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Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 3:37am

Christmas spirit fault:

some of the potions received are not appropriate for low levels [[artifact_669619681]] these are non-transferable too.


Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 3:40am

link did not work: that was extract of power. there are other level 16 extracts given out as well.


Wednesday, January 29th 2020, 11:14pm

Not necessarily broken but can create confusion:

Same name for 2 different crystals, unless you are really paying attention on the level. I only checked the name and ended up with 50 units of a crystal I can't use.


Saturday, February 15th 2020, 10:16am

please check my backpack i have 2 empty glossy flask
and when i did the quest i didn't receive any city charter and the flash doesn't replenish when i kill vet demon hounds

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