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Find a Mentor Online Anu6is [6]

Kroffdor reputation. Gigi [11]
10:25 , 29 Sep. 2010
13:13 Received 5 Kroffdor reputation.
there is not this reputation in my list of reputations...
Answers 0  

i need advice on how to stay lvl5 as long as i can -gandalf- [4]
18:56 , 28 Sep. 2010
im soon gonna reach lvl5 and i really need advice on keeping that lvl as a hunter
Answers 5  rvolvr, -gandalf-, rvolvr, TheShadowOne, -gandalf-

help required on quest 'secret of stone of revealation' killershark [3]
21:46 , 08 Aug. 2009
i collected all ingredients and when i used the recipe i get this msg..

"...Alas you have failed to create the Powder of Laughter. It is likely that you forgot about Brugilda's warning that you must think funny, happy, positive thoughts...
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Answers 22  ... Sir Nasty, the Liar Fighter, Muley69, Artful Dodger, Undertaker13, Undertaker13, Blaze777, Anu6is, Harathon, Primeative

Village patrol zuke [4]
00:54 , 29 Sep. 2010
I've been away from the game for a while, and it looks like the quest has been changed. Right now in the quest description it says "Carry out the task the Warlord specified in his order" but I have no idea what that is, so if someone...
Answers 3  bluewombat, zuke, C-Coop58

How do you become a healer Decimation [3]
16:09 , 28 Sep. 2010
How do you become a healer
Answers 1  paul260386

What is the point of a pure valor character? DarkJak [3]
02:43 , 26 Sep. 2010
How are they different from normal characters, and what advantages to they have?
Answers 5  TheShadowOne, Big Little, _Archangel_, jako pijan, TheShadowOne

green weapons and armor Azmandis [4]
04:57 , 28 Sep. 2010
what does it take to get them?
Answers 1  TheShadowOne

Chat Flood not working. SilentWater [4]
08:34 , 25 Sep. 2010
This is frustrating, I can't seem to get the chat flood to work. I've waited more than an hour even, and still the flood does not appear. It doesn't work in any channel. What seems to be the problem? plz help...
Answers 6  TheShadowOne, SilentWater, SilentWater, TheShadowOne, SilentWater, SilentWater

huje pateryk [1]
17:44 , 26 Sep. 2010
jeste&#347;cie hujami
Answers 0  

corvus egg RA the Destroyer [5]
01:49 , 25 Sep. 2010
how to hatch a corvus egg
Answers 1  paul260386

Key to DH Trauma Magnet [4]
04:00 , 25 Sep. 2010
As per the Mentor site i have done this quest to get key to DH and all i got was
01:55 Received: 700 experience and 30 Hunters of the Undead reputation. no key to DH twice the exp and 3 times...
Answers 1  TheShadowOne

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Healing Potions and Scrolls? Guest [0]
03:21 , 23 Sep. 2010
They both heal hitpoints, however in different ways. I am aware that potions generally heal a percentage of hp, while scrolls generally heal a set amount. As I recall, they can both be used durring combat, so whats the difference? Which one is good...
Answers 4  TheShadowOne, _Archangel_, TheShadowOne, Big Little

Zigred Hive TheDoctress [6]
08:54 , 21 Sep. 2010
any information on the Harcide Stinger's value in quicksiver yet and if the Harcide strength changes with player level like the Kretch Butcher?

Is there a level limit until which the Stinger can be obtained? The Rarity Fossil seems to be...
Answers 3  Phaethon, TheDoctress, Lady Jedi

Destroy zulugula [2]
15:25 , 21 Sep. 2010
please destroy this profil beacause i have a other profil on a polsh server and i cant play on this profil beacuse i have a information that i am registred on this server
Answers 1  TheShadowOne

How do I know a monster is taken? ltlrdftnghd [3]
22:44 , 06 Sep. 2010
When I choose a monster and there is no number or it says they are calm or passive and it turns out there are three others going for the same monster. Sometimes there is a high lvl mage who gets mad and sends a raith after me. I'm not trying...
Answers 6  TheShadowOne, Feltercarb, Fairy Tale, TheShadowOne, -Dark_Wolf-, TheDoctress

Uncooperative Chest jon50 [4]
13:53 , 27 Jul. 2010
what i need to do at the quest Uncooperative Chest...
Answers 3  Phaethon, jon50, Lucky Guru

Zinka the Goat! C-Coop58 [4]
08:15 , 20 Sep. 2010
How do I get rid of Zinka the goat? I can't call her because I no longer have the bell, yet I'm stuck with all this cabbage for her in my backpack! Plus, it's a quest I cannot decline because the option is not available. Yikes!
Answers 1  TheShadowOne

Derelict House Key C-Coop58 [3]
19:04 , 14 Sep. 2010
I have the key now, but don't know how to get in. Do I have to wait for an Instance to explore the area? And at lvl 3 = should I go it alone?...
Answers 5  Pyka_D_nar, TheShadowOne, C-Coop58, xl_Arion 1st_lx, C-Coop58

Gift Button C-Coop58 [3]
19:54 , 12 Sep. 2010
Should I choose to give a gift to a co-warrior, where would this button be?
By the way, you Mentors are doing a great job. Many Thanks!
Answers 6  paul260386, C-Coop58, TheShadowOne, C-Coop58, TheShadowOne, C-Coop58

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