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Saturday, October 2nd 2010, 9:30pm

Possible error when buying healing scrolls

Hello, sorry to bother you again, but wished to report possible error when I bought some healing scrolls earlier today. At 1909 I purchased 30 lvl2 and 20 lv1 healing scrolls from the shop at wolf wasteland. Unless I am mistaken, the money for these (exactly 3 gold) does not appear to have been taken from my account. Would you be able to verify this for me, and remove the gold if necessary. Thanks for you time, Chelle.

ps I seem to be making a habit of this.:lol:
pps If it proves difficult to take the gold back, my conscience will allow me to dontate it to our clan treasury.:money:


Sunday, October 3rd 2010, 7:35am

Re: the extra money in my account. It seems it is not exactly the 3 gold I imagined it was. I will try and tell you exactly how much it is, because it could be that somebody else is down by the same amount. I know that at the end of my rainbow yesterday (2nd october approx 1903 game time), I had exactly 23 gold 94.95 silver, because i made a note of it. After this, I killed one gordt bandit (20.77) silver, bought the 3 gold worth of healing scrolls, and headed to barrow of sadness to hand in my stone lotus quest. Then to Marys Tavern, where I spent 4 silver on scrolls of dilution, back to daylight square to purchase 2 ashti bat summons. From there I proceeded to hand in my arrows quest for Arnica at Wirgold, made 5 pieces of valuable glass, and continued on to Wild Forest to do the hunting the hunter quest. This sent me back to Marys Tavern, I completed the quest, and gained the guide book and 4.4 silver for completing it. Sometime between all this the money appears to have gone missing. By my calucaltions I should have 20 gold 66.12 silver. I currently have 23 gold 5.52 silver leaving a deficit of 2.394 gold unaccounted for. I hope you can explain this, as I cant. At no time during the period mentioned did I recieve any money from auction sales or the post office, nor did I advance to the next stage in my level. Thanks again for investigating this, I hope I am not wasting your time. Chelle.


Monday, October 4th 2010, 12:30pm

I checked the deal, you paid 3 Gold for the scrolls.


Tuesday, October 5th 2010, 5:38pm

re: healing scrolls and extra gold in account

Thankyou for investigating this CrossKnight. It still does not quite explain where this extra gold came from though. Perhaps I am mistaken, and got the gold legitimately from another source. Rather than waste your time any further, I think I will revert to my original suggestion and donate the gold to our clans funds. Regards, Chelle.