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Tuesday, April 24th 2018, 9:00am

May event - Faeos Crazy Fans!


„Oh well,” said Elder Baguron to Elder Verkiry, “there is this funny thing called football in one of the other worlds. Too bad that our youngsters are only interested in killing each other!” - “Yes,” sighed Elder Verkiry, “imagine we could have such a tournament in Faeo!” Both Elders got bright eyes imagining it. “Oh you silly old men!”, Soygura said, “you really think it could work here? There would be blood battles on the pitches and spectators would run mad and pointing their swords on everyone in their way!” The Elders nodded agreeingly. For a while there was silence, while each of them was enjoying his Shizbeer at the harbour pub in Vurdaliya. Once a month several honorables of each continent meet in one of the pubs talking about how the world has changed whilst having a drink.

Suddenly Pandrik, the wise jumped, waving his hands in excitement. “What’s wrong, old man?”, Gidver asked, “Did you loose your glasses again?” - “No no!”, the old man replied. “Do you know if Givens still has this weird machine called television in his backroom?” All were looking rather puzzled, but then one of them said:”I think it is still there, but broken. Maybe Avelius and Globius could take a look and repair it.” - “Yes, yes!”, Pandrik shouted in excitement. “And maybe they can invent something so we can watch the football matches from the other world as well.” Now also the Elders got excited: “We could put up huge white screens on our city squares and all warriors could watch the games from there!” Everyone now came with new ideas how this championship could be made a big event in Faeo as well. Finally Maritsa had a nice idea: “Why don’t we dress up as football fan for one of the other worlds football team? We could make a competition for the most passionate fan. And maybe even some warriors dare to dress up!”

Are you up for the challenge?

Your task:
Choose any NPC or your player account and decorate him as a true football fan for one of the teams participating in this years championship. Alternatively you can choose a WoD location and turn it into a fan zone area! We are not looking for the best drawer or graphic designer, but for the most passionate, identifying and craziest fan you can imagine! We want emotions, your dedication to a team, not only your graphical skills!

All fan images for the same team - at least three - will be put in one “team pot”. So for each team with at least three crazy fans we will open a separate “team pot”. Jesters will choose one FAN No.1 per “team pot”. All teams with only one or two crazy fans will be put together in one “team pot” and Jesters also will choose 1 winner amongst them.

Here you can see all participating countries and choose your team!

Event schedule

04.05. - 23.05.2018
Post your entries before 23.05.2018 15h00 game time

23.05. - 30.05.2018
The Jesters will choose the winners.

Terms and conditions:
1. This is a contest for individual players.
2. The drawing/sculpture including description can not contain any explicit sexual material or rude, shocking content.
3. The drawing/sculpture including description must comply with the game and forum/chat rules, which can be found here: Game Rules and Forum Rules.
4. The drawing/sculpture including description should be unique within the project "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" and must be of your own property. Copyrighted material may not be submitted.
5. The drawing/sculpture should be made very detailed and clear. A simple sketch or draft will not meet the criteria.
6. Religious symbols may not be contained on the drawing/sculpture.
7. The drawing/sculpture including description should be designed so that it looks and feels like they belong within the fantasy universe of "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons". You may not use references to common everyday motives/objects like mobile phones, modern guns, modern vehicles; signs of currencies, pacifism, radioactivity, among other references that fit poorly within the genre.
8. Fascist, racist and any other political symbolism may not be used.
9. Imagery related to narcotics, drugs, slavery and other illegal activity may not be used.
10. Only entries who meet the requirements will be rewarded.


1. places: 1 x Certificate 25 Diamonds and
4 x Small Bag of Thalers

All other participants who meet the requirements will get
2 x Small Bag of Thalers

Put down your swords and unleash all your creativity, warriors, show us what you think a true fan should look like!
Wanna get married? Ask me to make your wedding fun and touching :love:
Take part and win codes: Weekly Knowledge Test

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Friday, May 4th 2018, 1:18pm

I hope i understand this event :)
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Friday, May 4th 2018, 2:28pm

Go Russia
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Friday, May 4th 2018, 8:28pm

Crudon is drinking beer for the English team!

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Saturday, May 5th 2018, 8:15am

Come to my place and lets have a feast-a!

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Saturday, May 5th 2018, 1:43pm

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Come to my place and lets have a feast-a!


Saturday, May 5th 2018, 5:13pm

News of the other world championship reached the war mages
And Umbre was very exited about the news.
And thus he started preparing new charms and spells to celibrate the victorie of his Chosen Team. * and make the ball untouchable so others can't kick it * :sarcastic:
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Saturday, May 5th 2018, 8:42pm

Maritsa has got Portugal in her heart, and she's got the sphere that can allow Portugal to win the championship.[/quote][/quote]

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Saturday, May 5th 2018, 8:49pm

I feel discriminated, my team didn't make it :truce:

don't mind me, just gonna go back to cry in a corner :cry:

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Sunday, May 6th 2018, 9:30am

Go Brazil :stronger:
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Let the lord judge the criminals.


Sunday, May 6th 2018, 6:31pm

There we go :3


Sunday, May 6th 2018, 6:32pm

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Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 4:47pm

Even the undead know no rest when it comes the the champions league, the vile Umerik has asked the blacksmiths serving the Magish to forge him golden insignated armor to support his favorite team as he is watching in anticipation through his magical portal, silently manipulating the game with his hexes.

Dont worry I dont want this to be counted in the winner election since im part of the team myself~ just want to show my awful photoshop skills off


Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 5:10pm

You can imagine right now the white eagle saying "I am proud of you cousin." to the wild corvus!
(White Eagle is considered polish national animal ^^)

Go Poland, Go!


Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 6:15pm

Danish Vikings will never lose

Dont lose to Sweden, Denmark!
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