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Thursday, August 13th 2020, 11:16am

[GUIDE] Trials of the Great Dragons

Here is a little guide to the Dragon Trials.

In order to get the final chest, you need to complete 36 challenges.
Note: you may track the progress of these challenges in the attribute section of your backpack.

I. Hidden challenges

1. «Mercury Lotions». You must have 5 thousand quicksilver in your backpack (it will be taken away). You must go to the Zigrid Hive and click "Fill with mercury" in the location list. After this, you will be attacked by a reinforced Harcide, which has 7k HP.

2. «Try the Cheese». Buy 50 food bags (shop on the square) and 50 pieces of cheese . Then, put them in Elt cube and eat it.

3. «How to Anger a Shaman». This challenge is not currently available on the EU servers.

4. «Need Dragons?». Use the Bone Dragon metamorph elixir and speak to the dragon of your race (Striagorn/Erifarius). While under the effect of this metamorph elixir, you will need to defeat the Great Dragons (similar to the Dragons from the 'Star Custodians' event) using the 'Test of Courage' dialogue with the Dragon of your race.

5. «Work Hard, Play Harder». Go to the Temple battlefield and transform your crystals into an energy sphere and immediately eat a Battle bond .

6. «Empty Hands». You will need to kill the beast in the Arena battlefield, from the "Spawn of Split Blood" quest while wearing gray leather armour (level 1-5). You must remove your weapons, style items, jewellery, bow, bags and belts.

II. Challenges that require spending gold

7. «Great Gamble». This will cost around 150 gold. If you have merchant marks, you may purchase the ten-fold chests (750 merchant marks per chest) with them.

8. «Who Wants an Autograph?». It is easier to find roulettes during the 'Precious chests' event. During the event «Star Shower» you can take the quest 'Roulette' from the craftsman. Its use counts towards the test.

9. «Full House». You will need 5 sets of 3 identical cards. When you have them, you need to exchange them in the libtary on the Fortress of Captivity. Note: New Year's cards do not count towards this challenge.

10. «Thanks, I don't want any». During the event «Luck Glow», you will see options to throw efrils, faulty efrils, 10 marvellous glasses and old fossils into the Well of Fortune. You can decide which you prefer to throw.

11. «Avoid Stumbling». If you don't have any horseshoes, and if you're not particularly lucky, then the challenge can be quite expensive. A suitable option may be to purchase Gilded Chest), to receive silver horseshoes and Ten-Fold Precious Trunk) for copper horseshoes. When you have 12 of a single horseshoe in your inventory, you cannot receive more of it. With luck, it will upgrade to the next rarity (copper to silver to gold).

12. «Are those air balloons?». The quest for the ability to inflate toads is taken from the Thief of your race. Toads can be obtained in hunting mode in the instances of Bogelf's Swamp and Gurraldiy Korr's Grotto. You can also buy toads in the taverns for 50 Token of Fortune each.

13. «Gold Mounts». It is possible to obtain the coins via exchange or drop them from superbeings. It is recommended to start this challenge as soon as possible, as it has a 7 day cooldown period until you can gather the collection again.

14. «Solve this Immediately». If you have enough Reputation Rating, you can buy Artful Pauldrons for 38 gold. If your reputation rating is not high enough, you can buy purple boots for level 3 or collect them from Shoemaker Token. The blue crystal may be obtained from chess items (items from Palace of Magish have a higher success rate for destruction than items from the Derelict House). Green/gray crystals can be obtained from various methods.

III. PVP challenges

15. «Military Medic». Underground Knights Scroll of Healingto help. It is recommended to take blessings which raise your HP, so that your scrolls heal a larger amount. Note, the scrolls heal a % of your teammate's maximum HP, provided yours is higher - so choose a teammate with a high health pool. Heals from Aladeya's banner and Aladeya's multi-buff also count, as well as the "Mass Healing" spell.

16. «Never Stop Fighting». It is not necessary to win - participation also counts.

17. «Universal Warrior». There are two spare kits available per week. You may also purchase additional kits for Sacrificial Coins or Diamonds - look for the item Crystal of Prophetic Dreams in the Arbiters of Fate shop.

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Thursday, August 13th 2020, 11:19am

18. «Robin Hood Reversed». This is a fairly straightforward quest - you must collect 3 Prize Warrior's Chest and take them to the Thief. If you wish to complete it faster, utilise effects such as Battle Spirit Sphere and Valor Elixirs. Remember to collect your chest when the bar is full and do not let it overrun too much!

19. «Young Archer». This challenge is not currently available on the EU servers.

20. «I’m Alright». The best recommendation is to actually queue for Tallaar's Halls if you wish to complete this task. Ask your friends (and enemies!) to queue too. Ensure that you do not do anything to rig the battlefield.

21. «Take it Easy». Energy pheres can be frozen in the Repository in your estate. It is recommended to freeze these when you receive them, until you have obtained all 10. Energy spheres from the Arena battlefield also count towards this quest.

22. «Beware of Dog». It is not necessary to be the leader of the great battle, it is enough to take part in it and win (causing enough damage to get GB reputation). During the Storm on the Plateau of Silence, try to take part in as many battles as possible, dealing as much damage as possible - hopefully at least once it should be a victory.

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Thursday, August 13th 2020, 11:19am

IV. Resource Gathering Challenges

23. «Are You a Robot?». Be patient. Hope for good RNG. The same goes for:

24. «Don’t Chew»

25. «Selfless Healer». It is easier to complete this challenge in small groups. In the Magic Pot in your Clan Citadel, you may create Selfish Hex Amulet, which can boost the likelihood of obtaining splinters. Then, simply take turns to remove each other's splinters.

26. «Grass is Always Greener». It is easier when you have some friends to assist you if you are attacked. You need to collect 50 of the relevant resources in the enemy mainland. It is recommended to not use red profession tools, unless non-break is on.

27. «Anyone Got a Fireflower?». This is similar to the previous task. A suggestion could be to use an Amulet of Resurrection on your friends in the location with fire flowers on the enemy mainland.

V. Events

28. «License to Kill» You will need to be in the group dealing the most damage to the boss. It is recommended to add the quests to your watchlist in the "Events" section.

29. «Destroying Chaos». You will need to inflict the most damage on the relevant monsters. Ideally, take a group with you, so that multiple people can receive the achievement acknowledgement with a single attack.

30. «Stylish, not Fashionable!» You need to participate in two events - «Star Shower» and«Carnival of Masks» (During Trial of the Dragons, these events are triggered more often). You need to get a weapon from the first event and a mask from the second. Star weapons can be frozen in storage in the estate. The way to get it is very simple - take the quest from the Elder, cut off 10 Aster, give them to the Elder, and then take the quest from the Craftsman and Bufffrom the Jeweler and go to beat the mobs until you collect 10 shards. Under the effect the jeweler's shards also drop in kennels. As for the mask, in order to get it, you must turn in all the ingredients during the event. More about resource extraction:

a. Flowers: Sheara has a tree on the left (before collecting, you need to drink the elixir of speed - only under the effect of speed you can pick flowers)

b. Braid: we get it from a merchant Voldemar or Galash, once you have taken off all armor (the dialogue will appear only when you completely remove everything from yourself, even bags)

c. Seashells: collect in the bay (entrance to the Gurraldy Korr)

d. Sequins: from a confused woman in exchange for a wild lily flower (buy in a gift shop)

e. Paints: temple, arena, when making a sphere, you will get 1 pc of paint even if instance is lost.

f. Varnish: drops randomly when mining resources (any, even gray for senior levels)

g. Gift of Pearl: Mermaid Dialogue, then attacked by a gelanf

h. Beads: beat mobs under the 'satiety' effect (more than 50 pieces do not fall into the backpack)

i. Glue: buy a smoky flask and catch wood lice in the well (you need 1 flask, 10 wood lice, eg. for 1 varnish we make 4 clicks on the well)

31. «70 Shades of the Rainbow». This can be attributed to the following event, because 50 gems can be obtained by purchasing pouch: «Carnival of Masks». To buy a bag of gems, you must turn in the ingredients 2 times. For more information on obtaining them, see the notes above. The remaining rainbow stones can be obtained from chests.

VI. Other

32. «Who Needs a Key?». Buy a mithril chest, go to a craftsman, take the quest, look for a picture in the library poems and solve the puzzle, checking if everything is in place. As all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the picture will be assembled and the challenge will be completed.

33. «Defying Luck»The dragon has a dialogue 'Test of selflessness'. Take Dusk Luck from the dragon and kill monsters. Dusk luck can be taken all the time. Hunts in kennels, while under the effect of dusk luck, will also count towards this challenge.

34. «Buried with Gifts!». Sometimes Urchi gives difficult quests (such as speaking to him on a battlefield). Despite this, there should be enough days to complete the challenge within the 70 days. The main thing is to do the quest on time. Openings Urchi Sacks, which you obtained before the start of the event, also count.

35. «Maybe I’ll have better luck this way». In order not to waste the 'rainbow' every day, at about 23:30, use the buff and go to check the caches, and after midnight with the already existing buff, check them again. In this case, in 1 hour of the rainbow, you will push the test to 5 caches, because the stash on the Plateau is not updated at midnight, but every 24 hours. In any case, according to this schedule, you will successfully complete the test and spend a minimum of blesses.

36. «Burn After Reading». There are many ways to get Pile of papers. Gnome runes, your magic wand and hidden stashes will help you get the missing pile of papers that you did not get from the catacombs. Remember that on the night from one day to the next you can collect 2 pile of papers for both days and do not forget to light torch. For convenience, you can collect caches one day, and the next day collect catacombs and continue to alternate these 2 tests until the end of the event. They may also be purchased in the resource fair.

37. «Dry Weather Only». This will be completed in line with challenge 35. If you require additional boots, you can go to the Flaungard Palace and "fish" in the hunt screen.approximately one in every ten will give you one pair of boots.

38. «What dead men in Faeo do» As stated in the description - purchase the rune with 2500 merchant marks in the Exchange Tent (Goods for signs tab).

39. «Catch the Coin!» You must defeat the imposter. You may find this thread useful.

40. «Change Course!» Obtain superbeing resources. Items from Uborg's Wrath and Green Pirates also count. You may also use Quick Access Scrolls and Kodrag Amulet to reopen instances. You can always also purchase resources from other players.

Good luck to all players! If you have any additional tips, comments or corrections, please feel free to add them to this thread!

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