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Friday, February 14th 2020, 12:03am

dear heartskilla I know I can’t give you diamonds , but I can give you my heart full of spark of the heavenly fire , my arthful love, and my all affection gems . I promise to stay true to you and hold on you to for as long as you let me. Though I can’t give you the world, I’ll do everything I can to make you as happy as you can be by my side.i'll even give you my horseshoe of luck I feel like I’m the king magish right now because I found my queen. :love1: :love1: :love1: :love1: I’m in love with you,


Friday, February 14th 2020, 3:10am

It was only recently that I laid my eyes upon you for the first time, less than a year even, but I knew instantaneously that you were special. The moment you landed in this world I felt your exuding power and authority, strength that could slay any monster, strength that could crush any human, but most importantly? Strength that could pierce the crusty layer that protects my heart. I was… curious, I had never felt this way before, and of all the things to induce such a foreign sensation, a magmar? Does that even work? Do human and magmar bodies… match up? Consecrators told me such a bond was impossible but I did not listen. I could not. Our connection was too powerful to be coincidence.

I simply had to know more, just feeling your presence was not enough. I needed to encounter you in the flesh. The journey was dangerous, as I forayed through enemy territory in search of a trace but there was nothing, only your energy remained. Battered and bruised by defenders seeking the single point of Khair Defender Reputation I would award them, I retired to my estate. I was on the border of breaking down due to my failure until I realised it! In this place I could feel my heart dominated by you even harder than in Khair, but how? I hadn’t seen you in any location a magmar could ever reach?

That was when I remembered. You weren’t just an ordinary magmar. You were *my* magmar, one who does not banally go by the rules, but creates the rules, just like we will create new rules about what love truly is. It was after I rushed out of my estate that I caught the first glimpse, a glimpse that would change my life forever. You were in the city fair, encroached by a hoard of human hooligans whining endlessly at you. “Fair?????” “Dia certs?????” “IOU Event?????”, the list of tiresome complaints was unbounded and you were thoroughly whelmed. Engulfed with rage, I drew my weapon, prepared to slay any who would dare disrespect my king in this manner. Luckily just before I entered the fray I realised within the riot were several level 20s who’d fold me into a pretzel if I looked at them funny.

From behind the crowd I was able to finally get my first good look at you, and it was everything I’d imagined. Your dark, mysterious visage, enhanced by what had to be the finest attire in all of Faeo, and all topped off by the fiery pink mane on your head. I could barely even approach you, as your electric energy overpowered me. It coursed through every inch of my body, I had never felt more alive. I finally clawed my way through the crowd to you, and then it happened. As I felt your big, alluring eyes gaze fell upon me I knew that we were made for each other. After you said “Yes, warrior?” my memory becomes fuzzy, I was so dazed by your presence I could not hope to remember, but I believe it went something like this:

I think about our encounter every night, my body filled with joy every moment I consider our flourishing bond. You may have been a little nervous that day but there is always a tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you to come and collect me from my estate, my dashing prince.

I love you, Fenum


Friday, February 14th 2020, 9:47am

To my secret lover,

I can go on no longer holding in my secret. I have an insatiable desire that burns deep within my gastro intestinal tract every hour of every day until filled. This hunger can only be filled by you. You alone can bring solace to the pangs of hunger of my deepest desires.

Your briny essence makes my lips quake with anticipation to taste you. I long for the salty tears of joy you bring me when we meet upon the battlefield. I imagine you are a complex flavor requiring years to appreciate.

I imagine caressing the every bump upon your skin slowly with my tongue at night when I wake from being awoken from a thirst for the succulent vinegary juices you secrete. I dream of kosher delicacy every night but am left wanting and waiting.

I desire to wait no longer and make my love known to you. I hope you can reciprocate my feelings and won't mind if I bite.

Have solace in knowing that I will not let any part of you ever go to waste, and I will always ask for extra of you.

I wrote this poem:
My feelings are real
Hunger I did feel
I opened to the fridge
And there you were

I gazed upon a jar
Wishing upon a star
That my deepest love
Would know me at last

I opened the jar
And there you were
The last of your kind
I knew I could not be so cruel

With great hesitation
I decided it best,
To close the jar
To save you for later.

Yes it is true, I am speaking of my one true love, the most delicious and largest pickle of them all. I would not have you any other way.

Sliced, Dill, Bread & Butter, or sweet; you are my secret valentine,

Will you be mine?


Sunday, February 16th 2020, 2:38am

For my sweet forbidden love _Tundra_
It all started when
Seeing your pretty eyes full of tenderness
And without thinking I was already talking about love
At the time I took a chance
I didn't know what you would think of me
Well, it's a crazy and forbidden love.
The lineage separates us
I don't even believe it in what you would become
Simply in the most important of my days
I had already decided not to believe in love
Too late, your smile bent my heart
You took care of my life the moment I saw you
And I'm in your hands, I'd gladly die
for protecting you :kiss2:

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Sunday, February 16th 2020, 4:49pm

Valentines Event - LETTER Entry of Aquisgran


Sunday, February 16th 2020, 5:49pm


Love, love, love, love always, with everything
The being and the Khair and the Ogriy,
With the light of the sun and the darkness of the mud;
Love for all science and love for all longing.

There are kisses that produce ravings
of passionate ardent and crazy passion,
you know them well are my kisses
invented by me, for your mouth.

Your breast is enough for my heart,
and my wings for your freedom.
What was sleeping above your soul will rise
out of my mouth to Faeo.

If you love me Human, love me whole,
not by areas of light or shadow …
If you love me Human, love me black and white,
and gray, green, and blonde, and brunette …

Love me day, love me night …
And early in the open window! …
If you love me, do not cut me:
Love me all … Or do not love me!


Monday, February 17th 2020, 8:27pm

Shining in the sky 2 stars glisten as i gaze upon them
Lighting my path your smile oh so dazzling
golden silkey falls covering your
And a song of a 1000 angels choruses chants to my soul as you speak to me
Softer than the wind your touch healing and so gentle
your radiating beauty makes the sun pales in comparison to you
All of this is true ...
All of this is you 

I look at the sun i see you
I look at the moon I see you
They say that roses are red violets are blue
how to put this simply .., I love you
When i look at the big vast blue
You wanna know what i see ...
All i see is you

The battle was intense
and it made no sence
why would we
battle eternally
for a sphere or crystal
or was it a skull ?
single or double
it was only trouble
but let's put out swords down
and go have a drink in town
by land or sea
a good time i guarentee

is this real ? is this fake
or is this just a big mistake

but how can someting that feels so right be so wrong
a forbiden love none the less
and more exiting nevertheless

is this real ? is this fake
or is this just a big mistake
i said this once
i say it twice
this is real this is true
Its simple i just love you !

Writen for Blerta


Monday, February 17th 2020, 9:43pm

My lovely love Sequana
when i fist saw you, I wanna
tell you, I was astonished
like TotoK, by a Kretch, stunned.
And now, seeing you with that scepter
it makes me want to write you a letter.
The yellow in your eyes looks like the sun,
but like to vampires it makes me run
cause my too low level
doesn't listen to my heart, the rebel.
I love a woman of another race, poor me,
but we can't rule our heart, they told me,
so I accept this love, and I hope you
will love me in the same way too.
I know, in front of you I'm a dwarf
and I'm not evet worthy to be your scarf,
but in Faeo you are the best beer
and every time you fight I'm there to cheer.
I love the way you wear your armor,
it's a sweet stimulus to my ardor;
I hope one day to taste your axe,
it would send my pleasure to the max
and don't worry, even in a battle between dragons
I will always carry to you my love in wagons.
I wanna be that nice hooded cloak
so you can kiss me, and I'll stop saying croak
cause my greatest desire is to receive your kiss,
you must know it, it's my biggest wish.
So, what would you say if I told you
that I'm out of your throne room?
No, don't kill me! I beg your kindness,
you do not let win prejudice blindness,
we can be part of an interracial love;
I promise that I'll make you reach the stars above
where you will see Sheara, our goddess
who will tell you that my love is priceless.
Sequana, will you be deaf to the call of love?
I swear it will fit you like a glove,
now tell me, wonderful caress in the heart of mine,
if you want to be my sweet Valentine!
I will wait for the answer before Striagorn,
I will wait untile the end if our love is born.


Tuesday, February 18th 2020, 9:31pm

For Stellar:

What I feel for you does not fit in a sentence so I write this letter as a special detail for Valentine.

I've always wanted to connect and be able to chat unlimitedly with you.

When I see you fighting in battles and I am there, I try to beg that I touch you and fight side by side. Knowing that we would both give our best.

You are the most amazing thing that happened to me and I treasure you more than you think.
My tender love and my hug are always with you.

The time spent with you was the most beautiful and charming of my life. I believe in miracles and that is why I am asking if you will be my Valentine for the rest of my life.

When I look you in the eye, honey, I'm lost in a world of magic. i love you
I love you more than words can say.

Our love does not know the distance, nor the races but I am dying to give a hug and a kiss with the bottom of my heart.

If you go with me by the hand, if I have you by my side everything is better, I see everything very clearly, the problems are left behind, your smile has the power of that and much more.

That whenever you are sad or doubt you never forget me, in spite of everything I will always continue to love you once more.

You are the only one who makes me smile when your memories come to my mind, when I remember your occurrences, your laughter; I'm full of tenderness.

You are the joy of my life, the beating of my heart, the reason I wake up happy every morning feeling that everything is better because you are by my side.

I say goodbye reminding you that you are important, special and unique to me. Many successes and always keep going.