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Wednesday, August 14th 2019, 12:05pm

Capture village

I don't know if I am in the good page, but I have a problem with this quest
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Monday, August 19th 2019, 9:10pm

Works of the great blacksmith-bug


I am experiencing bug where I can not complete this quest in order for me to collect tokens in Arena...

After the message below, i should be pushed to another fight, that would allow me to complete quest and return to blacksmith. The issue is that after this message I do not get pused into another fight, thus preventing me from even completing the mission.

Please Fix :cry:

21:04 *To your surprise two hefty Kretches, similar to each other like twins, jumped from the bushes! And what's more surprising, you hear...*
Offending liiittle ones like a rat! Try to sort it out with us!
21:04 You haven't even finsihed fighting off the young Kretches, as these two attacked you! However, it looks like these are mature monsters. Perhaps, if they are defeated, the rest of the trifle will cease to disturb the villagers for a long time.


Sunday, September 1st 2019, 8:24am

Have the same problems. Consulting with Mentor Bier. She say - many times plyers have problems with this quest. Try cancel the quest and start again. Now can't take it once. Please fix this and frozing me Arena tokens by this quest until repeared.
Thank you


Wednesday, October 9th 2019, 8:35pm

Cannot login from twitter on game client.

The twitter authentication window throws a 101 error.

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