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Monday, February 12th 2018, 10:20am

I was never the straightforward nor bold type, come to think of it, I was more like a shy, innocent little boy. Things didn't change even after meeting her on one fateful day, getting to know her better, even after things between us progressed slightly more and more every single day. And call it fate or whatever it may be, she was the complete opposite, the no-nonsense, I-will-speak-my-mind-and-none's-stopping-me type.

There were countless times when I thought to myself, "Hey, she's the one, ask for her hand for marriage!", and time and time again, I procrastinated, held back, afraid that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Trade Fairs after Trade Fairs, I looked at the Rings section, looking, contemplating, being at war inside of myself - To buy that ring or not to buy that ring, and each time, the inability to grasp what I should or shouldn't do clouds my judgement.

The Gods of Faeo must have been laughing at this stupid lil boy, and finally took pity on me, as they got her, myself and a few close clannies on one day, and the mention of "marriage" and "wedding" surfaced out of the blue. Being the ever so oblivious and "blur-case" guy I was, took no notice until a message from her popped out in clan chat screen.

XX:XX Girl » Me: kill my big bro and il marry u

It was like... BAM! KAPOW! Knocked me out of my seat in sheer excitement. I never imagined a statement could be so... powerful.

*pinches self again and again* Was I dreaming?

*sends private message to "big bro" - YOU HEARD HER! TO THE ARENA, NOW AND PREPARE TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED!*

Being a lowly and weak level 7, I went through the depths of hell, scaled through peaks of knifes, swam through oceans of hot boiling oil, all in the name of love, to finally defeat her mighty level 11 big bro and fulfill my destiny.

With his scalp (fight log) in one hand, I hopped onto my ever dependable endy and rode through Wild Forest (pun not intended) to her humble home in Lumirya Waterfall.

Still exhausted, but nervous nonetheless, I took her hands, looked into the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, got down on one knee and said "Baby, let me take care of you for the rest of my life, and make you the happiest woman in the whole of Faeo!".

Hoping that she would say yes... She finally said...


"It's about damn time! Took you long enough! And I had to practically lead and pave the way for you here!" :clubbing: :clubbing: :clubbing:

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Monday, February 12th 2018, 11:21am

Fate could be a miracles sometimes. Becoming a warrior having to brave through countless bloodthirsty battlefield, doesn't mean you will only meet your enemies. You could also met with the one meant for you.

Having fought alongside together for so long, we start as being a comrade arm-to-arm. Building up all the trust we have for each other, your faith and care makes me yearn for you more to be a part of my life.

I wish for the day I could finally take the last step for us to be together. After a great fight between clans, I will confess my love to you on the Land of Rainbow where the God dwells.

We shall be tied together on our marriage ceremony on Firmament the Floating Island, where both humans and magmars shall bear witness to our eternal love, with Sheara's blessing, till death do us apart.


Monday, February 12th 2018, 1:40pm

It's hard to get married,
and I don't mean just the proposal...

I always wanted to be married in game,
but there was always something was in the way, preventing it from happening.
Each time I actually liked a girl it ended quick like a strike of a lightning.

Until this one time when a new player joined my clan, she was... something else than I used to have here before.
It wasn't nearly close to relationship, we just talked and I mean we talked a lot.
She was always there when I needed her, to talk to, to borrow money from :embarressed: , to kill something together. :sarcastic:
We started to do everything with each other, it just happened.

One day I asked her out on a date in faeo, and surprisingly she agreed :lol:
We met up at manor of budrimakh and we just kept walking around while talking, it was unique, one of a kind date.
In the end I brought her to the twilight forest.
I always loved that place, so fabulous and magical.
And we had a picnic there...
Tho now thinking about it I should have taken her to restaurant and see if she'd pay the bill like a real woman should :lol:

Then I knew I will propose to her, it wasn't decision that I made within the blink of an eye,
it took me a lot of time to finally understand that I don't want to be alone anymore and especially not without her.
Few weeks have passed and as I gathered enough money I went to the rings shop and I picked one,
I went to her location, and after I gathered enough courage I started my speech.
Of course I started it with "We need to talk" :lol:

Yeah, I made it a little more dramatic :embarressed:
Who doesn't like drama? :lol:
And then I went on "I was thinking a lot about everything that's been happening, I was thinking about you..."
(Slowly building the tension, like if I was pumping the balloon, getting bigger and bigger till it explodes)
"You're my best friend, you are the person who never hesitates to help me, who would do anything for me..."
*Riddle kneels
"Will you marry me?"
She didn't believe at all what was happening, I think at first she thought it was a joke :lol:
But she said yes and I remember the joy that went through my body.
Even tho it's only a game, the feelings were real, flooding me with happiness and warmth.

Within seconds all my friends knew about our engagement.
(Entirely not because I flooded their chats with "SHE SAID YES")

I don't think there is a best way to propose, each one is different and unique.
But it doesn't matter which way you picked,
if it's pub, picnic, fierce battle, or even through game mail,
as long as you picked the right person.
The one that wants to be with you forever and loves you truly.

She was the storm.
And like everything else in this world,
Like the flames needing a spark,
Like the night needing the stars and the moon,
Like the books needing the words
And like the poetry needing a meaning.
she was lacking something,
something crucial, fundamental.

He was the shadow of the wind,
wind which blows;
from the west to the east,
and from the south to the north.
Noone is able to tell where he comes from
and where he goes,
and what's his plan since the beginning.

He was something she needed.
And she knew where he came from and where he was going from the start.
They didn't need to speak, they knew each other too well,
without even once exchanging the words,
without even once looking at each other.
Words are the wind.
And every storm has an eye.
They were perfect, they were meant for each other.
And so they are here and now.
They meet to never split again.

I found the right one and I hope everyone will one day!

To my Tillie, Love you sweetheart :kiss: :kiss2:

To my readers, don't do it through mail :noo: who does that? :lol:


Monday, February 12th 2018, 5:42pm

I saw you in one day between wheat and cicadas, between leaves and bushes of violets,
with baskets full of gold and silver, you were playing chasing the wind.
Like in a game you were throwing laugh bringing the summer into the bosom.
The sun was warming the hours and the time, I saw you, but it was for a moment.
We met then on the gravel of the ditch, I surprised you drying your hair…
we looked at each other and, like in a dream, we brushed against each other like birds do.
And like two leaves that yield to the wind we lightly started to fly; we flew away on the paths of the world, lost in the same dream.


Tuesday, February 13th 2018, 8:04pm

Oléwood Rhapsody

It's a long way to Nopaland

It's a long way to Nopaland
Its a long way to go
It's a long way to Oléwood
To the sweetest girl I know !

The power of Love:

Even though there may be times,
It seems Im far away,
Never wonder where I am
Cause I am always by your side

Blue Blue sky
I only know what I can see
So I Imagine what could be

Where the horizon cuts the air
Look for me out there
Someday Ill touch the blue, blue sky
Someday I'll touch the blue, blue sky

My way:
And now, the end is near,
And so I face the final curtain
My love, I'll say clear
I'll state my case ,of which I'm certain

Olé, Let it be
When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Sheara comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, Olé let it be
And in my hours of darkness she is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom,
Olé let it be
Olé, let it be (X4)
Whisper words of wisdom,
Olé let it be


Tuesday, February 13th 2018, 11:52pm

has just finished another great battle .. and still stunned .. despite the wounds and blood on my face .. the only thing I have in mind and find your eyes .. I look around .. I dry the blood. .I see you victorious at my side and I can not help but ask you to tie me in this life and forever in the legend .. show me my love and together in love we will live forever ..... :kiss:


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:23am

Carta de amor

Amor mío, nuestra vida en Faeo a un estado lleno de muchas desilusiones amorosas y en algún momento hasta llegar a decir que nunca encontraremos a la persona indicada. Pero nos conocimos, y desde el primer momento y la primera batalla juntos, supimos que éramos únicos y que todo en nuestra relación funcionaría perfectamente. No nos equivocamos y estamos aquí, cada vez más amándonos. Es por eso que no quiero que nos sigan llamando enamorados, quiero unirme a ti ante los ojos de Dios y de la gente, es por eso que hago esta pregunta. ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 3:46am

I was taking my daily walk around vurdalia :dance: , when i saw her with his brilliant armor and defeating those humans. i really was amazed she fight like Striagorn :knight: . Since that day i used to walk every day at the same hour to Vurdalia only for see her. But one day i got the courage to talk with her and i said:
-Hello :angel: i been watching you and i think you are the most fearless warrior in Faeo, since i saw you that day in Vurdalia i can't think in other things i just have mind for you every day and every night, when im hunting your only image makes me more stronger, this makes me thing if you will be by my side always, if you could talk with me every day, if you could see my eyes every day i think there will be no force in Faeo that can stop us, if you and me could be together i promiss i will protect you with my whole soul, i will never gonna give you up, i will take always your hand and tell you "i love you :kiss2: ". ¿so dear could you marry me 8o ?
:fight: :ghost:

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Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:30am

It's the most typical love story...

We met in clan and enjoyed quite a few chats while most people were sleeping... :sleep:

And of course he had to be tall, dark and handsome... :love3:

And why must we always fall for the guys who are so much stronger than you... :kiss:

When he asked me to marry him of course I had to say yes! :love1:

It was that or he would pick me up, carry me over his shoulder and marry me anyway! :lol:

All that's left is waiting for him to buy the rings and pick a date! I've never been so excited! :kiss2:


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 6:10am

A Romantic Proposal

Two young warriors, chosen to fight.
A love story of a couple before they were husband and wife!

Chief’s every word was their command to begin.
In the world of Faeo, their paths crossed again and again.

In the midst of fire dragons, the battle cries and the swinging weapons.
He saw her beautiful eyes and he felt a spark. He felt the love essence.
Though he won the battle buut he had lost his heart.

Time and again destiny brought them together.
They ranked from Warrior to Mage but his love only grew for her.

What a great warrior he was! But confessing his love wasn’t easy
He worried to say anything, For he didn’t want her to think he is crazy

On this frontier, he needed help or advice.
But all he ever wanted was her to be by his side.

He tried to impress her with flowers and bouquet.
He wanted to marry her and vow to love her til’ they were old and grey.

On the battlefield, If any magmar laid eyes on her.
He would slit their throat and remove their souls for her.

Splinters or help in combat, he was the 1st to come for her rescue.
For wherever she’d go, he would pursue.

Then came the Valentine’s Day, and along came the Trade fair shop
So, he decided to get her the most expensive gift,
But the best of all gifts was only in Premium shop!
So he played his luck in diamond bandit.

On the day of Love and in the time of spring,
He was ready to confess his love with a diamond wedding ring.
He took courage to write his feelings on a gift,
When suddenly he saw a little messenger bird came in a swift.

Message of affection and deep love and the sound of the bird was sweet!
It was a message for HIM which swept him off his feet!!

As his eyes were searching for her in the crowd
She stepped out from the crowd walking towards him…
Holding the ring! She knelt down
and said,
“Darling, You don’t have to try so hard, for I’m easy to please.
You have my heart! ever since we stepped out to learn the battle art.
You are the warrior worth a thousand! for you have always stood by my side.
Never have I had to ask for help, for you were there even without me asking for it.
You treat me like a princess and yet let me be a warrior to lead my fights.
I just want you to be my warrior and let me fight battles by your side.
In this world of Faeo till the end of time, I want to be yours and you to be mine!”


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 9:47am

It all started one terrifyingly fateful night, where not long after after playing a round of duel in the tavern with some clan members this completely stunning green-eyed magmar who was absolutely nothing but an annoyance to me with her down-under quick wittedness even as it secretly struck a chord within me.

Fast forward a few days of this pain, myself and others talking a lot more in clan and the conversations become more frequent, slowly succumbing to her beautiful accent and the annoying requests for fish everyday!

I soon realised she was like no other as I proposed in the fortnight of being under this beauties captivating spell every moonlight hour we spent together, I just had to claim her as my own - before those in my clan had a chance, she quickly said yes with a smile in her voice and you could feel the love emanating from her cheeky personality not long after, it was comparable to the cuteness of a puppy.

Ever since then i've been putting up with her cute mood swings, showing her how to swing that axe and trying to sleep while this deviant wooes me with every passing day.

Yet...I wouldn't have it any other way.


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 12:03pm

The story of love..

Some years ago, a little poor boy loved to play outside, on the paradise corner face off a rich merchants family manor, around the river. At this time, he has Eleven years old. This boy wasn't so tall, blond hairs, green eyes and always a smile on the face, a happy boy. But he wasn't really sociable, don't had a lot of friends, a part of his cousins. He wants to stop the war between humans and magmars. This war where is father died.. He don't like this tip of battle, only the friendly fights on the arena or tournaments in the famous crystaline caves. But no the war just to conquer and kill.
A day, he encounters a beautiful humanoid river creature. She seems to have the same years old. That girl had Dark blue hairs, light blue skin and a totally deep blue eye. The first time he saw this creature, he had blushing cheeks, he thinks she was an angel fall from the skies. This little boy was so timid, but a day, he finally decided to go talk with her. They got along very well.

A few years passed, and the boy finally noticed why he enjoyed the company of this river creature so much, that was a sense of love... His shyness prevented him from confessing everything. There is also the 'mother' of this beauty of the rivers that seemed rather neutral to their friendship, so if there was to be a love relationship... What would it become?

A few more years passed, the two friends seemed to have a feeling of mutual love... But... In the facts, the rivers girl said that an impossible love story, they are from different races, this love story can be conciderated like an nature error... In the facts... The boy who had grown up, physically and mentally too, he is now twenty-one years old... Then, he does a wedding purpose...

The famous purpose:

"Lady, you know you are the most beautiful girl i ever saw, the mirrow rays always shine for me when i see you.. My hearth beat's so hard and i'm always happy with you. You have a good sense of humor. You are intelligent, like me you do not like the war which opposes my race to that of magmars... I can't imagine myself with another girl... Sure, you are from a different race, but love do not have frontiers, do not have any sex or race... Love only have a heart, i have one, you have one.. Then... We can be a couple..."

*The boy bend a knee and take the rivers girl hand on his own, then...*

"I will make you this crazy proposal... This proposal will prove the sincerity of my words... Would you like to... Marry me?"


Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 1:54pm

Will you -ahm- ...?

It was a long way to got... For either of us.

Years ago, what seems like a different world, we met. Hunting annoying Zigreds at the start of our journey, helping each other with the nasty bloodsucking ones. Both enthusiastic to become a healer in the name of virtue. What started as a competition for starting the profession first ended up in a race. She allways was more powerfull than i am. Should have known from the start. But still... There was something that attracted me to her.

Lucky I had her for company later on, as i was attractive to wounds. She would happyly help me getting rid of them, until one day, after she had fixed a broken arm, i rolled to my knees and toke her hand. she looked at me like she was expecting a joke. That look allmost wiped away my courrage, but i took a deep breath and said it. Just the few words.

Will you -ahm- marry me?

Her expression changed in a second as she realized my honesty. A smile appeared on her face and for a second i expected her to start laughing at me, but she took my face and leaned over. After a long kiss (my broken arm was really pissing me off, but i didn't want to move) shelooked me deeply into the eyes and said


... and now i don't get rid of her :shuffle: ...

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