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Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 3:16pm

about reporting the mentor giovany

that is really miss understand i hope he can accept my appolagyz i dont have any complain about himm

thanks alot to are turkhıs mentors and guards have nice day have good game


Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 2:14pm

1. The reference to the Mentor: Nefertiti
2. Date and time of incident: 21. May, 2018, 13:37 Faeo time
3. The nature of the complaint: This is 2nd time that I tried to talk to Nefertiti as she was on her shift. First time was a few days ago when I asked her clanmate about her where I found out that she wasn't responding not even in clan, so I closed my eyes as I believe that it can happen to anyone, but 2nd time I don't spare anyone, ESPECIALLY not when they are on shift obligated to reply to any question asked.
4. Presence of a screenshot?
Screenshot is more relevant than chatlog. I have chat log saved in case it's needed
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Saturday, July 21st 2018, 7:38pm

delete this please wrong thread

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