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Saturday, March 26th 2016, 12:11am

lvl 15 players

Let me show u something .
Was a period of time like ... 6 months when battelfields were dead for lvl 15 . Today we got 1 first tallar , bec items don t break . Very nice , what can i say .
winer was Morov . congrats morov. ure the best !!
Now the fun part after first tallar :
23:40 SkN » Morov: Number of players in your level group in the queue: 7
23:41 SkN » Morov: because of
23:41 SkN » Morov: <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> Morov - effects ( he got loads of effects )

23:41 SkN » Morov:
23:41 Morov » SkN: and?

23:42 SkN » Morov: and ? tallars are very rare . why can t u put like one magic aureole or something
23:42 SkN » Morov: like that
23:42 Morov » SkN: i look today on day halls, more ppl with bless
23:42 SkN » Morov: was necessary to put all those bless
23:42 SkN » Morov: ?
23:43 SkN » Morov: u like to put 10 bless and stop tallars from going ? make 1 tallar and gain 35 k valor

23:43 Morov » SkN: i buy red axe with time for tallars
23:43 SkN » Morov: and wait another 1 hr for youre bless go off
23:43 Morov » SkN: Brilliant Hurricane Axe only 1 halls for 20 days
23:44 SkN » Morov: think about it mate ... don t do this things . u stop tallars from going . people are weak in lvl 15 . u could easily win the tallar withouth bless

23:45 Morov » SkN: i can go halls without bless, where i can read this?

23:46 SkN » Morov: whatever ... i m not smashing my head explain you how to play . look u hunt right now . u could be in tallar right now making some more valor .

23:46 SkN » Morov: but . have fun making gold with mobs
23:46 SkN » Morov:

So . lvl 15 i mean .. we are so few players .. and who want valor of course come with youre head . cuz if is come like that i can come buffed aswell trust me , but what s the point put bless smash everything in 15 min gain 40 k valor and after waste my bless with mobs and wait another 45 min for another tallar . i rather come un-buffed and have all day long tallars ... think about it , rare oportunity like this when items are not breakable . I think is valabile for all lvls not only 15 .


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 12:22am

Level 12 has had Halls most if the Day but if armor could be Broken all of them would stay away..
Just a Thorn in the Heads of all those awesome Humans.. I grow bigger in their heads everyday.. I love them all.. :lol: :lol:


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 3:44am…480810&finish=1…487797&finish=1…488239&finish=1

No mags, especially no number 1 mag leecher of valor at mage lvls :( Very sad we only have humans during regular days at halls. Especially missing our #1 leecher as he only can get scrap valor while crying that everyone kills him ON NO BREAK DAY! :lol: :lol:…542929&finish=1…541823&finish=1…542319&finish=1


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 2:29pm :lol: Other players relatively unblessed.


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 3:09pm

rictor . u show my blesses to look bad yea ?
what about tribal x mate ? what about boregus ? what about morov ? trust me .. why i should play with no blessing when the others come buffed ? i can bless too like i said . so better wach youre own bussines . i m the one who try here make this good for all players . if the others can t understand ... can t do really nothing


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 3:09pm

But, but, but, it's only 8 blessings!!!
If you don't like something I post in forums, go to this website: www.magrareallydoesn't care.troll and fill out a frankie got his feelings hurt report :bllll:


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 3:54pm

What tribal X , Morov? they weren't even there in that halls. And i don't care if you look bad or good. It was just meant to be funny :)


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 4:09pm

i ve make this topic to communicate with the others .. determinate the others .. players with low rank , come . valor for them , valor for us to improve themselfs , que again in tallars after when items are breaking . but when players come buffed ( morov , tribal x , boregus ) it just annoying . i can play like that . so better no tallar if players don t understand that . i ve tryed , so have fun hunting mobs guys well done !


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 4:51pm

The reply will be "why do we work for these bless to not use them?" And so people will continue to full bless. It's why when we have no break, we also have premium store selling bless. Admins know the secret ^^
Overall though, full bless will last only 2-4 hours. If people stay in que eventually the bless will run out (to a degree). But yes, for people who do not want to go spend so much on bless, most will go out of que and wait. However on weekends like this, if all stay on que, the bless issue will balance out. But then everyone would need to be on que for 24/7. So for the players with limited time to play, like only 1-2 hours, when you come on que with 6 pimped out players in their best bling bling, yeah it is kinda annoying. But everyone plays their own game.
Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.
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Saturday, March 26th 2016, 5:55pm

Skn u are rıght but today why u use braın storm and come talars ? Tell me why ? 15 lvl so few and your fault anybody dont want come too talars...


Saturday, March 26th 2016, 6:20pm…ct_id=334611955
using this make me weaker . brain storm is the problem right ? not tribal x using erifarius and other bless ? not boregus ? not morov ? i m the problem right . be serious .


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 6:06pm

ıf u dont use effect they are too dont use effect so your problem


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 9:44pm

Lol, Brainstorm? That is only for trauma, it doesnt give any significant benefit. Why you whining about brainstorm? :lol:


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 11:54pm

Lol, Brainstorm? That is only for trauma, it doesnt give any significant benefit. Why you whining about brainstorm? :lol:

LoL well it also gives +30 HP :smile: :smile: :smile:
Just a Thorn in the Heads of all those awesome Humans.. I grow bigger in their heads everyday.. I love them all.. :lol: :lol:


Monday, March 28th 2016, 12:34am

Lol, Brainstorm? That is only for trauma, it doesnt give any significant benefit. Why you whining about brainstorm?

It makes your buff list longer so you are more intimidating to the enemy.


Monday, March 28th 2016, 8:25am

It makes your buff list longer so you are more intimidating to the enemy.
:lol: I have seen some people with useless blesses.. even with those dillyweeds:lol::lol:


Monday, March 28th 2016, 12:28pm

dosen t matter anymore . further now , i m not trying to do something good , just i don t care anymore , if tallar will happen again , don t bother ask me come withouth buffs cuz is not gonna happen . good luck guys :drink:


Monday, March 28th 2016, 8:59pm

ok.. do i always have to give life lessons?
you log in, you see the guy's the only one ruining the fun, open a scroll of executioner, put his name.. you knwo the rest.. when done use also a solumir's mirror to take his soul.. enjoy 2 hhours of tallaar..
repeat for more tallars..

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Monday, March 28th 2016, 10:26pm

carpe, u're usually more intelligent than this.... a lvl 15 buffed player will not loose to an unbuffed player; if you also buff to kill him and go in halls u're a hypocrite, if you go hunting to use buffs u're dumb... and i haven't even comment on the topic.... to me is unusual to do instances unbuffed not the other way around
Evolution cannot avoid bringing intelligent life ultimately to an awareness of one thing above all else and that one thing is futility.


Monday, March 28th 2016, 10:59pm

Skn is valor capped as i see.. he goes in halls to get exe +..
why take all that efford? kill morov outside and lvl it hp!

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