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Wednesday, April 8th 2020, 5:20pm

Mark of the Fearless Warrior

Do you think maybe these could be a little less impossible to obtain? I mean come on:
Current goal: Win 5 victories in the Crystalline Caves, and then go back to Erifarius. (0 of 5 victories won)
Reward: Mark of the Fearless Warrior 3 pcs.
Current goal: Take part in battles on any two Battlefields, then return to Erifarius. (Fought in battles on 1 out of 2 Battlefields)
Reward: Mark of the Fearless Warrior 1 pcs.

Alright I concede, the daily quest can be finished if I throw myself into the masochistic arbiter battlefields sure but this weekly quest, even with magic storm in caves not a single one is going to start and you can't do this quest with caves 386 either.

Sure the Unity I buff is fun and all with its 10 hp and other such OP stats but I kinda hoped I wouldn't have to wait an entire month to upgrade it to II by going to a temple 283 every day, and even longer for further upgrades.

I know that these tokens will be sold for diamonds soon, wasting another possibly cool feature away but perhaps diamonds could be just an alternative instead of the only way to upgrade this bless? Why is it that the token which is impossible to obtain is the one you need the most of? :truce: :truce: :truce:


Wednesday, April 8th 2020, 6:44pm


would be nice to have more availability on quests
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