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Thursday, December 12th 2019, 5:31pm

[January Event] Blockbuster 2020

After a suicide mission to rescue Ban Coolo from the UyarrMo, the Underground Knights dispatch to the Plateau of Silence to destroy the second Chaos Gate. Meanwhile, Nuke struggles help the Black Knight return from a chaos spell, without falling into Poseidopus' trap.

At the same time Elder Ben Kobi has sent Neia to fight her way into the deep Swirling Mists to convince the Chosen to support them in their war against the Chaos.


Luke the Orphan - Nuke Highflyer
Edera - Neia Highflyer
Elder Baguron - Elder Ben Kobi
Chief Kort - Ban Coolo

Your task:

Your Blockbuster
Jesters are in movie mood and want you to

  • re-design a poster of any classic or current cinema blockbuster.
  • invent a WoD-related title and write a short preview, located in the world of Faeo.
  • add your starring list!

More information to terms and conditions, event schedule as well as rewards here.

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Friday, January 17th 2020, 6:19pm

original poster

Warofdragons-style modified poster


Ice Dragon Erifarius
Fire Dragon Striagorn
Sheara Aurora
The Guards The Grigori
the never ending battle:
According to the beliefs and legends handed down by the old sages, the epic challenge that has never taken place is now upon us, the bloodiest and bloodiest battle ever seen is approaching and even if at the moment no reference is made to when and how it would take place, one thing is certain everyone has the strong conviction that in the near future there may be a fierce clash, where the two enemy races will always face each other: good against evil, light against darkness, to decree the only one and only race supreme.
The rules will skip and even the guardians (Grigori) sent by the goddess "Aurora" to supervise and to guard the portals
that unite the worlds together, where the 2 oldest powers are imprisoned :the Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon, will be forced to take a position in favor of one of the two races, no longer judges but executioners in turn.
With the portals free and unattended the 2 creatures will make their appearance and the same divinity will not be able to face the two entities alone ,remaining neutral waiting without interfering with the outcome of the final clash and who will have the better it is not known.
They will only be rumors of old tavern drunkards, but if all this were true and the undersigned will be present at that precise moment I will have a clear choice with whom to take sides in the meantime I just hope to get by.


Saturday, January 18th 2020, 3:34pm

Original Poster

How To Train Your Dragon

My Re-design poster



Edera as Erahes
Striagorn as Gorniatris
Erifarius as Siruefari

Location: Hell's Pass


It was september when all things begun. The two mighty creatures
( Red Dragon Gorniatris and White Dragon Siruefari) start to struggling
each other with amazing rampage. They werent care anything about who near them.
All they want is to see the other one obey for himself. They ready to
destroy the world of faeo in order to become "ONE".

They were spreading too much magical aura so it was enough to give life to who is
already dead. They used those bodies as their army... It was total massacre.

When november comes, these two dragons get back to regain power and some rest.
Meanwhile their army of dead still fighting eachother.

One woman (Erahes) shows-up from nowhere and destroy the both army in a second.

But is she enough to take down those two mighty dragons!
Dr Hanasomay


Sunday, January 19th 2020, 12:52pm

The Original Poster

Welcome to the Jungle

Warofdragonsstyle Poster

Mystical Forest
The Next Level


Necromancer : Black Magician
Vessen the Druid: Druid
Brugil´da the Sorceress : Witch
Edera: Nature ghost

It is Dark. Glowering. Often it doesn't take a night and especially no cold to feel a shiver in the forest. Dense forests, the sound of nature, rustling here, clacking there, in between contemporary witnesses from past years, often populated with legendary legends and imaginative myths. Like the Druid Vessen and the witch Brugil'da, the black magician Necormanten. But especially about the nature spirit Edera that rules over this forest.

Embark on a journey through the myths of Edera, explore this part of your saga. But be careful, in front of her. Because it may be possible that you wake them up.


Sunday, January 19th 2020, 9:28pm




In this story, Gorundur, one of the legendary dragons, started killing other races after killing his eternal enemy Sormang and stealing his power. Before Sormang died, he gave his strength to sailor Taffarel.
When Chef Thopart realizes Gorundur's power poisoning, he goes to the sailor's side and takes the goddess Ashey with them and begins this adventure.

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Tuesday, January 21st 2020, 1:18am


WOD Version

Magmar Leader Simba rules the kingdom of khair with kindness and wisdom and teaches young Aquisgran the "circle of life" and that everything is connected in balance. Maintaining this balance should later be Aquisgran´s job. While Aquisgran and his best Friend, Ugly Duck Nala, peacefully play with each other, discover the country and sneak around in derelic house, danger arises: Simbas younger brother Scar, banished to exil years ago, is jealous of his nephew's position as heir and plan to seize the throne. Scar teams up with some starving hyenas to try to overthrow his brother…

Magmar Khan – Mufasa
zAquisgran – Simba
Cuack Cuack – Nala
OriginalSith – Scar
TheDarkside – Hyenas

*pictures better to watch in attachments i guess
zAquisgran has attached the following files:


Sunday, January 26th 2020, 12:48am

My design:

    • Chief Kort
      Elder Baguron
      Gloum the Swindler
      Frex the Knight
      Shiko the Paladin
      Centurion Mekden
      Samary the Antiquarian


After several years,
it is time for the final battle against Chaos to emerge.
All human warriors are prepared and ready for the final battle.
The Ragnarok


Sunday, January 26th 2020, 9:47pm

index.php?page=Attachment&attachmentID=1697Starring : Elder Baguron - Ashur
Arnabag the Mage - Ansgar
Blacksmith Zavok - Furok
Shopkeeper Sadok - Rashid
Shopkeeper Votan - Gilli
Lady Dawn - Eleanor
Trainer Avverdock - Baron
Katiput the Serf - Killio

Movie name : Magicians of Darkness

Story line : Evil magicians Ashur and Ansgar , kidnapped beautiful queen Eleanor with the help of creature Killio and locked her in the tower of captivity on the Isles of Fay-go .
Now king Baron is planning her rescue along with dwarfs Furok , Rashid and Gilli .
SkN has attached the following file:
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Monday, January 27th 2020, 1:51am

My original poster :woody:

And my re-design modified poster :woody:


The archer women---> Sheara

The eagle---> Crimson Roc


In this story the archer women and her eagle help helpless peoples, One day they want to help a old man but there is a problem this old man is enemy of the archer woman because he is on the bad side. They begin fight and the old man almost died but he used strong magic and escape. In his last words said; Im just started and would kill you and your eagle ı will be your trouble because of your unwarranted aid !

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Monday, January 27th 2020, 2:44pm

Original: Pirates of the Caribbean

WoD Version: Moonwalkers Underwater


  • Jack Sparrow - Supermoman
  • Will Turner - Albondiguilla Sideral
  • Elizabeth Swann - Hades9
  • Davy Jones - The spirit of Captain Hagar Claw

Moonwalkers Underwater

The spirit of Captain Hagar Claw, being condemned to wander for eternity at the bottom of the sea, guards a sunken ship. To which the brave Heroes of Faeo with his crew "Moonwalker" will immerse themselves in a new adventure, in search of getting the precious Gollade Pearls.

Ps: If the image is not appreciated in the forum, there are links to see them on an external page.