:kiss2: :kiss2: :kiss2:

Wishes to all the lovebirds out there....make your move....i will make mine true soon... :embarressed: :embarressed:


Friday, February 9th 2018, 12:05pm

Many warriors have tried
But little union lasted
On this earth
The felony of the heart is thus made
What of aspired to

I'm tidying up my ax
And I will go up
At the top of kaiar
I will proclaim
My statement
From my love

My dear, thank you, let's not put
Not under Cupid's throat
His own arrow
So many lovers have tried it
Who, from their happiness, have paid
This sacrilege

I have the honor to
Do not worry
To send your hand
Do not engrave
Our names at the bottom
Screaming parchment


Friday, February 9th 2018, 1:37pm

love letter

Dear xxx :rose: ,
After everything that I’ve been through, I never believed I would find someone like you. Having met you in my life is like finding a needle in the field full of grass. No one has a perfect past, and everyone has a sad story to tell, you never got tired of listening to mine. You make me believe that I am worth loving despite my imperfections. I never saw you wanting to give up on me even if there were times I was under the weather. I just want to tell you that I am more than happy and thankful to have you in my life. I love you so much.

Yours always, :kiss:


Friday, February 9th 2018, 8:41pm


Im honest and just wanna the 50 hearts :D

the love is in the air, but I--- cant--- stop---- falling in love... with u....

miss u


Saturday, February 10th 2018, 11:41am

Incredible story

It was a long time ago ...
They could never imagine that two warriors who fed each other with a great grudge might fall in love with each other. But it was not possible to resist it. This could be the first in the world of Faeo! Their hostility to each other was the greatest proof that they formed a great bond between themselves!
They and their tribes wanted this war to end.
The time has come, they have chosen to put an end to this war. Tribes of both races came together. All they wanted was a happy, unblemished life. They first goal of the two lovers, of war was to respect the wishes of their people. And of course, they want immortalize each other and their love.
Autumn is over, flowers beginning to open, excellent warm breezes, playing in the gardens children, happy smiling peoples...
After a very short time the wedding preparations had already begun. They had already chosen the wedding area. Lumirya Waterfall... In front of a magnificent waterfall, they would be married in a wonderful area. Everything was perfect, everyone was in the wedding area. The bride and groom are welcomed in exhilaration! For a while, they were having fun, dancing, Even there swam people in the waterfall! Here! This big moment... They are married in the presence of the invitees! Actually it was still a dream. Who could even know that two great hostile races will live together forever... And they understood. There was no such thing as impossible!


Saturday, February 10th 2018, 12:09pm

To My Loved

There are two great joys in a man's life:
the first when the first time can say I love,
the other, even greater, when he can say I am loved.
Great is the desire to have you close,

when you're not there, I feel empty.

It is my wedding gift: what is called the grace of the sacrament of Matrimony.

I will never leave you alone in this undertaking.
I will always be with you and I will make of you the instrument of my love and of my tenderness.
I will continue to love My fairy creature, who will become my bride, through my gestures of love.

Forever Yours


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 12:43am

The story of my proposal

Well, my dear fellows, now that we’re all here around the fire with a good mug of beer, I can tell you the story I prefer to remember. No guys, it hasn’t been the one in which me and my faithful polar bear defeated the powerful Lingraontz, or when, alone with only my swords, I survived bloody battles in my adventures all around Faeo.
It’s a story of love, and no, it’s not about the love that Iguraons have for me every time I sail to the Fej-Go islands.

This story begins many years ago, when Faeo was still a mostly wild and unexplored land, a land of conquest for all the brave warriors and obviously equipped with a good armor.
I've always been a lonely warrior, you know, I've always preferred to fight alone, test my strength and progress without anyone's help.
So it was also that day, when (I remember it as if it were yesterday), while I was walking through the royal tombs, a lady asked for my help. But she did not ask for it for herself, as for a friend of her, another young lady: she was in trouble!

It was December and like every year the Yeti had invaded Feo: every warrior had been called by the wise old man to do his duty and eradicate this threat. But it was a hard task to defeat these monsters by themselves, so fate made me respond to this call for help, and for the first time I met the warrior in trouble. Although she was holding a heavy ax she circled gracefully around the dangerous Yeti, and his long black hair danced in the air ... she seemed like a war goddess. I didn’t think about it, I unlatched my two swords and threw myself into the fight.
Soon it was all over, but of course that was just the beginning. Together no creature could escape us, I lost count of our victories. Our understanding was perfect, I was so agile to confuse our enemies, she was so strong that she could deal lethal blows. And so it continued for a long time, the old wise was very pleased with us at the end of that year, and that made us proud. But our duty of warriors, as you well know, never end, and we soon found ourselves fighting again.
It was at that point that I felt something, my friends, something was changing and I knew I had to do something, before regretting forever what I had not dared to do.

So one afternoon, while during a rare period of tranquility we walked in the Berona Ranges, we climbed on top of a hill. There was no one else, we were just us, one next to the other, the silence, the grass, the blue sky ... nothing else. You couldn’t even see Berona tigers crouched in the grass.
It was at that point that I felt that the moment had arrived, I looked into her eyes and I recited this poem:

“The day is born, the sun and his return
In the eyes has the sea, my desire to wreck.
Nobody has chosen, no one has decided
A desire, a shared instinct.
A life lost in a perverse fate
of a thoughtful and only imagined love
That lived trembling for you that shines like a crazy diamond.
And the sun rises on the golden sea
The sunset shines in a fiery red.
Sunbeam still shining, warms the wave in the last hour.
You are on the horizon, you are the dream
You are what my heart needs.
Life lives, life dies
Take this my heart, please .
It's my ultimate gift from a lover.
Give you my heart and do not feel abandoned.
And my being has chosen without having an opinion,
Without knowing what your name was.”

And in a whisper I added: “Will you marry me?”

So this story ends, my be honest, I don’t know where she is now...evil and Chaos is everywhere and our Faeo warrior’s duty is to fight it, wherever it is.
But I know that one day we will be together again, walking on that hill holding our hands, ignoring the world that will fight around us.


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 4:43am


Marriage isn't about how we propose but it is about things that are more important then that, personally it wouldn't matter if I purpose him at an arena or at glade of dreams or if I asked it in simple ways or romantic ways. I know that I should make it the most memorable day of my life but I like things simple. Traditionally males proposed to females however in this time of transition female proposing is good enough. isn't it? ;)


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 7:59pm

Today I meet with a girl that’s name was Ayesha mohanty she belongs to orrisa away you know that girl is so much open minded and clever I meet her in FB group and we are making arguments and our Freindship begin with small fight before one of her day we become Freinds on Facebook her birthday was on 13 June I wish her first on FB chat….I was thinking to wish her on phone but it was first day of Freindship that’s why I feel it is not good time to ask her number otherwise she think wrong…we become freinds and talk as usual..
She understands me so much I mostly talk to her not other because she is clear and kind hearted girl that the reason I like her…I tell her that I like her but she think I m not serious ….I was missing her so much I feel her in thought I never seen her but I feel she is good look is not matter to me….I want to hold her hand and give support to her ….I want to be her in my life as a wife….she understands me so much I love her and love always

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Sunday, February 11th 2018, 8:55pm

I promise you that if we get married; I will always be there for you. But first I must fulfill a very important mission, for our parents, for us, for our brothers and for the future of our children!

Every morning I'll get you breakfast and I'll get you back to bed (do not worry about the crumbs I'll clean), I'll ask Sheamus the Joker to ring your favorite melody so she can snap at you start of the day.

During your long days of agriculture; I will be strong and alive in the Plateau of Silence, to fight, to defend our brothers finally to push our fatherland to victory!
I know that during this war you have already lost an important member of your family and I know that the fight will not be simple, I know the risks, but until when I will have you in my heart; nothing will kill me. In addition, the great deity Shaera watches over us!

I ask you to forgive me, know that I love you enormously, I must leave, let's look at our reflections every night on the sky!


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 9:23pm

Jack was 18 years old when his father and his mother were killed by the clan "Killers". His father was the chief of the settlement and had to defend his settlement against these barbarians, who came to plunder the settlement. Jack's father and his mother were killed in front of his eyes while he was hiding on the roof with her little sister Jess. He saw the killer, it was the masked Akiko.His father wounded Akiko on the left side of the eye. Nobody knew who Akiko was. But he knew that Akiko was the leader of Killers and promised Jess that he will kill Akiko and the whole clan. :knight:

He took his Beroner Tiger and escaped with his sister Jess. Fortunately nobody saw them while escaping to the city. After a few weeks he met a young girl while buying some grapes in the shop. He forgot all the pain and the grapes fell down from his hands. The young girl smiled and helped him taking the grapes. She introduced and herself and told him to come to Mary's Tavern at the next day. Her name was Helena and she were 25 years old. Jack couldn't stop to think of Helena and her beauty, but she had . Jack went to the Tavern at the next day and had dinner with Helena, where he saw the wound at her left eye for the first time. In the end he took her to the Gift shop and bought her a Diamond Necklace. Helena couldn't believe it and kissed Jack, after that they went to Jack's home and slept after a long night together. :love2:
Jack also wanted to buy her a ring but did not have enough money for the ring, since he was living together with Jess and Helena.He was the chief of the family and had to ake care of them. Helena always had a lot of gold but she never said where the gold came from .

After all the years Jack was 23 years old when he completed his training and participated in many wars. He promised his family ( Helena, Jess ) to come back alive after his last war. He didn't tell them where he was going because it was only his revenge and they should not get in risk. He got a Mage at Hero level and couldn't wait for the revenge for his family and the settlement. He discovered the Ridge of Kayars with his Twilight Grumvol and finally was in Lumirya Waterfall where the Killers where hiding. He killed one every Killer on his way and did not spare any killer. All the killers together couldn't even wound him. Akiko, the leader of the clan arrived with an Shankar, which got killed by Jack's Twilight Grumvol. Jack and his Grumvol attacked Akiko and her swords fell over the Waterfall.. Akiko's fate was sealed there were no hope for her... Jack went to Akiko with his Grumvol and was holding his axes to seperate Akiko's Head from the body.. when she took her mask off, Jack was shoked and his axes fell in to the water. Akiko was about to run away, but the Grumvol catched her and brought her to Jack, who took off his mask too. Now Jack understood why Helena had the wound and so many gold, she were Akiko! :cursing:

Without hesitating he ran to the end of the waterfall and wanted to jump, when Helena hold his hand... :love:
She said sorry and wanted to kiss Jack, but he gave her a slap on her face and kissed her... In this moment they both knew that they had to marry in Lumirya Waterfall, where everything began and everything ended... :woody:


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 9:29pm

A promise to tell our children :

When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life next to the person you love, you can not wait to do it as soon as possible, so devoting the right words at such an important moment would seem to be an easy matter and should manifest themselves spontaneous, but it is not always so especially if you have to pronounce them is a warrior of character formed at the arena of O'Delvays, which would never have allowed him to be weak or fragile.
Because of the many battles with which you have been forged you are forced to always keep up the guard and in a past life to chase the magmari, including bloody battles and low blows, we are not allowed to love and so we end up become a person from the darkest heart of the night ...

Exactly it was a night, that night ... do you remember love?
to change forever the heart of that warrior who until then had made a vow of love only to his trusty weapon,Sheara is not known for what mysterious reasons, from the height of his divine majesty, he put his hand and with the gaze beyond stars in a single blink of an eyelash tore the sky above us and made a myriad of rays containing falling stars fall on Feo and I like to imagine that for every fallen ray there was someone destined to receive it.
Our beloved goddess, I think she decided it was time to bring some light into my world, giving life to the event of the falling star fragments in that very instant.

Fate wanted the same fragment of a crashed star to catch our attention at the same time, and the two of us came into each other's eyes under the light that had just fallen and at that precise moment an even greater magic happened ...
we were struck enters from a sudden blessing never known, as if shera from the skies was watching us to give us his approval.

Until that day this blessing had been unknown to us, and had only been mentioned in some ancient manuscript of some sage and that was handed down and recalled from time to time by parents in children, such a force was so rare to find and no sorcerer or necromancer of our world could never have recreated, it and we understood that evidently there would never have existed any stronger than this and never would have existed, that is the blessing of eternal love.

Since then a few years have passed and that same blessing has not yet disappeared in us and it is always present at the bottom of our hearts and day after day every reciprocated look between us strengthens it more and more, and that is why today I am here to give you this little gift not only in words but I would like to give you a piece of fallen rock and now set on a ring, the same fragment that our attention has now struck is now here in my hands and is ready to be given to you to seal if you want our love, that maybe one day will be told to our children as happened in the past tales of the sages that we felt as children.


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 10:15pm

Day by dayy
night by night
kiss by kiss
touch by touch
step by step
I fall in love, a love so incomprehensible, so vivid, so unique so wild, that not even the reign of God could control.
A passion so deep, a need so necessary, a want so strong
The universe would not handle
I love you today
I’ll love you tomorrow
I’ll love you forever

In general have all a nice valentine day with loves :kiss2:


Sunday, February 11th 2018, 11:49pm

I woke up in Ogriy as always, I went to check Auction House and saw her, a beautiful warrior that was buying some equipment, -it looks like she'll fight soon, i said to myself, I got closer to her and started speaking, that was the moment when i discovered she wanted to kill magmars because they killed all her family, she wanted the revenge, I promised i would help her in that adventure so I could help my continent to win the war.

3 years later, we went to Khair as we were doing everyday and I found a ring in a Magmar corpse, I took it and gave it to her, -Do you want to fight this battle with me?, I said, -Only if you fight as well as me, she answered.
And that's how we spent the rest of our lifes fighting in Khair for the glory of Ogriy and her family.

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Monday, February 12th 2018, 12:00am

RE: Away from sight but near the heart

My love,
It is very important for me to express to you
how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person
while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since
we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression
must come in the form of letters such as this.
I know it is difficult for you, as it
is for me, to be separated for so long. Life seems to be full
of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly,
our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said
that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms
of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger
with each assault upon its existence.
Our love has been assaulted many times,
and I am convinced that it is true because the longer I am away from
you, the greater is my yearning to be with you again. You are
my enchanted Princess, and I am your devoted Prince. I
cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from
the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation
will no longer be.
Until that moment happened, I send to you across
the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate
Love always, :kiss2:
Your little monster :kiss:


Monday, February 12th 2018, 1:51am

"The proposal should mention the character's love story and also location/environment where the proposal should take place."

Once upon a time, must be Spring of 2012, there have been some young magmar warriors in ES,
struggling through FEO without a proper plan how life will be and confused about rules of elders
and strict clan rules in detail.

That was the time i met YOU, friendly and adorable, communicative and motivated, FUNNY
and quick-witted as well as sympathetic disorganized somehow. :kiss2:

We were young and as a team we could achieve a lot - so we visited the derelict house week by week.
We had dates at fixe times to enter house and talked a lot of nonsense, which was really difficult
because our mother tongues are so different. But it harmonized - and in addition to all the chess piezes
I often had a muscle-sore out of laughing with you. :smile:

Well...the ways of the war have separated us...clan didnt move from ES to COM, warriors became
inactive, some changed their name and havent been recognized anymore - and we also see each
other only very rarely... :cry:

But as love never ends and because people belong together because they understand each other blindly
and not because they often see each other i´d like to ask you: Do you want to marry me?

Let´s change these rings, swear faithfulness and cry with happyness - under one condition:

Proposal has to be held in VIRIGIYA: lets celebrate our wedding with slaughter instead of flowers,
with sweat and blood instead of rice and confetti! :sarcastic:

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Monday, February 12th 2018, 2:14am

A rose fell from the sky
A beautiful human picked it up
On the way to Manhattan he met
And fell into the clutches of love
The human noble (manhattan) knelt down
and his eternal love declared.
The warrior in love accepted
and until the end of eternity lasted

ok, I only want the 50 hearts: P


Monday, February 12th 2018, 4:43am

Welcome, my lady, welcome!

You press the foot into my room

forty years of concrete, meadow grass now.

You laugh,

The roses were opened on the window rails.

You cried

Pearls poured my palms;

rich like heart,

My room was bright like freedom..

Welcome, my lady, Welcome ... "

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Monday, February 12th 2018, 8:39am

Letter from a lover

More and more in love but still shy, hugo stiglitz found a way to express all his love in a clever and romantic way at the same time ... he organized a treasure hunt for his beloved and in the end he found himself with this proposal of marriage:

There are two great joys in a man's life: the first when the first time can say I love, the other, even greater, when he can say I am loved. I need you to feel alive and happy. Our love will never break, our love will last forever because we are like flowers under the moonlight, shadow and substance of a single being. Love solves all the problems: I can not with you to worry about the darkness, because you are light; I do not fear the cold because you are fire; I do not lose myself in doubt, because you are truth. Great is the desire to have you close, when you're not there, I feel empty. Do you want to know who you are for me? So here you are: you are the one who prevents me from being enough .... You gave me the most precious thing of all: the lack!
Will you marry me?


Monday, February 12th 2018, 9:14am

letter to my love

We were children and I already had you inside, but the fights on feo had forced us too young to grow fast always forced to watch our backs, but always close My love, I took a plunge into memories and it was my heart to guide me: the first kiss, the first glances, the long embraces all night, the misunderstandings, the indecision, the doubts and uncertainties, the moods of those who are experiencing something big for the first time and can not understand what is happening. But now I know what happened: I fell in love with you and I continue to fall in love with each other day after day. :love1:

When I look at your eyes I see the flame of your love that I hope will burn forever to make us both happy
You are that breath that takes my breath away again, the only name that comes to me as I look for the words you, you are the sense I have of me.
I would like to have three seconds to tell you I love you, a life to look at you and an eternity to love you ...
I will defend you now and forever from all those who will have the courage to stand before our love as long as I have a spark of your love nobody will ever stop and with this I ask you Do you want to marry me my love? :kiss2:


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