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Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 5:53pm

Guide to Human Healers - 2011 Edition

This guide is meant to be an annual review of the state of the healing profession for humans, since updates and current trends tend to change the dynamics of some professions. My hope is that the subsequent edition will be written by an actual experienced healer. But for the first one I will try to do it justice based on my limited experience.

The posts that are to follow are dedicated to those who are actively seeking to raise their healing skill, so that those seeking healers can easily identify who you are and find you. Healers who are at the pinnacle of your career are also welcomed to post - for your skills are highly sought after by many who have trouble finding you.

In order to avoid clutter i ask that you respectfully refrain from asking questions or showing appreciation for this guide in this post. Instead direct all questions and comments to this discussion postFeedback Post

Any mistakes or misconceptions on my part can also be noted and will be updated here in the interest of keeping the purpose of this guide pure.

Healing as a profession

The healing profession is one of the three tertiary professions and can be taken up at lvl4. A healer’s job is to remove the injuries of other players using special healing scrolls corresponding to the level of the injury. In order to become a healer you need to accept the quest from Samuel the Cleric @ Wirgold Estate.
The quest: Collect Blood-sucking zigred [5] blood 5 pcs and pay 5g
All other basic information you need to know is summarized here.

The usual aim for most people who take up healing is to get to level-2. Finding level-1 injuries is not hard, but competition is stiff since there are lots of level-1 healers. However at present, a new trend has emerged with low level players offering to purposefully get themselves injured by monsters to assist healers who pay them a fee for this service. That option is available if you wish to make level 2 faster.
Being a level2 healer allows you entrance into the powerful Brotherhood of Virtue.

Profitability for the healing profession usually begins after lvl4 where the wounds are more serious and players will seek to remove them. However, it will be difficult to charge beyond the cost of the scroll as there are always healers who don’t mind healing for such. But most definitely, healing can become profitable at level 8 where those types of injuries are very common and affect the players who are willing to pay extra. But even then, as a service to your race you may usually end up healing at scroll’s cost.

The following table shows how much gold you will need to move up each healing levels if only the scroll of your current level is used.
Lvl1 | Lvl2- | Lvl3-| Lvl 4 ->| Lvl5 ->| Lvl6 -->| Lvl7->| Lvl8-->| Lvl9
30g | 100g | 225g | 647.5g | 1000g | 1462.5g | 2000g | 2750g |

Of course these are the highest values. Usually you will get heals below the level of the scrolls which will help to lower the cost to level up a bit. Getting to the highest lvls will be a challange but remember not all the money will be from your pocket.
The prestige of being a high level healer brings u many friends and benefits. Therefore please find creative ways to try and increase your skill if u can.

For those who seek healers

As you can see the cost for healing profession is high. Therefore do not disrespect such persons by bothering them about healing your high level injuries for free. Be thankful most healers don’t charge additional fees.

Always seek out healers whose skill is closest to your injury level or if they close to the magical lvl8 (can’t have too many of those).

Also don’t bother level 8 healers with mundane injuries since they have enough to handle, being as how they are few and have many purple injuries to service.

For Aspiring Healers

If you are actively seeking to increase your skill beyond level 2, then please fill out a reply post to this thread using the following headings:

Current Level: The present level of your healing skill
Play Time: What time you play during the week (server times please)
Service: brief description of how you charge for heals (assume that most healers have info on profile)

Current Level: 6
Play Time: weekdays - 18:00-23:00, weekends – all day
Service: Heal free with scroll. Heals with my scroll has extra charge. See info for more details

Till admins implement a profession page again, hope this substitute to help find our healers easier. Thanks for your cooperation and hopefully will see many changes in our healer levels when 2012 comes around.

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Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 7:17pm

Current Level: 1
Play Time: Usually weekends (when home I am not far from the computer)
Service: Really only have it for pesky lvl1 injuries in instances. However, if you need a heal I have some on me at all times.


Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 9:03pm

Current Level: 2
Play Time: Usually Monday - Friday (8.00 - 16.00 server time)
Service: heal lvl2 wounds for free if u bring scroll or 8s/4hrs if u dont have scroll


Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 11:13pm

Current Level: 9
Play Time: Normally online 15:00 - 23:00 most days, although you may find me online at other times also.
Service: heal lvl2, lvl3, lvl4, lvl5, lvl6, lvl 7 and lvl 8............. I normally have plenty of scrolls with me.

*I am happy for you to add me to your friends list to easily find if I am online.


Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 11:25pm

Current level: 1
Play Time: depends on my work schedule
Service: heals level 1 wounds, heals for free


Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 11:38pm

Current level: 7
Play time: Undefined.
Services: heal all wounds up to L 7 ( I have scrolls but u might have to come to the loc i am at the moment... Im not a paramedic)! Thx and cya around!

Posts: 57

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Wednesday, May 25th 2011, 11:44pm

Current Level: 2
Play Time: Usually Monday - Friday (14.00 - 04.00 server time)
Service: heal lvl2 wounds for free if u bring scroll or 8s/4hrs if u dont have scroll


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 4:45am

Current Level: 2
Play Time: M-Th 21:00-4:00, Fri-Sun All Times
Service: Heal for Free with your scroll, if mine then cost of each scroll used


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 6:40am

Current Level:1
Play Time: weekdays(20:00-3:00) weekends almost all day
Service: I would heal for free for lv1 if I have the scrolls on me


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 9:55am

Current Level: 1
Play Time: Wed-Sun 0600-1400 Mon & Tues 1300 - 2300
Service: Free and well stocked with heals
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Thursday, May 26th 2011, 12:50pm

Current Level: 8
Play Time: Monday - Sunday between 10:00 server time to 02:00 Server Time (varies daily)
Service: Heal Lvl 5+ (other healers are searching for lower heals) Will Heal you if you bring scrolls to me or will cost extra if i have to go get scroll


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 2:28pm

Current Level: 3
Play Time: Undefined but usually im around alot
Service:Not carrying scrolls with me so much at minute due to cost and saving for other items, happy to heal should you bring me scrolls, (will adjust as circumstances alter)


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 3:08pm

Current Level: 2
Play Time: Mon-Fri 1400-2300, 0000-0400 Sat-Sun 1400-0400, varies with my RL activities
Service: lvl2 heals, 5s per scroll used, no charge if you bring scroll


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 4:30pm

Current level: 8
Play Time: Variable
Service: I can sort out any injury up to level 8 for no extra charge if you bring me the scrolls

Scrolls are also backward compatable and there are some cases where its cheaper to use a higher level scroll than the level of the injury in order to get it sorted completely and i can calculate the cheapest possible combination that is within my ability to use in order to save you money.


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 5:58pm

Current Level: 9
Play Time: varies
Service: Heal Lvl 2+ I will heal you if you bring scrolls to me or it will cost extra if i have to come to you with scroll. I always have them on hand and items can be exchanged in lieu of gold.


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 7:16pm

Current Level:1
Play Time:10:00-21:00 (every day)
Service:heal lvl 1 wound for free


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 7:36pm

Current Level: 3 (2887 healing experience) 2011-05-26

Play Time: varies but on quite often

Service: Heal Lvl 3 injuries - Price is cost of scroll 15 silver per 6 hours of injury, or will take eyes or skulls in lieu of gold. I can't carry every level heal, limited space in backpack :) but I usually have level 3 ones.


Thursday, May 26th 2011, 7:54pm

Current Level: 9

Play Time: various, but I'm on quite alot:)

Service: Heal any wounds upto and including lv9 LMAO:) Free if you bring scrolls to me, or it will cost extra if I have use my own scrolls(prices in my info). I normanlly have plenty of scrolls in stock, but certain items such as skulls, EE, Collected Gambier, Elderioll Dust, Yellow Ink or other rare items can be exchanged in lieu of gold.


Friday, May 27th 2011, 12:45am

Current Level : 5

Play Time : Varies with my work roster

Service : Price of the scroll or free if you bring me the scrolls, I carry all scrolls lvl2 up


Friday, May 27th 2011, 1:21am

Current Level: 5
Play Time: weekdays - 15:00-23:00, weekends – all day and maybe also nights
Service: bring your scroll or pay scroll cost (lvl 3-5 wounds) lvl1-2 scrolls you must bring i dont have them usually.

I am happy for you to add me to your friends list to easily find if I am online. Also if i am offline you may ask chek by mentors from skype can i log in.
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