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Tuesday, June 25th 2019, 2:14pm

Battle Memories!

Summer is coming and all Faeon warriors are lurking for a bit of sunshine to dry their wet and rusty armor pieces. In the evening they gather around fires under the night sky and whilst having Shiz Beer and Juicy Roc Kebab, they will remember all the great battles and fights they have attended over the past months.

Jesters are wondering which are the battles you keep in your cherished memories and which you would love to share with the rest of the community.

[...] When the sun started to set on the Plateau of Silence, the battle between the people of Faeo and their new enemy from unknown lands reached the climax. Sheara, the Mistress herself, stepped forward to meet their king in a final, all-decisive fight.[...].

Are you up for the challenge?

Your task:

With the help of toy figures set up a battle scene somewhere outdoors and take a picture. Describe your picture with two or three sentences, containing the following information:

  • Use toy figures to set up a fight scene
  • Location where the fight/battles took part
  • Who are the fight participants?
  • Place a paper with the handwritten name of your nick into the scene.

Finally upload your image in the corresponding thread - Done!

Event schedule

26.06.2019 - 24.07.2019

Post your entries before 24.07.2019 15h00 game time

024.07. - 31.07.2019

Jesters will choose the winners

Evaluation system:

Each artwork will be evaluated on a 10-point scale.
The following criteria will influence the evaluation:
- Originality of the idea
- Matching the criterias and demands
- Details in design and expression
- Stylistics and literacy

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a contest for individual players from level 3 with no active curses for rule violation
  • The artwork can not contain any explicit sexual material or rude, shocking content.
  • The artwork must comply with the game and forum/chat rules, which can be found here: Game Rules and Forum Rules.
  • The artwork should be unique within the project "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" and must be of your own property. Copyrighted material may not be submitted.
  • The artwork should be made very detailed and clear. A simple sketch or draft will not meet the criteria.
  • The artwork should be designed so that it looks and feels like they belong within the fantasy universe of "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons". You may not use references to common everyday motives/objects like mobile phones, modern guns, modern vehicles; signs of currencies, pacifism, radioactivity; references to real-world sport teams, among other references that fit poorly within the genre.
  • Fascist, nationalistic, racist and any other political symbolism may not be used.
  • Imagery related to narcotics, drugs, slavery and other illegal activity may not be used.
  • Only entries who meet the requirements will be rewarded.


First place
100 x Talent Coins

Second place
60 x Talent Coins

Third place
40 x Talent Coins

All other participants who meet the requirements
20 x Talent Coins

Share your Battle Memories with us!

Place here in this thread!

We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

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Tuesday, July 16th 2019, 3:06pm

The Lamb custodian, shaded in darkness, lets out a raucous laugh.
Another foolhardy warrior who failed to read up on its 15 second stun lies broken and battered
"Muahaha, you will never bleat me, insolent worm"


Tuesday, July 16th 2019, 6:07pm

Me, my zoo and Harcide

My greatest memory is my first encounter with the BeeQueen on my own. But when she started to call reinforcement, I started to throw in all my summons and my mount ... Glad, it paid out in the end!
I have lost my Puddin! :cry:


Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 8:53am


"ipip" ... when I read this from Budjoni in chat I know the big bird is not far. And every highlevel mage is being called into the epic fight with a simple: "ipip". And as I could not partipicate in a bird fight yet, this is how I imagine the fight scene then. "IPIP"

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Yesterday, 6:02am

:stronger: The Darkside tower s under attack by the zombie hoard and thier leader the Air Turret Keeper.
The brave valiant warriors of Darkside (Orm Irian, --Infinity--, Spikey99, TheraOne, crocodile) rush to deffend the stronghold from the menace. While others of clan aide in the side long fighting, securing clans position for another day. :knight:
:beer: if its beer-30, whiskey-time, or wine time :wink: best pour spare glass :sneak: im on my way :dance::drink:kiss2:


Yesterday, 8:07pm

Contest Entry of Okikom

The most remarkable battle memory was our clan against a Daigon. In Daigon Islands we all prepared excellently and also drank our dragon transformation potions as well. But we all burst into laughter when a stray Iguaron came out of nowhere and joined the fight!
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