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Sunday, July 28th 2019, 2:11pm

[Guide) Carnival of Masks

You can start the event with Nadilarie or Seamus from level 3.

The talented musician Sheamus wants to organize a Masked Carnival for the residents! In order to get a good mask to show off at the central square in the capital, you need to do something for the crafty fellow! Take part in the fun, visit the inhabitants of Faeo and ask for their help to prepare for the celebration! The magical mask festival is starting!

Keen for some fun, the enterprising Nadilarie proposes that a Masked Carnival be organised for the inhabitants! In order to get a good mask to show off at the central square in the capital, you need to do something for market beauty! Take part in the fun, visit the inhabitants of Faeo and ask for their help to prepare for the celebration! The magical mask festival is starting!

Current goal:Take Mysterious Flowers, Golden Braid, Seaside Shells, Sprinkle of Sparkles, Set of Paints, Crystal Varnish, Pearl Gift, Tiny Beads and Woodlice Glue to Sheamus. Necessary items or clues can be exchanged.

When receiving the quest, you also will be given two hints out of nine:

1. Illegible letters come together in a priceless instruction It is foolish to boast of prosperity before someone who has amassed a fortune! Come for the golden braid without combat gear - and you will get the pity of a stingy rich man!

- Remove all your clothes, including bags and belts and talk to the merchants Voldemar or Galash.

2. On the carefully folded up parchment with still wet shiny ink it says: Where better to look for pearls than the mermaid kingdom? You can obtain pearl gems from the hands of the cold mermaid...

- Talk to the Mermaid. She will ask you to kill a gelanf [1]. Strength of the gelanf will be according to your level. After talk to the mermaid again for your reward.

3. On a crumpled piece of parchment you see the worlds: Don’t linger picking wonderful flowers! Only those that know the value of time will obtain a bud from the tree growing in Spectral Expanse... Drink the speed giving potion and get to your target!

- After using an elixir of speed go to the Spectral Expanse and click on the tree on left side.

4. You re-read the note trying to understand it: Only he who eats and drinks to his best, will the monster’s beads select! Does that mean you have to eat well ahead of a battle? It would be good if all tasks were that pleasant!

- Whilst hunting monsters under the effect of satiety you can drop up to 50 beads.

5. Judging by the text of the note you have an unpleasant job ahead: The more woodlice in your backpack, warrior, the more sticky mucus you will get! Cleaning slippery woodlice out of your bag is such a joy so don’t forget to grab a Smoky flask! There’s nothing to be done but carry out the advice...

- Buy a frosted glass flask and collect 10 woodlice.

6. Looking at the note you read the following piece of advice: You can soften any beauty’s heart with the fragrance of Wild Lillies. The capricious harlot will not be able to resist the flower! It looks like you will have to go and see the enchantress that steals men’s hearts with a flutter of her eyelashes...

- Buy some Wild Lillies in the gift shop and take them to Marrietta the Merry / Joly Magdalena to receive the Sprinkle of Sparkles

7. Wanting to find where to find Crystal Bug varnish you read the well-known phrases: Try your best and have a little faith! Look for resources and you will get a reward! Do nothing and you will have to pick up your tool and work up a sweat...

- Whilst farming resources you have a great chance to drop this item.

8. Screwing up your eyes you are able to decipher the handwriting of the foreign guest: Go to Gurraldiy Korr's Grotto and look for seashells there! The bay has shells a plenty!

- Take the boat to enemy land and stop at Gurraldy Korrs Grotto. Before the entrance click on the big rock on the right side of the location window.

9. The content of the letter was brief: “Without a sphere in a traveling bag, you cannot see coloursas your ears! Fight in the Temple and the Arena for at least a thousand years - but it will not leave the innate fighter of the artist! ”

- Create one sphere in arena or temple. It does not matter if you win or loose the instance.

Once you have gathered all the requested resources go back to Nadilaie or Seamus.

You will receive 3 stone masks and you can choose one mask:


If you hand in more resources you will receive more stone masks, which you then can exchange for gifts in the Curiosity shops in City Fair:

or you will be able to exchange them for Sack of Red Axes Emblems and Sack of Gems. First contains 15 Red Axes symbols, second - 50 rainbow stones:

If you participate active in the event "Carnival of Masks", it is also possible to assemble ingredients to create a Sid Speed ​​Element or jewelry like:


Reputation: Arbiters of Fate (from level 5)

You can also use the mask from this event for the starting quest to the new reputation Arbiters of Fate!

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