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Sunday, September 22nd 2019, 10:55pm

It is planned in the future to put the client for mobile as in Ru servers?


Sunday, September 22nd 2019, 10:59pm

It is planned in the future to put the client for mobile as in Ru servers?
I hope they will do that, because Puffin will stop doing updates for IOS and soon no more WoD on IOS devices :((


Sunday, September 22nd 2019, 11:30pm


I'm here with some deeper questions. I believe that the thread wasn't made just to ask about quests or some old events.

First of all I would like to ask about the current administration changes. Probably everyone already noticed we have a few new admins that came from Russian server. Our events are syncing with Russian server as well.
I'd like to ask why is this happening?
We're completely different than Russian server and that's always been the thing. Different players, different events, different market, different in game things. Most importantly different charge for diamonds. It's no secret eu servers pay triple to quadruple for diamonds.
I feel like we have had hard time getting our feedback up earlier... The new admins don't communicate with player base and I'm fairly sure they focus on Russian server more. What does it all mean for us players?

This leads me straight to second question about sync, with the sync we lost a few events like trade journey because Russians had them just before the sync. Then we 'had' hot chocolate event sync which didn't run and was supposed to run later. Will the hot chocolate event run? Will we get the TJ some day?

It bothers me, because I feel that until this thread we didn't have much communication with any of the admins, can we count on some change here? With everything going on I think we all need reassurance and not to be put behind Russian server.

I'd like to ask for some information about what should we expect to be happening till end of the year. On Russian server they have notes for each month with detailed events, I feel like we could use something like that and if we're all synced now it should be fairly possible.

Thank you for taking your time to read and try to answer all of our doubts and questions. :love1:

Btw. HTML5 client when? :ghost:


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 2:33am

Can we get a better success rate on pile of paper? Right now it seems like 99% fail rate.

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 9:13am

Will we get more random events such as ''Have a nice day'', since they were cool?

Will we catch up russian with updates and all stuff they have there, such as no chaotic tokens, no red weapons no red bows no red bags. Or we will always stay as a different server (together with DE and PL).

And to end, the most claimed question, will we have a merge soon? If the reply is no way; even if you already replied about tallaars and chaotic inter-server, will we get them? Literally 0 tallaar happened this weekend and if inter-server maybe chaotic in different levels than in mage ones will happen, and the mage chaotics itself will be much more interesting since bigger participation



Monday, September 23rd 2019, 1:38pm

Will level 17 red weapons (with 6/1 resistance) be sold again? Or will be able at least to make them with fragments?


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 1:41pm

And what about lv17 red bows (6/1 resistance)?