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Friday, September 21st 2018, 4:43pm

Hey Sith....buddy...check this out

I know you think I'm a cry baby but buddy, since I complained about not getting compensations when game is not working or admins scr ew up something, we got two compensation chests in 3 weeks....

Coincidence? I think not....

You are welcome buddy and have a good weekend. :beer:


Friday, September 21st 2018, 8:10pm

Yeah, wish the compensation chests weren't this much of a load of crap. 3 giants and 3 spirits are not exactly the equal of 52 spirits and 55 giants, not even mentioning my mana and life elixirs or atshis.

But hey, that's better than nothing. Just like the nothing that would have happened if they cared about their work.

oh no cahal is criticising us, let's just delete his post because it's "impolite" which doesn't even exist in game terminology yaaaay.
Ich hab's geschafft, die Leute reden wieder von mir, sterbe nie wie ein Vampir.

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