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Monday, November 15th 2010, 8:52am

Left Gorbakh Medallion

How can i acquire a the left of gorbakh medallion?


Monday, November 15th 2010, 9:54am

BristLe BacK

By visiting the event Floral Woe. After killing all the Elementals in the first stage, as far as I know - at the second stage appears Gorbakh Skeleton... :))
And I trust the very same person that you do... I trust the only person left to trust... - ME!


Wednesday, April 20th 2011, 8:57am

This is not correct


Wednesday, April 20th 2011, 9:03am

Ignore that its looking good.....thanks


Wednesday, April 20th 2011, 9:30am

No 2nd stage. You mean all 60 have to be killed? sigh been looking for the level 10 for ages...

anyone actually done it yet?