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Monday, March 21st 2011, 12:52pm

Professions and Jobs


Professions are can be a good source of income during your quests. Profession levels or mastery increases the more you practice. Professions are a mundane pastime and upgrading professions can be done while doing something else, such as forum posting or guide writing. Profession tools and materials can be obtained from the Seer's Shop in Village Maettro.

Primary Professions - Fisherman, Herbologist, Geoglogist:
You can choose one primary profession. Fisherman catches fish. Herbologist picks flowers. Geologist mines stones.

When: Level 3
Where: Mentaliya Foothills (Magmars) | Ridge of Kayar (Humans)
NPC: Vylis the Fisherman (Magmars) | Nathan the Fisherman (Humans)
When: Level 3
Where: City Square (Guild of Artisians)
NPC: Herbier the Herbologis (Magmars) | Foglio the Herbologist (Humans)
When: Level 3
Where: City Square (Guild of Artisians)
NPC: Tiyery the Geologist (Magmars) | Gesteyn the Geologist (Humans)

Secondary Professions - Sorcerrer, Alchemist, Jeweler
You can choose one secondary profession. Usually, herbologists choose alchemist, fishermen choose sorcerer and geologists choose jeweler but any combination is okay. Alchemists make potions (life, giant, blood, power, etc.), sorcerers make scrolls (heal, poison, resurection, attack, etc.) and geologists make runes and dust mostly:P

When: Level 3
Where: City Square (Guild of Artisians)
NPC: Korundum the Jeweler (Magmars) | Esmeril the Jeweler (Humans)
When: Level 3
Where: City Square (Guild of Artisians)
NPC: Veddun the Alchemist (Magmars) | Cagliostro the Alchemist (Humans)
When: Level 3
Where: Gorge of Gondi (Magmars) | Barrow of Saddness (Humans)
NPC: Khorsungum the Mage (Magmars) | Arnabag (Humans)


Three available jobs which can be taken are that of a Healer, Executioner and Locksmith. All these jobs require a large sum of money to undertake and it is strongly advised that you save up some gold before attempting to enlist as one of the above. Here is a brief description of each job.

This job allows you to open chests and caskets which are locked. Locksmiths usually advertise their services in the city square in the trade channel. Lock picks from the Seer's Shop (nontransferable) are required to open chests and caskets. A skill level of 30 or higher is required to enter the Brotherhood of Virtue as a locksmith.

When: Level 3
Where: Square of Fire (Magmars) | Daylight Square (Humans)
NPC: Soygura the Craftswoman (Magmars) | Ostap the Craftsman (Humans)

These players can be found and paid to eliminate an enemy (either magmar or human). They specialize in giving other players injuries and receive payment for their services. Scrolls of attack may be used and potions of the Executioner are also commonly employed.

When: Level 6
Where: Ridge of Darkness (Magmars) | Steppe Vista (Humans)
NPC: Black Knight (Magmars) | Agonnyy the Mad (Humans)

Healers can be found and paid to heal an injury. A healer may only heal an injury that is on par or below his/her level. Scrolls of healing are required for this and healers also usually advertise their services in the city square (in the trade channel). The healer profession at level 2 is also required to be allowed into the Brotherhood of Virtue.

When: Level 4
Where: Manor of Budrimakh (Magmars) | Wirgold Estate (Humans)
NPC: Pymen the Monk (Magmars) | Samuel the Cleric (Humans)

by Inouva


Sunday, September 2nd 2012, 4:20pm

how can increase my executioner lvl please? i try the executioner potion and nothing is happen.


Sunday, September 2nd 2012, 6:10pm

Quoted from "miss metiss;149958"

how can increase my executioner lvl please? i try the executioner potion and nothing is happen.

Executioner - The profession is a 'passive' ability. In other words, an Executioner does not have to doing anything special to try and increase their skill level. The ability to inflict an injury works by itself with varying levels of certainty depending on the skill level when killing an opponent. Executioner skill does not increase by killing wraiths or game monsters. You only have a chance of increasing your skill level by killing other players.
Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


Sunday, September 9th 2012, 4:43pm

never-the-less the executioner potion does help executioner skill by increasing the chance for inflicting wounds on other players. you increase exe skill by inflicting wounds.