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Monday, June 29th 2020, 10:30am

Foul Letters and Gifts

In the case that you received a foul language letter:

1. Offenders nick.
2. Nick of letter sender
3. The time received (may be approximation)

In case you were given a gift.

1. Offenders nick.
2. Link to the gift


- If you throw the gift BEFORE punishment is given, the sender will not be penalized for that.
- If the gift contains insults, you can delete it after the penalty has been given.
- No need to quote here what he has written. If you do so, you're risking getting a 1 day forum gag.


Thursday, July 16th 2020, 2:42pm

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Friday, July 24th 2020, 12:49pm

I dont report this gift all is ok
This gift just for help for my quest
So what is the problem?


Friday, September 11th 2020, 7:17pm


I got this today.

19:08 -Barbarian- [8] has sent you a Keeper of Knowledge Brooch as a gift.


Matt F.
Matt F. aka Lord_Matt.