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Sunday, October 31st 2021, 9:41pm

[EVENTS] 14th anniversary of the WoD - achievements

Thanks for help with the preparation Elucidator

1. Adventure - Chefs of a Feather Cook Together
Create a cake with the Festival Organiser (Require: Buy Celebration Cake for 20 anny tokens (Jublee Shop))
Where: City fair
Recipe: flour, sugar, egg, cocoa beans, strawberry in chocolate, “number 14” candle
Prize: 15x Legendary Fourteenth Anniversary Badge

There is also an alternative recipe after making the first one: Egg, Salt, Hot Pepper, Potato, Sinewy meat, Wheat flour (uncheck all conditions in the shop).
Prize: Cake-is-a-Lie Pie

2. Adventure - Little Black Boxes
Open 50 coffers from Delirict House/Palaces of King Magish
You can obtain those coffers from monsters at gates and hunt screen. You can also get them for Sepulchral Coins, which you can get from Palaces of Kings Magish (available from lvl 6 after finishing “Sepulchral Coin Mystery” quest from Shiko).

3. Adventure - Monsters Cry Too
Defeat 15 superbeings and speak to the Witch Maritsa (Settlement Angrukhon)/ Bluidara (Thistles))
Abode of Eternal Ice and Delirict House/Place of Kings Magish superbeings do not count!
Level doesn’t matter.

4. Adventure - Drinks are Served
Give Strength of Dragon Elixir15pcs. to the Dragon.

5. Adventure - Bucket Run
Your task is to collect a bucket from the Mouth of Fortune (Square of Fire/Plac Daylight Square). Fill the bucket clicking on
“gate” Barrow of Death (left side)/house in Dead Cove and bring it back to Mouth of Fortune. Repeat this 15 times.

6. Adventure - Taking from the Miser
Buy the fragment from the Goblin (Joke Shop) on City Square for 1500 signs of friendship (collection/ sacks from Burchi).

7. Adventure - Beauty’s Secret
Deliver Magdalen (Mentaliya Settlement)/Marietta (Paradise Corner) 1500pcs Great Elixir of Life

8. Adventure - Pokerface
Win the game against the gambler in the Inn 50 times, betting 150 Marvelous Glass (additional option in the rate selection)
Don't count on it going easy, the win rate is 50% or less (in Duel and even less in other games).
If you don't have a supply of 15k Marvelous Glass, you're guaranteed a few hours of fun with the gambler.

9. Adventure - What if This isn’t Mud?
Collect 15 Hunk of Swamp Sludge in the swamp, use it on enemies.
Entering the Bogelf Swamp (from lvl 3 during the event), you'll find the slime you're interested in on the hunt screen of the first location (check if you have all resources colour enabled).
The easiest way to use it is on the Plateau of Silence or in the Flaungard Palace (during the event a lot of people mine there). You can also look at Fay Go, or take a walk to the lands of the opposite race.

10. Adventure - I will Cleanse This Land
The quest is to kill 15 mobs from mercenaries quest (click buildings on the location to summon them).
You can find the list of locations here:
Mercenaries locations are updated after midnight, meaning you don't have to run around the continent killing them all, you can visit the same location again after midnight.

11. Adventure - Not a Great Idea
Get the explosive powder 1500 pcs. from the Catacombs and blow up the barracks
-> The explosive powder can be found in a barrel in the first location of the Catacombs (Chernag/Kleswa - you need a torch, but you can find one before the entrance)
You'll need to go there a few times . The barrel resets at ~4:00 server time (approximately), be prepared for 3-4 trips
-> Blow up barracks in Kretches' Lair, after the explosion 150 kretches will attack, prepare well if you want to fight them (you don't have to win)

12. Adventure - There Will Be No Indicators
It is done in the same way as the "Operation Dirty Hands" quest.
Take the tar from the barrel in the west/east passage, go to the enemy crossing and grease the signs in the location 4 times. (Works on Caves 386)
Maximum of 4 signs can be covered during one trip (so you have to visit 4 instances).

13. Adventure - Glass to Glass
During hunting, obtain 150 shards (the drop is random). We can combine 10 shards into 1 fragments, which we need 15 of.
All of this will take about 2,000-2,500 mobs.

14. Adventure - Underwater Hunting
Obtain 500 points by collecting Water Rings (blue colour) on the hunt screen (each colour of fish gives a different score (from 1 to 5pts)) in Flaungard Palace and give them to the fisherman.
Water rings can be found in Mentaliya Foothills/Ridge of Kayar and Flaungard Palace.
Well, again you are in for 5-6 hours of fascinating poking at the hunt.

15. Adventure - To the Wolf, a Wolf’s Death
Kill a wolf on enemy land (Wild Forest/ Canyon of Immortality)
It does not always attack, we can only guess what is the cause. You have to keep trying until it does.

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Tuesday, November 2nd 2021, 12:32am

15. Adventure - To the Wolf, a Wolf’s Death

This mission is complicated 11 locations from afar while the mag only have 3

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