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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:30am

Clan Leadership Change & Level 3 Clan Quest

Is there anyway you can fix it so we can change leadership without losing progress in the level 3 clan quest?

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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 2:25pm

This situation is completely insane.

I never understood why change lead = loose all quests

Why force a whole clan to restart a quest, like the lvl 3 clan, quest long for years, more than expensive, because the lead stop to play, or force somebody to log on for things that only the lead can do, when he play no more ...?

We should be able to change the clan lead without loose anything.

are other thread about that issue, still waiting a answer…&threadID=30654…&threadID=21730

etc ...

And also, only the clan lead can change the lead .... that's also a bit strange, how can a player who play no more change the lead?
That happened to a clan on fr, was impossible for the lead to log on, wasn't planed, just a life accident ... and guess what happened? The clan finished disband ....

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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 2:40pm


I think this should be possible too, with something thats to do to finish a clan stage quest and it taking months and years of work losing all that upon transfer is mind boggling.

If this is too hard to implement from a code perspective cant the respective clan leaders and new clan leaders talk to the guards and restore the quest progress after transfer with their help?

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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 3:44pm

Completely agree here, I can't add anything else.

+1, please add a way to make this possible.
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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 5:06pm

Yas plox, we already suffered from this once, i personally don't want others to suffer from it, too.
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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 7:12pm

There is always the option to get fully organised before starting it properly collect all the transferable stuff necassary in the clan treasury such as forest resources combat certificates energy spheres, make notes of who can give what with chaos particles, city charters, chess, shards, cards ect and only start it when you know it can be finished in a reasonably short length of time.


Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 11:57am

And? what does that change?

You have all in cb and? where are going the certificate and who has to deliver them? who has to take the next step when one is completed? hummmm? the .... clan ... lead !!

Ohh no luck, he play no more ...

anyway, the point wasn't this one. the point is, impossible to change clan lead without loose the clan quest.

That mean, or you loose clan quest, or you stop with the citadel, because, no oracle quest, the clan can't participate to all event with clan quest, pay the clan tax etc etc ....


Friday, July 27th 2018, 5:15pm

Would having a 2nd in command help. Can do everything a leader can do except kick out the true leader.

Then if the true leader returns they can hand over full leadership if they want and/or....

2nd in command can be either chosen by leader or in his absence of more than so many weeks/months can then be voted upon automatically by all clan members.

Having 2nd in command keeps clan quest progress even if leader then changes thereafter.

Either way, regardless of clan quest, I think having a 2nd in command would help with a lot of clan stuff should the leader go MIA.



Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 11:48pm

The quest is supposed to be hard but its not impossible as you think. It takes commitment and dedication by your clanmates. Anyone selfish should just be booted. We were mostly a mix of mid levels and low level mages and on human side it was a direct competition between us and Immortal Assassins to complete the quest. They wont out just ahead of us but we were 2nd in server. You need active people, pariticipation for nearly a year to accomplish this. This CAN be done in less time if you organize more as tracey said. Even other clans came to us and we in turn helped them to become lvl3 clans. Its called working together for the betterment of your race.

Just asking for a freebee all the time, like an easy quest upgrade, just makes it easy for all and there is no seperation from elite clans (which you CAN attain) to just being mediocre clans that wany everything for nothing.

Admins, please dont change anything, the clans who DO work together have accomplished this already and others who do will get the true sense of what "clan" means when they also accomplish this great feat as a clan. Its something to be proud of, please dont deminish this by making it easier like you have valor and armor etc.

Thats my 10 cents on this...
You really know its "game over" when the most fun we have is talking in forums...


Wednesday, August 1st 2018, 9:27am

:lol: incredible ... you even didn't read the post.

Explain guy how you would have finish this clan quest even with your super wonderfull organisation WITHOUT CLAN LEAD ? hummm?

Without a active clan lead, all what you say is *edited*.

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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 1:23am

Without a active clan lead, all what you say is bullshit.
Guess you missed the part about "commitment and dedication", its for all in clan.

ps. no need for swearing, its not very "lady like" and comes across rude and scrass
You really know its "game over" when the most fun we have is talking in forums...


Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 5:11am

Try sending this to Help Desk that sometimes draws attention to Things....
Just a Thorn in the Heads of all those awesome Humans.. I grow bigger in their heads everyday.. I love them all.. :lol: :lol:


Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 12:24pm

Guess you missed the part about "commitment and dedication",
:lol: who care about that if the guy stop to play and you can even not reach the next step of quest?

again, *edited*. You should try to read before drop your useless coment about things having noting to do with the subjet.

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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 4:06pm

OriginalSith, maybe you are not aware but we all know this in mag land....arguing with Dahna in a logical way is like pissing against the wind.

Don't waste your time, *edited*

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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 11:50pm

your turtle got me :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Friday, August 3rd 2018, 1:32am

It really is funny... cause you dont even want to hear how its done by one who's done it. Go ahead, fight amongst yourselves and beg for freebees. The lvl3 quest for clan is quite easy. More and more are completing it, if your clan does have the commitment and dedication, there is a real simple solution... listen closely.


ok, I hope that was clear and precise that even the most *edited* would understand.

Yours so very insincerely,
Sith (Clan leader of a lvl3 clan)
You really know its "game over" when the most fun we have is talking in forums...

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Saturday, August 4th 2018, 11:47pm

Or if is not possible, let's make it even :lol: when a clan lose the leader, let it lose everything, completed or not :devil:

I know is not all cupcakes and rainbows, but i'd rather go throu life thinking that it mostly is :gum:


Sunday, August 5th 2018, 9:44am

It really is funny... cause you dont even want to hear how its done by one who's done it.

Nobody asked you how you did it or how doing it) Your are completely off topic)

This thread (if you didn't understand that yet) is about the chance to change the clan leader without losing the progress of the clan quest.

You tried to turn this thread into an auto-celebrative thread.
Do you need to be told that you did a great job?


I hope I satisfied your lack of affection)


Sunday, August 5th 2018, 10:45am

Can understand the guys situation

Sorry Sith but they have the commitment to do it, otherwise they wouldnt be trying to find a solution, what they dont have is the ability to do it due to clan leader not participating in game any more, therefore they cannot actually complete what was started. This is not whole clans fault nor should 59 or so ppl be punished for decision made by 1 person.

A couple of possible solutions guys dunno if it could be arranged would be up to you guys is

A. If your clan leader could be persuaded to sign into game at prearranged times to do hand ins for you, couldnt say what times these might be whether once per week or once per month you'd be able to judge when.

B. Should former leader not wish to enter but willing to help, perhaps an arrangement with Lisad and head guard could be sorted where either they themselves or 1 of your clan council would be given special dispensation to log into leader account (assuming leader allowed it for the sole purpose of handing in items for the clan upgrade upon agreement thats once level 3 upgrade has been completed, the account then returns to inactive status after transfering control of clan to someone who remains an active player.

Not sure if either option possible but would hope admins would explore all possible resolutions, even if it means they need to stretch their own rules to allow ppl to escape an impossible situation.

Anyway good luck with things and hope you manage to fix it. :beer: