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Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 9:16pm

Merge with PL server - a foresight about strength of mags / humans of level 9+10

Hey boys and girls,

as i was curious about future BF´s i asked someone to send me pictures about general rank to
have an idea about strength of new BF partners or opponents and if i watch the rankings below
i come to the conclusion that...

Will be hard for magmar side in future... :woot:

Humans Level 9

Magmars Level 9

HUmans Level 10

Magmars Level 10

Thanks for your audience,

have a good evening all :rabbit:

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Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 9:19pm

Level up problem solved,staying in same level for 10 years wont make it better
I don't have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.


Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 9:42pm

ranking does not mean strength. achievements do not make you stronger


Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 9:48pm

Ranking was never about raw strenght :p
Dr Hanasomay


Saturday, March 7th 2020, 6:52am

Will be hard for magmar side in future?
Or humans, whatever

Its not possible to have a merger without some basic inequality in the beginning, later on the equilibrium may set in

Come on, embrace that change, lets have more people, more fun

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Saturday, March 7th 2020, 12:44pm

nerf kalikon

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Saturday, March 7th 2020, 12:48pm

Let's have more people, more drama*

Just giving you guys a heads up, we're gonna fight within our own races when merge happens. Just keep your stocks of invisibility, attack scrolls etc. high for the first couple of months.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, March 7th 2020, 12:52pm

sounds like MUCH fun Hakan :lol: game needs some more action


Sunday, March 8th 2020, 12:26pm

for lv6-10 is this perfect

polish users love pvp,alot more gb s

with intense / rambo7 comes on humanside a top lv20

for magmars battle mage

i know all servers and im sure,the balancing is ok with this fusion
I wish me better Service and a normal Balancing:thumbsup:

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Sunday, March 8th 2020, 2:27pm

more ppl = more cribbing
sounds real fun. im ready
jk, i love more ppl xD
let em flow in


Thursday, March 12th 2020, 5:26am

oooooo so intra racial fights before inter racial fights, well this is the case with being human :) we fight our own kind first and never learn from history :)

Well I may be kind of a noob in game, but i play for fun, im excited to see the changes that will happen

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Friday, March 13th 2020, 5:24pm

everyone will die only senxes will be left


Tuesday, March 24th 2020, 2:34pm

Hey guys, im player in Polish server. Mayby you want to see how life flows ( or not :P ) on our server? When i have a time i can turn on my Twitch channel and do live in ENG, showing u how many people is online etc. Im happy with connection, i hope there will be someone to fight on the Scorched Lands or Tallaar's Halls. Im lvl 12 and medium strong player. xD


Tuesday, March 24th 2020, 3:21pm

See all you PL players after merge :D ...scorched lands happen on 12 as far i know :)) Tallaars hmmm when is event on probably yes

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Thursday, March 26th 2020, 10:33am

your stream better be good. i am god lvl12. i kill lvl21 players to make money. i once hunted sheara bcs we didnt get positive response from admins(now u get merge, thank me later). if twitch is not good i will blast ppl to DE server.

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