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Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 12:34pm

Unwound Clock

There is a new item in the seasonal shop this year: Unwound Clock

After you click it, you will be attacked by a Blazing Cerberus Ghost ,easy to kill since its power is acording to your level.
Right when the fights begin, you will see also "You have begun the quest Shadow of a Beast. Good luck!"

Current goal: Go to Bludiara the Seer to find out what it was.
Your goal: Bring 13 pieces of Mistletoe to Bludiara the Seer.
Your goal: Go to the Hive and inspect the old cart. - click the cart in your right. you will receive Mysterious Collar . take it back to Bludiara
Your goal: Wait for the next seasonal event to receive an item with a spirit particle and study it.
12:27 Received: Scorched Collar 1 pcs. Removed: Mysterious Collar 1 pcs.

Its rummored to be for a new summon, like the Crimson Rock. So if u have any info from the RU, feel free to share.

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Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 1:11pm

actually this collar is not for a summon its for a kind of incarnation potion, complete with shackles of embodiement on you...
if i get the link for the bless i'll let u knw...must have lost it somewhere


Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 3:15pm

Blessing after 3 months:
Blessing after 9 months:

I can't find a direct link to the 12 month version, but:
Month 10 = 47% magical damage reduction -> 50%
Month 11 = 16% physical damage reduction -> 20%
Month 12 = +30 speed and initiative


Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 9:28pm

Thanks alot! :beer:


Thursday, January 24th 2019, 11:02am

Hello, have anywhere the lInks from the collar from 10., 11. and 12. month? :)

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