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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 10:47am

Eldive archive

Part One talks about the warning given to the Eldives by the strangers of the dead world.

...When the strangers came, the feud between us and the Kroffdors burned so fiercely that we were deaf and blind to everything. They were called Arkons and they told us they had been wandering the expanses of the universe in search of a new refuge since their world was mercilessly destroyed. A huge, overwhelming force turned their cities into ruins in just a few hours, drying their rivers, turning fertile land into lifeless desert and forcing the survivors to save themselves by escaping. The Arkons said their world was just one in a chain of destruction and other worlds could expect the same fate. They predicted our death and told us we should forget the feud between the races and start preparing for our journey to another...
*Some drops of water fell on the scroll here and blotted away the ink. This fragment of the text could not be restored.*
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 10:49am

...the strangers said we should not repeat their mistakes, that the legacy of our race and all our achievements over the centuries should not sink into oblivion, as had happened to them. They told us about the many scrolls left behind in their world, scrolls containing recipes for healing potions and magic spells, secrets describing how to obtain valuable alloys and make strong armour, notes on awakening Stone Architects and other achievements of their race.
*Here some comments from the author follow, written in small illegible handwriting.*
The Arkons mentioned the mysterious Architects many times. It seems that is the name they gave giant stone golems, which their race created to design and build fortresses and other structures. Although, perhaps they had another purpose also.
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 10:51am

Vividly describing the terrible pictures of the destruction of our world, the Arkons? fe..?we??? Loffm? yx tt! Th ??ol???dar? a™it. Аrk?wai…
...*The scroll was torn here and hastily stuck together with transparent tree resin. That fragment of the text could not be restored.*
They hoped to find a world, lost in the depths of the vast universe, where no mysterious force could reach to take their rest and refuge. A map drawn for them by an Arkon oracle led them to an unknown land, which they called Haraddan or Harsadan.
*Here some comments from the author follow, written in small illegible handwriting.*.*
It is possible that the name of the world is different. The Arkons only said it once and never made further mention of the purpose of their travels.
We did not take the words of the wanderers seriously, at the time we considered the main threat to our existence to be the enemy race - the hated Kroffdor race. The Arkons left our world, predicting repentance and ruin.

*It looks like the last fragment was written much later than the text above, judging by the colour and brightness of the ink.*
And after some time, all the more I come to the conclusion that everything could have been different for our race. The appearance of the Arkons was a sign sent from above, but the sacred war took over our hearts and minds...
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 10:54am

ok that's all for I, next time i pass this npc i'd post II maybe :xmasparty:
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 12:54pm

Part Two talks about meeting mysterious travellers who appeared in Eldive lands.

This occurred on the fifteenth rise of the blind star Illurmai, when the land of the Eldives was covered in a shroud of thick fog. Our lands were visited by an ancient caste of Seers, the existence of which we had been unware of. They were tall and slender – they were in perfect proportion and endowed with an extraordinary gift – the gift of foresight. They had three eyes on their faces with one eye high on their forehead that only opened when it was time to read fate and look into the future. These amazing creatures paid no attention to the fog, they did not seem to notice it and easily found their way in the pale haze. Eternal travellers, wandering chroniclers of the universe...
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 12:59pm

The main occupation of the caste was mapping worlds in which they displayed with painstaking accuracy all the features of the terrain. These were more than just maps - they were guides. Thus the mysterious race travelled from world to world, leaving their prophecies behind. The third eye of the Seers only opened when visions came showing upcoming events related to some creature or world. They carefully wrote them down on long scrolls and sealed them with an unusual stamp picturing an eye. Then they took the manuscripts to a secret place and left them there: The Seers did not always know who would find their notes, so they preferred to hide them in different parts of the world. Sometimes the prophecy would be found in time, and sometimes it remained buried through the centuries, turning from a premonition of the future to a story about the past. Each vision provided them with new knowledge about the worlds. They admired their resilience and empathized over upcoming wars and misfortunes, about which they knew in advance. The Seers never interfered with the history of the places they visited, for they firmly believed that the hand of fate could not be stopped.
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 1:04pm

The Seers told us about their travels, when the map of our world was finished and the scrolls had been hidden. And then they left our world forever...
The Eldives believe in destiny so we did not torment the Seers with questions about our world could expect. We did not look for their scrolls, which they left somewhere in the expanses of the land. What must be will be...
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Sunday, August 20th 2017, 1:06pm

II over, pleasure, hmm :rolleyes:
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Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:07pm

Part three talks about the crushing of the old world and the salvation of the Eldive race.

Legions of Eldive warriors, inspired by the upcoming battle with the hated Kroffdor tribe, impatiently awaited dawn. But the crimson flames that decorated the haze immersed sky did not signal sunrise - they signified the beginning of the end... Many of our race suffered a terrible disaster: we were to witness with our own eyes the destruction of a huge world.
No Eldive had ever seen such a terrible picture of destruction. A magic whirlwind punched through the grey clouds, rushing to the ground and mercilessly destroying everything in its path. Exploding from mountainous depths, flaming geysers burned everything to the ground, spreading around the expanses of the dying world in rivers of red-hot lava. The waters of the sea and lakes raged, rising and crashing against the shore with powerful unmanageable flows. Bleak...
*Drops of human blood have fallen on the scroll, damaging the ink, and this fragment of the text could not be restored.*
...The earth disappeared from under your feet, and the air was filled with thick smoke, in which, as if from a deep well, screams and wails could be heard.
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Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:13pm

The world collapsed before our eyes and the Eldives faced a choice: to surrender to the terror and die with it, or to listen to the voice of reason and search for a route to salvation. To sink into oblivion or find refuge in a new world...
*This was followed by some philosophical discourse from the author about the essence of being, but this was moved to another manuscript.*
...How to make a magic portal that would enable us to step into another world, when all around the earth is heaving and fiery lightening is cutting through the air?! Searching into the depths of memory about magic, the Eldives endeavoured to open the gates of space and time, but it was all in vain. It seemed we were powerless against the might of the raving elements, bringing death and destruction, and we would have to look into the cold face of death.
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Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:18pm

But the Eldives were not willing to accept death and obey the will of destiny. We are born warriors and we die warriors. The sacred magic of our ancient race brought salvation, as the wisest of us were able to make talismans that beat like hearts out of star fragments and monster blood. The amulets became our conductors to the new world...
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Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:20pm

end of III,


The crystal shelf in the cupboard of the Eldive repository is empty. The manuscript that had been stored there has not been found yet.

anybody got some IV pages? need few, thanks, contact in game mail :lol:
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]


Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:26pm

add - short intro to Eldive archive:

You earned the right, my friend, you are our loyal defender, a brave and true hero! I will offer you a simple service as my guest and my friend!
*Whispering a spell, the mage draws an invisible arc in the air, which immediately becomes real.*
Go in - the gates of the repository are open! You can select any manuscript and read it right here!
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Monday, August 21st 2017, 5:26pm

IV and V yet to come :ghost:
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 8:46am

Part Four talks about the fall of the Eldive ancestors, the Great migration and the union between old enemies...

Sacred chants are forgotten and the Eldives catch their breath with grief when recalling those days of decline and death. Who could have believed that such madness would come to our lands, grinding with monstrous jaws all from the young to the old, turning our buildings and armour into a maelstrom of debris, erasing the world to its foundations? First we considered the Kroffdors our enemies, unable to live with their fury, but now, faced with true evil, we froze in despair. On the borders of our lands our patrols reported the fall of one stronghold after another, but their messages came late: when the messenger birds, wounded and covered in smoke, reached the abode of the mages, the pace of the Enemy had already shaken the ancient city...
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 8:49am

...In times of sorrow, our race always turned to the knowledgeable... Representatives of the gods who were able to curse or bless, to predict the future and to perform magic. But even they understood that the world was doomed - and there was no giant to hold it on its shoulders. It was from their lips that we first heard the terrible word - retreat. In actual fact this was more like panicked escape, but what else could it have been when the universe was falling into the abyss before our eyes?
*Several lines have been crossed out as the author seemingly collected his thoughts, not knowing how to continue the story.*
From star fragments and monster blood they made talismans that beat like live hearts. It is difficult to describe what it was like to touch these artefacts, but many said that it was very hard to touch them... Trying to look at them inspired a strange disgust – it was as if someone was observing them with cold and eerie curiosity from the outside. The wise said this was our only chance for salvation. They said the amulets would serve as a mark so that foreign gods could recognise us and summon us to their world.
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 8:50am

Of course, there were not enough talismans!
*This phrase was circled in ink, as if the writer was trying to convince himself of its truthfulness.*
How could we have the time to give the amulets to those who were feeble, who did not reach the final frontier who writhed under the onslaught of the fire wall? It was impossible to save everyone - we convinced ourselves of that when the last spell was uttered, and the chosen landed in Faeo, before the remnants of the enemy forces. The Kroffdors appeared from portals, which they sealed forever behind their backs, cutting off the way back. We only had to look into their eyes to understand how many of their comrades they had left in the dying world...

Why continue our past feud? All disputes and grievances faded before the great disaster. The warriors began to whisper among themselves that it was time to start a new life... Their leaders, who had enough to worry about with the wounded and hungry, agreed. How can you turn away a helping hand - even if it is outstretched by the worst of your enemies? A union was forged and reinforced with mutual oaths, which are stronger than any spells. It was decided: the Eldives and Kroffdors would together do what they could not do on their own - drive back the Enemy.
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 8:50am

Having lost many worthy warriors, we still had magic skills that could be useful. Through enormous efforts… we built a unique fortress at a crossroads with one road leading to our camp and one to that of the other tribe. The Kroffdors and Eldives built the fortress together: we needed their... just as they ... knowledge. The stronghold was named Wind Rose - perhaps because in one of its towers warriors could talk to all the winds of the world. But the true purpose of the fortress was not ... It was more important that by joining forces, we could keep the Enemy in Otherworld. The rituals held inside those walls extinguished the spirit of the Enemy and kept Faeo away from its ... hand. Wind Rose was... a favourite brainchild, and we preserved it with the same... When the Kroffdors decided to take... this was not... And yet, as long as the fortress stands – we will not allow a repeat of the appalling massacre!
*The chronicler considered these last words important and he went over them several times. In comparison to these words, the rest of the writing seems pale and unreadable. You can only make out a few vague assertions that the enemy will be useful without knowing it, that the work is not yet over..., that Eldives will learn from their mistakes and not put up with deceit.*
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 9:00am

IV over :snowball:
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 9:05am

Part five talks about the treachery of the Kroffdors and about the Eldive warriors leaving Wind Rose.

Having decided to build a powerful fortress on the border, which would become a stronghold and protective structure for the two races, we made an unbreakable vow of brotherhood. Two races, by a twist of fate, choosing Faeo out of hundreds of other worlds for their refuge, were doomed to become allies and forget past disputes. And оbj™in?whextt?an t?mou?at??zy™to. Аr?I…
*The scroll was torn here and hastily stuck together with transparent tree resin. A fragment of the text could not be restored.*
... when construction finished the question of how to divide territory within the stronghold arose between our race and that of the Kroffdors, for however friendly our relations and however noble our intentions, each race had its army and its way of life. Reaching an agreement, we began to strengthen the fortress walls and patrol towers and develop our areas.
*Next there is a note by the chronicler, written in small handwriting.*
There is a description of the construction of Wind Rose and sketches that were used to build the fortress, described in detail in one of the previous Eldive Chronicle tomes.

Our hopes of a strong union with the Kroffdors were crushed on the twenty third rise of Mirrow after the construction of the fortress. The artefact repository, which also served as our arsenal, was robbed. The Kroffdors, with whom we shared the trials and hardships of our first days in Faeo, treacherously betrayed us. Under the cover of night, taking advantage of their position as good neighbours and allies, they entered the Eldive repository in Wind Rose. When... at... Then… of…dors… Eld…!
*The scroll was folded here so the ink faded and that fragment of the text could not be restored.*
... the best examples of the masterful work of the Eldive weapon makers were lost! The Eldive arsenal was depleted and if someone was planning to attack us, we could have only turned to ancient magic to protect and help us.

In order to conceal their crime and ward off suspicion, the Kroffdors also emptied their own repository. Their cunning knows no bounds! Planning everything down to the last detail, they who welcomed the friendly alliance between our two races, so cruelly betrayed our trust! How deceitful were the words of the Kroffdors, as they screamed their innocence! How low their attempts to blame our tribe about the disappearance of their arsenal! But the guilt of the Kroffdor race is indisputable, for only they and we possessed Wind Rose... only they and we lived in those lands... and only they and we knew about the weapon repositories.

What happened in that ancient stronghold became a tough lesson for our race, we received confirmation of the wisdom of our ancestors: he who has been your enemy will never become a loyal friend. By making peace with our enemy we had been ready to forget past disputes and the hate that burned in our hearts, but those born Kroffdors will forever remain Kroffdors, unable to be sincere and noble. The alliance was broken once and for all. Eldives and Kroffdors were destined to remain enemies in Faeo, a world new to us...

And the Eldives left Wind Rose, the fortress that was a silent reminder of the great treachery...
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