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Thursday, October 24th 2019, 2:07pm

Write your own Halloween Horror Story

Jesters are happy to announce the scarelarious season and wish to be entertained in challenging you in a double event with only a short time to fulfill the task!

Your task:

Horror Story

  • Create your own halloween horror story. It should take place in the warofdragons environment.
  • It should contain at least eight of the words of the following list:
    Halloween - Sheara - Ghost/s - Gold - Bat/s - FAEO - Pumpkin/s - Axe - Witch/es - Battlefield

More information to terms and conditions, event schedule as well as rewards here.

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Monday, October 28th 2019, 4:18pm

A few years ago, he had lost his wife to a curse of Aladeya.

After that tragic incident, he never walked on the green prairies nor swung his axe on the battlefields.. His joy of life totally flew away. He had become the Necromancer's right hand and an excellent servant of the God of The Cursed and the Dead. His life is now meaningless without his wife, so he was just an empty human shell doing his obligations.

He was following his daily routine to Vassal's Tombs when he saw those Halloween preparations in the evening. Daylight Square was full of children in witch and zombie costumes. Royal Tomb was filled with glowing pumpkins with faces. In Communal Grave, Fairy Leolina said to him: "May Sheara bless you, happy halloween dear warrior!" He walked past her without any expression.

He never liked Halloween. He thinks that society made the Necromancers and unholy things look like a funny thing. But he knows that very well, they live sorrowful lives and make lots of sacrifices as evildoers.

When he entered to the Graves of the Poor, the sun had just set. He went to the spirit shelter and the gnome spirit greeted him. "I see you're not quite in the mood" he said. "You know what? Me neither. Today was full of people running around here -you can guess how unbearable were them- and one of them dropped this." he said while he hands the pumpkin lamp over. "I want one gold piece for it. They said you can face your worst fears for an excellent reward when you walk there with it." as he points the catacomb near the grave. He bought the lantern, because he was no afraid of those traditional things. The reward artifact might be useful for his experiments.

As walking down the catacombs in the weak light of the lamp, he noticed there are writings of a language that even he don't know on the wall. When arrived to a big, slightly enlightened room, he left the lantern on the floor.Suddenly all lights went out. The pendant which contains her wife's ashes started to shake uncontrollably and fell to the floor. In the darkness a pale figure appeared.

He couldn't believe in his eyes. His wife was standing in front of him. "I've waited long time for meeting you." she said. The moment she finished her words, the figure was drawn into another lamp, which was being holded by a hollow ghost. "I AM THE SPIRIT MASTER" it said. "YOUR WIFE'S SOUL IS A PRECIOUS ONE. Blessed by higher beings in time, and her life taken away by one of them. HER SPIRIT BELONGS TO ME NOW!"

In a moment, everyting turned around and he was now trembling in fear. The spirit master started bursting into laughter with the sight of this weak creature. "I BET YOUR CURSED GOD WOULD BE ASHAMED OF SEEING YOU LIKE THIS."

He fell into his knees while terribly shaking. "My god, my master, Lenisa... I've failed you all. This unholy apprentice's road here comes an end, by unholy hand." The spirit started to charge towards him. "YOUR WORTHLESS SOUL WILL BE NOTHING IN MY ENDLESS COLLECTION" it shouted.
But suddenly it stopped, a black mist surrounded it. Blood starting to run from its eyeholes. Those all were the signs of his God's power. As the spirit master fell to the ground and started to melt, lots of spirits started to float from his broken lamp. He saw his wife's silhouette too, she was smiling to him.
Then he felt a voice within him. "She couldn't be resurrected due to Aladeya's curse, but at least her soul is at peace now. Make this place your practice room. You'll find my altar next time you come here. Now go and have some rest, you need it."

When returning the home from the graveyards of Faeo, he was thinking about what happened. "So strange", he mumbled to himself while walking unconsciously. "So... Strange..."
At last we have the mighty Chewbacca.


Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:08pm

Every Paypaller's nightmare

In world far far away, located in an other dimention , existc a place called Faeo .
Where war rages constant fighng on the battlefield, where axes clash with swords sending sparks of quarle.
where ghosts of the deseased warriors roam the land in search for a corps to inhabit
Where Dark sorceres and witches worship the God of death and his evil shadow.
Only creatures of the night and abys roam there in this time of year...
The ominous shadow of death floats over even the mightiest of gods, the goddess shearah herself!,
Bats screetching can be heard all over the land.

On that faithful night of hallow that they call the night of halloween no one dares to venture outside.

A foolish soul once dawned in legendary runed armor dared to challenge the god of death
he fought a brutal battle but allas he was no match to the evil that exists there he managed to escape by neck
but to his surprise when he returned home he opened his door and had found the horror that awated him !
The most unspeakable evil had been unleached upon him.
The sight he saw was enough to mortify him and render his body lifeless!
Death had clutched it's hands on his most prized possesion and struk a final fatal blow.
What he saw was so unspeakable .. the mear mention of what he whitnessed is enough to render
the mightiest warrior terrified.

The mighty warrior shocked to his very core fell down on his knees and sent a screen of pure agony, a screen that was heard all the way
in our world.

And what the warrior whitnessed was none other than : All his Diamonds and Gold had been turned to pumkins !

Happy Halloween Everyone !! Mwahaha

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Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:42pm

Mystery of the Halloween

The day of the Halloween started as usual in the world of Faeo ! Really scary and it involved a lot of surprised and of course some candy, but don't forget about pumpkin carving. You would think that's the recipe for perfect Halloween as it should and so as the Sheara thought but this time it has a surprise that would change everything for like of the Sheara and people of Faeo.

Shearas day went as usual at start she got up, and start working on the decorating the house for the party that she had planned. She hangs some bats and ghosts around the house made some spooky stuff cobwebs and other things that should be in Halloween party, but he had forgotten she still had to get a pumpkin for decorations.

So she went to the local pumpkin shop that just had opened but it didn't have any pumpkins that she liked, so she went to local witch who said that she sell them as well.

But Sheara forgot that buying pumpkins from a witch is a sign that they could be magical which she did not care about because we live in Faeo and that's a natural thing, which we didn't know is that pumpkin actually was cursed and had been possessed by one of the most feared person in Faeo.
That person had passed away ages ago and no one ever though he would come back, but he came back in a shape of a pumpkin.

Not thinking anything bad she took it back to the house and prepared to party that will happen in night after the done everything the just went to do her daily stuff and left it on the tablet to be carved later in the day, later that day when the clock hit 00:00 the pumpkin turned in to huge disgusting creature that even in standards of world of Faeo would have been something that should not exist,
After that the terror of the world of faeo started.
His plan was to get his revenge in the Faeo for what they had done to him when he still was walking on this land, no one though this Halloween could be different and change this day forever.

After the retrieved his trusty axe, his rampage started, first person that was on the list was Elder Baguron when elder was just resting in his home carving pumpkins and waiting for people to come, so he could give out candy, the pumpkin that came back to life slashed elders throat and the was his first victim.
So on after each person that he killed he felt that he was coming back to life, and he was becoming stronger

First though the only would kill person that help to banish him but after feeling the taste of blood he got mad and killed everyone in Daylight square as well, and then finally Sheara heard about those cruel things happening, and she decided to team up with witch that help to banish him previously when Sheara was a little girl, and she didn't know what will actually happen when she will meet him.

After she finally got the witch and other people it was time to stop him.they went to daylight square which was the last time it was seen, and he was still there, when he finally turned around Sheara could not believe her eyes it was her father that was doing all this, because he was the person that all Faeo once were terrorized by and that's why they banished him,Sheara felt heart broken not knowing how much of a demon her father was.

But still they had to stop his terror with help of the witch and power of Sheara they managed to send him back to place he once was, but this time not having help of Elder something went wrong, and he managed to grab Sheara and took her with him and that was the day that changed everything in Faeo the Halloween was no longer event to celebrate but time to remember to not be granted for people that you have in your life, because they can disappear in one day.
I don't have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.


Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:51pm

Last Halloween I was wandering the Battlefields, covered in the disguise of a pumpkin. I had won the costume for little gold from an old witch, who was taming bats. It was that very night after I met her, that I woke up - as if haunted by a ghost - when something was moving inside my vest. That tricky witch had hidden some of her bats inside the costume, where they waited for the right moment to try and bite me. The lesson I learned that night was, that the hardest fights are the ones against yourself, where you can't use an axe.


Monday, October 28th 2019, 10:32pm

Looong looong time ago. There was a world called Faeo. There was little magmar child runs on fire square. He watches the guards and want to be a good fighter when he grow up. He throws some pennies to XXXX and wishes for being best warrior on the world. After pennies hits bottom of crack that boy hears a scream and blackout the ground. After he wake up there is a woman stays in front of him. He asks who are you. She answers "i am Sheara i am here for make your dreams come true". That boy feels happy. Sheara gives him some armors and axe. While that little boy gets his fight equipments sheara lefts area with being light. Now that little boy feels grow up. He is a fighter now. He has a axe power and he can smell blood now. He takes his axe and starts hunting everthing he see bats,witches, pumpking at farms. While he moving around with these mess something stops him. But he cant understand what happens. After some sec that ghost changes himself as visible. And that little boy shocked because that ghost was their best fight commander who lived in 200 years ago and his name given to battlefields tournaments. That boy starts crying because his dream hero near him too. That hero says him "use your power intelligent, do not crush others who is less strong than you and do not attack more strong than you. keep all these balanced. If you eat too much you go fat , if you eat less you go starving. The key is balance , the key is balan , the key is bal, the key .......". After these things happen he wants to go town back and go that great statue of this commander. After he arrive doors of town there is huge scary pumpkins at everywhere and laughing, burning and eating everything they catch.That boy takes his axe from his back and looks it , smiles and whispers it lets go , kisses his axe and starts slicing pumpkins. After some hunting there is a big pumpking with lantern on it. He looks and a bit scares. It is shining too much and huge. He slowly gets near of it. he climbs top of it. put his axe to monsters forehead tries to slide down. But after 1-1.5m slide he stops. He cant move because his axe stucks there. That monster feels him and shakes his head left right and up down . Eats that little boy. After that that little boy wake up with scream and his family members run near him. Asks what happened. He tells about his dream. His fam says no more gold for you because these fighting books effects you too much. The little boy looks his painting on the wall which he wear a armor and axe on his hand blinks and says one day...


Monday, October 28th 2019, 10:33pm

XXXX is mouth of fortune , i forget name of it . write xxx for changing later but i forget it .

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Tuesday, October 29th 2019, 1:06pm

Night shift

It was all meant to be just an average day in Faeo, I was following my regular routine- wake up im Rumenguild, feed the kennels, sharpen my axes and blades and put on my Guard attire.

While fastening my cuirass straps however I noticed a letter in the mailbox, it was submitted by “anonymous”. Strange…

Dearest Blood,
Faeo is shrouded in mystery,
Yet noone begs to ask...
So much has gone down in history,
Are you up to the task?
Who of us will survive tonight,
Who of us will last?
Lets play a game of death, put your prowess to the test.
Ready or not I fear you will need to acquiesce.

“Great…” I thought to myself, “This is so over the top it must be some role-play fanatic or something…”

With that I threw the letter into the furnace and started running my shifts, I tried not to think of it but my mind couldn’t help but jump from thought to thought.
“Who do you think sent this letter? Is it from someone who I angered by putting them in jail? Do I know any overly dramatic individuals-” I had to chuckle, dealing with dramatic people was pretty much my job after all.

Since it’s wintertime in faeo right now it gets darker much earlier than usual, the glistening pumpkin decorations of khairians were lighting up the scenery with an eerie flickering light, the moon had an orange tint, you could hear Atshi squeaking as their mothers took out the young brood for a feast flight.

“So… I guess there is only 1 last place to check today, for a while we’ve been receiving reports of strange trades occurring at Tomb of Kings after dusk.”

I never was a person that believed in superstition, at most I’d run across some feral zombies or maybe a lost ghoul or two, ghosts don't really exist after all. I wasn’t scared...I wasn’t scared at all…
In the distance I could make out two figures, they didn’t look quite right though, they looked kind of...odd? I’m not sure how to put it into words, their legs and arms were crooked looking, distorted, clothed in rags and just looking at each other motionless.

“That has to be them…” I muttered as I slowly approached them.
“Stop right there. Guard investigation! Empty your pock-”
With a loud thump my vision went black, a sharp pain in the back of the head and a slow fall to the ground are the last things I could feel.

As I regained my senses I could feel something restraining me, I tried to move but I could not, it felt as though the more I moved the more the restrains tightened and cut into my skin.

“Happy halloween bloody~ wakey wakey~ It’s play a game.”

My still blurry vision was clearing up and I could make out a silhouette of something...unmagmar looking… it was hairy and crippled, the skin was grey with many glowing red, green and blue veins shining through… what in shearas holy name was this abomination? How does it know me, how can it even speak our language?

“Worry not, it wouldn’t be any fun to let you die without giving you a chance first would it?”

“What do you want, you filthy beast…what even are you?” I gumbled, trying not to focus on the pain too much.

“Why did she never speak of us? How rude… Look around you little one, what do you see?”

I tried to make out where they were holding me… it was a bright place, so many crystals and so many machines… god, on one hand it looked like a place of torture, fortress of captivity perhaps? However there were crystals growing out of the ground, the roof...actually there are crystals glowing out of my captors skin aswell...pulsing with colorful blood.

“Are we in the crystaline caves? Ive never seen this place before… Please if you want gold I can give you gold. You don’t my blood on your hands believe me.”

“Gold is not what I seek… what is it what I seek the most? Why have I brought you here?”
He asked, readying a syringe with a strange liquid while another person was grabbing my arm from behind and putting a tourniquet around it.

What is it he wants? Did I wrong him, does he want to escape into enemy territory?
I could feel tears roll down my cheek as I hastily said:
“You seek vengeance on me right? That's why I’m here, that's why you are doing all of this right?”

Almost immediately he started laughing dastardly, not just him though, there were many laughing voices, 3...6… I cant make out how many.

“Well arent you a little smartie? Almost correct! But ‘tis not you we are after my dear, you are merely...a casualty for the cause? I guess we could say that… I’m sorry but you lost.”
Before I could say any other word I could feel the needle pierce my skin, my flesh, my veins… it burned, it was excruciating spreading pain, it felt like the liquid was piercing its way through my entire body as my veins were lighting up. My eyes rolled up...once again everything blurred to black.

BEEP BEEP BEEP “All guard personal please assemble at the chamber of duty this afternoon for our annual Halloween preparations!”

I woke up shrieking, what in god of deaths name… was it all a dream?
Looking at my arm everything seemed fine, the calender said 31st October.
Never was I this relieved, just a nightmare huh…

At the meeting I told my guild master about the dream in a joking matter.
“Seems like im really just scared like a child of embarrassing.” I chuckled to her.
“Ehm, hey are you okay?” I asked. Her face was pale, I could see a tear in her eye. What was going on?
Suddenly she snapped into focus, staring at my arm…
Wondering what she was looking at I started looking too.
It was contorted, blue greenly shimmering as small crystaline structures pierced the skin and the blood was dripping on the ground.
“Put her in a cell. We had a breach last night.” She shouted as my friends violently grabbed me and dragged my down the floor, I could feel more and more of my body mutating, it was so agonizing… coughing and vomiting up blood all I could see was the expression on my friends faces… they were crying? Why…I’ll be okay right?... I’ll…


Tuesday, October 29th 2019, 9:25pm

During this period the DEA SHEARA to give value to life, recalls throughout FAEO a wave of undead that is the fallen warriors who laid the ax on the battlefield and makes its appearance the famous pumpkin that characterizes this festival.
Children who love fearful tales characterized by ghosts and bats, cling to their parents and savor the strange feeling of fear mixed with the awareness that everything is just a fairy tale, but often there is always a hint of truth behind each story.
A story that impressed me when I was a young warrior, I still remember it well and now I will try to tell it to you, besides that Halloween would be without a scary story to tell?

"It was a November night, one of those nights full of fog, in which it is hard to see and a young warrior proceeded riding his mount headed for home, the road was the usual one, already made millions of times so that the he could have gone even with his eyes closed, but not that time there was something different and it certainly wasn't the fog.

As soon as he entered the underpass, in fact, the man saw a strange figure in the distance and as he approached he noticed that she was a girl dressed in white without even a leather armor standing in the middle of the forest on that cold night and braked suddenly.
The man got off the saddle and reached the girl who seemed very confused, perhaps drunk, although very beautiful. He approached her: "What ... what are you doing here? Do you need help? »He asked her. "Yes," she replied, looking at him. "Can you take me home?" "Sure, yes. We better get out of here. Come".

He made her get on her endagar. He seemed to be in a trance, but he knew how to direct it through the gestures along the road he lived. On the way he tried to ask her something, without particular success: "Why were you there, alone, in the middle of the street?" It's late, it can be dangerous. "
They soon arrived at the door indicated by the girl and he stopped at the side of the road and said to her, "We've arrived, I think. It's that house, isn't it? "" Yes, "she said, but didn't come down. and continuing to stare ahead.
At one point the fog became even thicker until it disappeared
and as soon as everything became clearer, that is, with that same fog the warrior looking around noticed that the girl had disappeared as if there had been a relationship between the two events or simply thought that the girl had run towards her house during that haze so intense.
When he got off the saddle he headed for the girl's house to see if she had entered and to be able to say goodbye, after a few minutes from his knock the door opened and in front of the young man an old woman with white hair showed up. "Excuse me Miss. I ... I brought a girl dressed in white here, I found her at the beginning of the underpass. He told me he lived here but, I don't know, I lost sight of her because of the fog. Did she come in, by chance? "
The lady did not seem surprised: "Yes, I know what she is referring to. That girl is my daughter or rather she was my daughter. She died five years ago in an accident, right at the entrance to the forest. He was coming home from a party but was attacked by a ravenous bear and today is exactly five years. Every year, this evening, he appears in that area to a boy and tries to go home, but he can never do it. "Unfortunately, Sheara lets the undead into our world but they cannot interact with their loved ones.
The old lady mother of the girl was actually GREDEA the witch, who for years had been guarding the entrance to the forest to avoid to other young girls the sad fatality that happened to her beloved daughter.
and giving life to this story.
the girl from the enchanted forest :


Friday, November 1st 2019, 12:20am

The Cursed Stop

October - popularly known as spooktober - is the month where even the summer gets scared and runs away.
People put out decorations, spooky statues and light up their houses to celebrate. Even though life in Faeo is always filled with horrors all year round, people enjoy a little bit of spook on Halloween. For some though, this
spook gets a little too spooky and little too real. Various activities such as pumpkin carving are held across faeo. Halloween is also the time for scary stories about ghouls, ghosts, and witches. Today I bring another story from the forgotten libraries for you to enjoy. Hold on to your companions because we are about to get spooky.

This story is taken for the diary of Greg Mann, a haul boy for a Faeon Merchant. This is relayed in such a way as to add dramatic effect and (pumpkin) flavor. As far as we know, this is based on a true story. If it gets too scary, please take a break. Readers caution is advised.
Traders and travelers avoid the eve of all hallows because even though it has holy name, it is anything but holy. Places like graveyards are closed off and guards stop any travelers. Undead are especially vicious on this day, so no one dare passes through their land. But one merchant and his servants found themselves at wrong end of the luck.

October 30th 08:00 Hours:

We came to O'delvays city to trade all the way from harbor, but the merchant has a weakness for pleasure and booze. He has been in the tavern for all night. We were supposed to have left 2 hours ago. If we delay any further, we will not be able to cross even that damned skull today. Cleo, can you go check on him please? Today is All Hollow's Eve and I do not want to be outside the walls today.

With that, Cleo went in and about 30 mins later came out with the merchant. The old fool still seemed drunk but we had no choice. We had to make it back to our town. The journey was going to be long but good thing other cart hands have loaded the provisions already. If we hurry up and go a bit faster, we might make it at least to castle walls where we can bunker in for the night.

10:15 Hours:

We have just cleared the city checkpoint. The security was too heavy and the only a small section of the gates was open. The incoming crowd was given a much higher priority than outgoing and people were coming in huge droves. I have never seen so many heavily armored guards in one place and come to think of it, I have never even seen the massive city gates ever closed. There were even archers stationed on the parapet with their crossbows ready. Even the mages were in alert position. I don't like this feeling and such a heavy guard presence gives me a sense of dread. It is ironical, that the guards presence should make you feel safe, but it is having opposite effects. When I talked to many companions, they assured me that this is normal occurrence and I am overthinking.

I overheard some incoming farmers saying that this Halloween is going to be particularly nasty. I even saw a woman hugging her husband and sobbing uncontrollably. I thought of approaching and inquiring about it, but we were already too much behind the schedule. But between the murmurs and people's sad, expressionless faces with hollow looking eyes, I can tell that something is definitely not right and it is not just my imagination.

12:00 Hours:

Oh boy! This has not been good. We have just managed to clear at Royal Tomb. I don't even know where to begin. As soon as we got little bit away from the gates, we were stopped by a few guards. They asked us to stay put for a moment as there is some obstruction on the road ahead. What kind of obstruction can it be that they had to close the road fully?! The old man inquired the guards about the nature of closure, but they deflected the question saying that it was confidential. Strangely, the bats were still out. I have never seen bats up at this time of the day. After about an hour of idle sitting, one of my companions and I thought to get of the cart and stretch the legs. *The emotions of writer took over and it seems he either shed few tears or cried*

When we got off the cart, and walked close to the spot a little, we mistakenly got a peak at the obstruction in the road. What we saw.. what I saw will surely haunt me for rest of my life. There, close to the few guards, there was pool of blood. It seems fresh blood as I was able to see ripples in it and close by, I got a glimpse of a body with missing head. Oh Sheara! This was the most repulsive right I had ever seen. My companion was stunned in fear. I could see the color from his face run away. Soon the fear took a hold of me as well. What happened here? Who is that person? But I quickly broke through and after a few violent shakes, I was able to bring my companion back to his senses. We quickly rushed back to cart and decided to not talk about this with others. After about another 30 mins, we were given an all clear and were allowed to pull out of Royal Tomb.

15:00 Hours:

We have almost reached Pacifist Hill. The Sun has slowly started setting. I dislike this time of the year as the days are really short. On our way here, we saw people boarding up their houses. Both the settlements have went in lockdown. The path is strangely quiet and we are getting weird looks from people for still being out on the path. We have seen a seldom warrior going here and there, but other than that we are the only travelers.

17:00 Hours:

We had to take short break as one of the wheels got broken. So it took a while to replace that and feed the mounts. We should have crossed Freedom Steppe by now if this old fool didn't get too drunk and lost track of time.

18:34 Hours:

I don't like this one bit. The old man has made a decision to make camp in Freedom Steppe for the night. What is this idiot thinking? I'd say it is better to keep moving even if it is pitch dark than to stay here. Ughh, once we reach home, I will just give my resignation. No amount of gold is worth more than my life *Hold on, I am coming in a minute to give you hand with tent* I guess I better get going.

17:00 Hours:

We have settled in for the night, by my nerves are on the edge. I am sure that I saw something in the woods. Once I again my claims were dismissed as nothing more than over imagination, but I know that I saw something sinister. Please Sheara, keep your kind watch on me!

(Please increase brightness. It is not copyrighted. I created this image using photoshop.)

21:13 Hours:

*The writing in the diary gets shaky here* I... We... Oh by the sweet, merciful Sheara; what are those?! *dragging, munching and blood gushing sounds can be heard in background. These are occasionally drowned by panting from the writer* I was right all along. There was definitely something in the woods.

As soon as we settled for the night, we heard screams from the farthest tent. When we came out, we saw the tent ripped open and tall bony figure standing and devouring a person. This thing.. this horrifying thing had a mace of sorts and even had armors. Is this why everyone was boarding up? Is this why city was on lockdown?

Before I could think, screams starting coming from totally opposite corner. This thing is not alone. We tried to dash for our lives, but these things picked each and every one apart. They have no mercy. They have no soul. They are murdering everyone. I am hiding underneath this cart and I see a pit nearby. I will try to dash for it, but if there are no more entries, then know that I did not make it.








22:23 Hours:

I have made it into the pit. I don't know what to do now. I just hope that they don't find me here and are gone soon. Wait, the sounds have stopped outside. I hope it means that they have gone and not that they have run out of the bodies to eat. *slow, footsteps can be heard getting closer* Oh no, I think they smell me. They are coming for me. Mother, I am sorry that I was not able to meet you one last time. I had so many dreams and now they are cut sh…


Friday, November 1st 2019, 5:53am

In a distant world called FAEO there was once a warrior who had a mission in life to be the best warrior capable of bringing his race to victory on the battlefields and being rewarded by the goddess Sheara of his great feats. A long time ago in the time of Halloween, where sorcerers and witches appeared:

The young warrior had accepted a mission, had obtained with much effort and above all spending all his gold, a purple axe for a few days. With it he was able to destroy any of his level. The mission was to kill bats scattered throughout the territory. He began arduously with the mission but every time he killed and killed he moved away from the central square and headed for the crypts. And in one of those fights, they gave him an enchanted pumpkin, the young warrior put on the enchanted pumpkin and decided to play a joke. It scared two warriors who passed by, mocking the side of the crypts when suddenly, an additional mission "Enchanted Pumpkin" accepted, transporting it to the battlefield, frightened, attacked several very powerful ghosts and sorcerers, with his new ax trying to win the battle overwhelmed, but it was impossible.

He regretted scaring the warriors. When he almost fainted, he begged for his life and in tears, the heavens shone. Goddess Sheara appeared before his eyes, he was excited but exhausted, so he passed out. When he woke up he was in the central square. Confused he checked his body and his obtejos when he looked at his new ax, thank you Sheara said he has leveled up and received a few gold coins. He decided never to scare people again because he could get very hurt but above all he would continue to strive to be stronger.

I was inspired by one of the biggest scares I received in this game was when at level 3 or 4 I had to kill a monster but it was very strong and I thought I was going to lose and I was never going to win, when the mission was to lose against the monster and kept going with the mission. In addition to the Halloween event, I got my head pumpkin and killed a ghost in a crypt. Luck I hope you liked it, it is a story of learning and at the same time of terror.

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