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Monday, September 30th 2019, 10:21pm

Why the heck is my HP so low?

I've been playing this game for about a month and a half now and I just reached level 4. But my hit points are still only about 133 - the same as a level 3 Skeleton Warrior. I can't defeat any of the monsters marked at my own level because they have 400+ HP.

What else do I do to raise my HP? Does it also raise with valor? I've not been able to get into a battlefield match yet because the game is so dead.


Monday, September 30th 2019, 10:41pm

You have a Grey armor.

With Blue or Purple you will increase your HP a lot.
Even with Talent you can push your HP.


Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 1:30am

Welcome to WoD, the game where you need to sell your soul and abandon your whole life in order to have a decent character.
*Cries in purple armor


Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 2:46am

Green, Blue or Purple Armour.
Clay Fragments (Then higher ones too as you level up as these are permanent buffs)
Moulds for above armour (Stay with your armour, can be bought again to "gamble" for better buffs)
Runes for above armour (Stay with your armour, can be upgraded)
Talents (Permanent buffs that can be bought with books & Truth Crystals, or, are level/achievement dependant, in most cases. These can be changed/swapped/reset for Travel Stones if you want as you usually get choices of buff for each Talent that you may want to change as you progress)

That should keep you busy for a while :wink:


Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 2:57am

Forgot to add - nope, now I forgot what I forgot to add - damnit :drop:

OH...that was it... You can get some armour for doing quests if you are struggling to get any. I just got a Green Chainmail from Gizedor on Plateau of Silence, had to kill 10 Demon Wolves, Grab an Atshi & also get a Small Sparkling Crystal but it wasn't too difficult or expensive even as weak as I am.

There maybe other stuff too but I forget - Bracers seem to spring to mind.

Good Luck :peace:


Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 4:43am

If you want to hunt monsters then get a bonecrusher set, which is either Executioner set or Anger (blue is easy to get, purple harder). With bonecrusher set (BC) you will do good damage and cril a lot. And do what Sly said too, but better start with tablets, they are easy to get and are much cheaper than talents.


Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 1:58pm

By the way, monsters will always have more HP, that's why you have to use giant and life potions in fights.


Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 12:34am

How do I go about getting the tablets???


Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 1:58am

Either buy bags in the exchange shop in city fair using merchant marks which can give you either fragments or full tablets, this will take a long time to get them. You could also try & buy them if anyone is selling themin the Auction. The easiest still is to put up an offer for each Tablet in the Auction Exchange but depends how much you want to spend & the curent "value" other people think they're worth.

Not sure what price they are in Magland but on Human side I just bought all 9 clay tablets a couple of days back (after I posted above) by putting up an offer of 50s each which is a fair price I think and was happy to pay that for them. People sold me them so fast I couldn't believe it. I got all 9 clay tablets in only 16 minutes so maybe I was too generous? or lucky to catch someone selling them...who knows. I was happy, very happy as now I don't have to worry about them anymore & can still buy the bags ready for the Ceramic Tablets at level 6

Good Luck :drink:


Saturday, October 5th 2019, 4:46am

How do I go about getting the tablets???

Make app on exchange max 1 gold each tablet. Depending on current apps other people might have already. If there are no other apps then try 50s-70s. That's what I know about prices for grey tablets. Don't pay moe than 1g per tablet, more than 1g is expensive.

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