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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 8:21pm

Clan Level 3 Quest

Upgrading clan to level 3 allows for:
  • Creating alliances of 4 clans
  • Participation in Castle Siege
  • Increasing maximum number of clan members up to 70
  • Building level 6 buildings in clan Citadel.

The quest is available to level 2 clans, whose leader is on level 11 or higher. Only clan members who have been in clan for more than 2 weeks can participate in the quest. Only the clan leader can start or resign the quest.
If clan leader changes during the quest, the progress of the quest resets and you will have to start from the beginning.

To starts the quest, talk to Warlord Gidver in Dartron Arena (magmars) or Warlord Damirius in O’Delvays Arena (humans).


Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 8:22pm


1. Register (by talking to the warlord – the appropriate certificate should appear in clan leader’s backpack):
After 90d clan members can register again, the quest will be visible on recurring quests list.

2. Hand in 750 pcs Clan Certificates. The certificates appear in clan leader’s backpack after clan member hand in Combat certificates. The Combat Certificates can be received by lvl 5 clan members with Purple or Red UK medals (1 certificate for 10 scalps – hand in to arsenal keeper). They can be bought from other players as well, certificates are transferable. Players with Red UK medal can once a month hand in 450 scalps, which will be equal to 50 certificates (here, again, certificates appear in leader’s backpack).

3. Hand in 450 pcs Victory Certificate in Fault. Received after victory in battles for the Abyss (level 11+).

4. You need to register: 1 clan member who has 30 secret knowledge, 2 clan members who have medals of worship for the following reputations:
Only players who have been in clan for more than 2 weeks can register.


Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 8:22pm


You need to gather 30 clan members and defeat Multihander [11] .
To access Multihander’s location, you need to talk to Khorsungum the Mage/Arnabag.

Multihander [11]
HP: 850 555
  • Immunity to Stunning: You cannot stun this creature. Instead blows that usually stun will inflict double damage on it.
  • Mighty Confrontation: The monster possesses incredible might and resourcefulness, enabling him to fight a large number of opponents at the same time.
  • Magic Dazzle: Menacingly mumbling an ancient spell, Multihander [11] blinds your mount animal, depriving it from being able to use its magic abilities.

Fight tactics:

Multihander is fighting against all participants at the same time. Participants are divided into 3 groups: Defenders, Healers and Attackers. Defenders receive Multihander Bait, Healers receive Healing Aura.
It’s best if Defenders attacks Multihander first, throws the Bait and then attackers/healers join. Multihander should be under the effect of Bait, so 1 Defender with Bait should always be in battle, Healer should heal them. One healer in the battle should be enough, as long as they have the Healing Aura. Attackers should simply hit.
The more participants in the battle, the better, but not all of the 30 clan members need to participate. It’s a tactical fight, the most important thing is to kill Multihander.

Suggested slots for Attackers: giant, spirit, mana, atshi and the rest - life pots or healing scrolls.

After the battle return to the Warlord.

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 8:22pm


1. Lady Guinevere/Lady Cordelia

Clan leader needs to hand in:
You can hand in raw resources/processed/mixed, 1 ink will give you 2 fish certificates, 1 herbal mixture will give 5 certs for plants and 5 pcs dust will give 1 stone cert.
You can hand the resources in batches:
  • Fish, Plants, Stones: 10/50/100 pcs.
  • Inks: 5/25/50 pcs.
  • Herbal mixtures: 2/10/20 pcs.
  • Dust: 50/250/500 pcs.
Clan members need to hand in:

2. Shadow (Tomb of Kings)/Lady Dawn (Lumirya Waterfall)
Only full sets of open chess pieces are accepted.

3. Gnome Spirit

4. Take rewards from 2 & 3 to Lady Guinevere/Lady Cordelia. She will ask for Wide Bracelet, which you can receive from Poker/Cardsharp after handing in

5. Give the Wide Bracelet to Lady Guinevere/Lady Cordelia, she will then ask for
Energy Balls can be bought in estate shop level 3+ for 100 energy.

6. Take the Enchanted Bracelet and Charmer Instructions to Warlord Gidver in Dartron Arena or Warlord Damirius in O’Delvays Arena.

Congratulations, your Clan is now level 3!

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