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Underground Knights Quests guide. Moonwalker [4]

A General Guide for lvls 1-4 by Inouva Inouva [4]

What Every New Player Should Know Zebedee [0]

Palaces of King Magish [updated] Moonwalker [6]

Profession Q&A (a few common questions) Anu6is [6]

A Comprehensive Guide to Crystalline Caves by Inouva Inouva [4]

City Reputation Points, by Grumpy Bear Guest [15]

Derelict House, by Arjuna Guest [15]

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons - a roleplaying game Bishop Phil [6]

Palaces of King Maguish by Drunken Max Drunken Max [10]

Technical Problems Guide by Irish Irish [7]

Tarariquon Spider Battles -Goku- [7]
04:13 , 13 Jan. 2010
This is a Guide on Tarariquon Spider Battles. In this Guide i will explain what spider battles are for, who you need to see, what items are required, how to obatain the required items, the Tarariquon class and the quest, as well as what you win...
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Answers 23  ... vAngeloff, ash_no11, Ell Loco, XX5BlazeXX5, ash_no11, -Goku-, Monkey Bone, Srv, RootBeer, WanraK

Celestial bodies paul260386 [8]
13:42 , 14 Sep. 2010
In the Magmar quest 'Mystery of Faygo' you need to find 3 celestial bodies to light up your face.

ppl can create them, with the 1 draft they got from a previos quest (gifts, tho normally cost u 8-10g to have them sent to you)...
Answers 0  

iron five tournament emma_motz [8]
18:42 , 12 Sep. 2010
quest is accesible but when i put on bridge says ,,The "Iron Five" tournament is often held under this bridge, but there is no one there now''. PLZ HELP!!
Answers 1  Phaethon

The Opening Gambit MAPINGUARI [4]
23:49 , 05 Sep. 2010
The Opening Gambit
Upon deciphering The Stone of Revelations it turned out that, for the ritual of the resurrection of the ancient God of Chaos, two artefacts were needed: The Necklace of Motionless Blood and the Cloak of The Last Departure....

Obtaining a Corvus paul260386 [7]
22:42 , 07 Mar. 2010
Warriors of Faeo, in the quest Big Little Loss you have received a Corvus Egg. Now it is time to get this egg hatched and to nurture your Corvus so that you can eventually use it as a mount.

1. see beastmaster...
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Answers 30  ... bodynasr, paul260386, Zbychu, -Nero-, paul260386, Zbychu, rapsag, Dark Ixion, Mynx, elite killer

Index of Recipes for Alchemists ultimateslayer [9]
20:19 , 30 Aug. 2010
Here is a list of recipes and their finite products that can be created by the Alchemists, sorted by experience

From 0 mastery you can create the following products: ...
Answers 2  Catha, ultimateslayer

paysafecard -Centurion- [3]
19:58 , 03 Sep. 2010
Hello dear players,

I live in europe and our valuta is euro (?) and for diamonds I need $. If I buy now a paysafecard with my euros can I even tought use this paysafecard in this game?...
Answers 0  

Gates of Chaos. Moonwalker [6]
22:30 , 12 Jun. 2009
Gates of Chaos is a monthly event that will be occuring instead of the monthly Gungl Exile invasions.

The event brings you destroyers of chaos reputation, as well as a lot of unique items one could obtain after its over including best weapons and...
Answers 12  ... Tzabra, Tusskar, Moonwalker, Soujirou, Moonwalker, Soujirou, big978, Phaethon, Naveen_liverpool, _Tengu_

Derelict House Hunting - Solo devilsun [6]
22:19 , 11 Feb. 2010
Derelict House Bosses-

Derelict House instance houses 5 bosses. ...
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Answers 23  ... Soujirou, Naveen_liverpool, HKabir69, ash_no11, ash_no11, Dawnhammer, ash_no11, Imp, yash-01, pugg

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